The wound on the cervix: the pain of the female body is invisible

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The wound on the cervix: the pain of the female body is invisible

2022-01-24 18:04:49 50 ℃

A few days ago, some fans told me that I would like to write a writing article about cervical cracking:

I thought about it, it seems that I didn't write about the content of cervical cracking, and I also think of that I should have cervical cracking.

Because of postpartum review, when the cervical cancer screening was performed after childbirth, he said that he said, he said, you have a little palace neck, 9 o'clock, but it is not serious, no happening.

I usually not feel uncomfortable, so I didn't put it on my heart. Now think about the reasons, it should still be caused by Kang Kang. But I didn't listen to my mother at the time, and I didn't have sewing, so it should be a small crack, and there is no active bleeding.

Why is the cervix crack?

Women's cervix is ​​broken, most of them are caused by childbirth. In particular, there are huge children, surgical assignments, buttocks, doctors must regularly check the cervix.

Because cervical cracking is a common soft tracer, when postpartum bleeding, it is necessary to check the cervix.

The most common position of cervical cracking occurs at 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock, and if the crack is more serious, it is possible to extend to the lower section of the uterus and vaginal dome.

How to deal with cracking?

If the degree of crack is not serious, in the case of no more than 1 cm, there will be no active bleeding, but if the cervical sage is more serious and accompanied by activity bleeding, then the absorbable suture should be used immediately. Sewing.

When sewing, if the crack is compared to the coordination, he heales is also good. When the hoveroe is completely returned to normal, it will not see the obvious crack marks.

If the crack is deeper, it is not sewing, or when it is not good, when the healing is poor, after the cervix is ​​restored, you can see the cervical exit, such as a larger transverse or crack. A few petals like a lip, which we call old cervical cracking.

According to different degrees, the old neck cracks can be divided into:

Type I cracked: It is a whole layer of cervix, causing the cervical mucosa over, appearance like cervical hypertrophy. The palpation cervix is ​​shortened, and it can be obviously touched and cleaves, and the whole layer of the cervix is ​​not significantly thickened.

Crack is often located at 3 points, 9 o'clock. Clinically, it is often misdiagnosed as "cervical erosion" or "cervical hypertrophy".

Type II Cracking: It is a cervical mucosa and a cervical tissue of the cervical layer, and the vaginal mucosa and the outer tissue of the cervical tissue do not crack.

Due to inner layer cracking, tissue retraction, so when the uterus is in a normal position, the retraction of the stranded tissue protrudes toward the hospit, like cervical fibroids. Trolloprus neck is relaxing to accommodate your fingers, and the cervix has not shortened.

Type III crack: The cracking is irregular or there are three or more cracks, and there is a "rabbit lip".

What effect will there be?

Slight, there is no special treatment, it is generally no need for special treatment. For usual life, there is basically not much impact. For example, I will not feel anything, anyway, I can't see it, I will do it, I will do medical examination or cervix. When the cancer screening, he heard two sentences mentioned in colleagues.

But if it is more severe, it may bring some impact.

For example, due to uterine neck cracking, cervical mucosa tend outward, fragile mucosa, soaking in acidic vaginal secretions, it is easy to cause cervical mucus and infection. There may be increased leucorrhea after infection, yellowing, sometimes the white belt is pus or blood.

Because the mucosal face is infiltrated by an inflammation, contact bleeding frequently occurred in the same room or in the interpretation. Infection If the internal spread, the uterus is also thicker due to inflammatory infiltration, and it may often feel the pain of the lumbosacral, or pelvic pain.

In addition, cervical cracking can also cause cervix shortening and cervical internal mouth, and there is an irregular vaginal bleeding after menstruation, and the cervical machine can not lead to habitual abortion, educator falling off.

How to prevent the cervical cracking?

The common cause of cervical cracking occurs during childbirth is that the mother uses abdominal pressure in the uterine mouth. It is too early to use it, because the horn has not fully expanded, and the cervical spontaneous cracking is caused.

So when you are giving birth, you must follow your doctor's advice, you can't use your strength to make your strength, don't interfere with your mother, you can use your mother after you have an intrauterile, which is the key to reducing cervical cracking.

For doctors, the cervix is ​​not suitable for the vaginal assignment surgery before the cervix is ​​not opened. Do any vagina or intrauterine operation, such as internal conversion, artificial peeling placental surgery, etc., should also be so light, avoiding violent operation.

In addition, cervical inflammation is also one of the causes of cervical cracking, because inflammation can lead to more fragile organizational, flexibility, and actively prevent cervical diseases, and do a good job in women in childbearing age, it is also very necessary.

What should I do if I have been cracking?

The sister above said, the degree is very slight, no uncomfortable, does not need special treatment, we only need to develop good health habits, and do the anti-cancer screening of the do.

If the situation is more serious, there have been these problems above, such as inflammation, bleeding, uterus can not be worn, then take care of the doctor, if necessary, the necessary words can also consider the surgical repair.

Cervical cracking, it is a painful pain, after all, it will never be like the wound on his face, always remind us to pay attention.However, even if you can't see it, we should still have a understanding of it, not your excessive thought burden, nor is it.

If there is nothing uncomfortable, then let it still exist in the depths of our body. If you have already caused it to you, then the treatment is treated, you don't need to think there is any embarrassment.

Adhere to the screening of cervical cancer, it is important for all postpartum women.

At the same time, these dissearable pains and wounds should also remind everyone, including men, more soberly recognize:

Fertility this matter and didn't look so simple and relaxed.

The hardships and pain behind it can also be found at all.Please have a separate understanding and respect, and less and indifferently.