25,000 Muyi, 18,000, the number of newborn baby last year is the most!

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25,000 Muyi, 18,000, the number of newborn baby last year is the most!

2022-01-25 12:05:05 61 ℃

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For the name of the newborn baby, many parents think about it before the child is not born, a nice and loud name, not only the recognition is high, but also bring positive psychological hints to themselves.

China's surname culture is long. Every time the child is named, it will be imprisoned at the time of imprisonment, just like today's aunt named the child, most of them are "Qiong Yao drama", "said words style ".

Different times, parents give their children to take the name of names

Parents gave their children to name the name, and different periods of preferences are slightly different. For girls, from 60 "English Jade Xiuxi Mei", "Li Yan Silito" after 70, "Li Wei Yan Yan Yan" after 80, 90 "Jing Tingmin" Dan Li.

However, since 2010, the parents have gave the name of the child, and there was a new era, like "Han, Yi, Xin, Poetry, Dream, Jia", etc., a sweeping moral standard, more inclined to those poetry Romantic, happy fresh fashion style.

For boys, since ancient times, I will only have one main melody to the male child. That is "the yang of" Yang Gang "," Jianzhi "," Jianjun "," Wei "," Yong "," Strong ", etc. However, with the changes in the times, from the beginning of the parents, decided to give their own dolls and named the names, like "Hao", "Son", "Xuan", the Chinese characters with Chinese classical cultural atmosphere began to start Starting, the Atmospheric Confucianity began to become a new generation of a new generation of men's people.

2021 newborn explosion name is released, 23,000 boys are called "Mu Wei" 18,000 girls called "Ruo Yao"

Recently, the relevant departments have announced the number of newborn populations in 2021, and the way of brand name is also announced.

Data Statistics: As of December 31, 2021, there were 887.3, which was born and registered to the public security organs, and in the name of so many new students, the highest frequency of frequencies, "", " "Sub", "Yu", "Mo", etc. In the name of so many new students, the most frequently used frequency is "Ze", "", "子", "Yu", "Mo", etc.

Among them, in the name of the male newborn, "Mu Wei" has reached 230,000, and the list of the name of the female newborn; "Juji" has reached 18,000, becoming a female newborn First choice.

In addition, the names such as "Haoyu", "Yu Chen", "Yu Xuan", "Yuxuan", "Yuxuan", "Yuxi", "Yuxuan", "Yuxuan", "Yuxi", "Yuxi", and the different words of the same sound The name can only be said to be big after the future.

Why is the name of the baby explosion, will there be such a high repetition rate?

In daily life, we often say who hits the face, but it is estimated that we have to say who "hit the name", so today, "hitting" how to sparse, why do this happen? Woolen cloth?

1) Reference characteristics of the times

In fact, whether it is a father or a child who is our own, and even the next generation of children, every generation will have a fixed name preference, naturally there will be some name repetition rate, because the name is reflected in an era characteristic.

As mentioned above, the 1960s is a shortcoming year in the 1960s, naturally the development of "Jianguo" and "Xingye"; and 70 girls are responsible for the beautiful flowers, called "English" , "Xia", "Flower", etc.

And after 80, 90, we distinguished from the name of the father. After we came to chase the Qiong Yao drama, we naturally gave the child to the name of the male and female master.

2) Traditional culture

Today's parents attach great importance to the child's raising, no longer eating, so simple, more still have to give your child a wonderful future.

Today, the rise of traditional culture makes many people to enjoy the beauty, so parents are more willing to give their children a famous name, which not only improved the "gold quantity" of the name, but also hit the parents' wonderful blessings.

Avoid the peak period of the name and common words, the child's name can be "unique"

It can be seen that the older generation of young people will use the "generation" to take the name, the young parents pay more attention to the traditional culture contained in the name.

In life, many people will arrange before and after the Spring Festival, the holidays are married, and after marriage, they will be pregnant after marriage, so in these months in the second year, there will be higher frequencies.

The survey showed that every year in July, and in July and August, September was a high peak period of the baby, which is closely related to the selection of young people's marriage.

So, if you want to avoid the names of your child have too much repetition, the parents give the child a name, the name is the key.

In addition to avoiding these common text, it is also possible to avoid the name of the name of each year. It is best to refer to some name methods to get the name.

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