10 security knowledge you don't know, the New Year must be forwarded to family

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10 security knowledge you don't know, the New Year must be forwarded to family

2022-01-25 12:05:15 54 ℃

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It's going to have a New Year, a family gathered together, it is the most relaxed feeling, but it is often the weak sense of security awareness.

Below these 10 security hazards, please be patient, it is related to the safety of every family!

See you don't forget to forward to your family and friends.

01 mixed two detergents

Near New Year, every household must be unable to do.

But do you know, different detergents are mixed together, not only do not double the effect, but also possible to be dangerous.

The two children have poured the closet and 84 disinfectant into the basin, and did not expect to produce chemical reactions, which triggered a tragedy of death, multi-human poisoning.

It is clear that it is cleaning supplies. Why can't you mix?

The main ingredient of 84 disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite, and the main component of the tankers is hydrochloric acid, and the mixing will form chlorine. Chlorine is a toxic gas that will make people nausea, vomiting, chest pain and diarrhea.

Not only is a clean toilet spirit and 84 disinfectant, other cleaning products cannot be mixed, such as washing powder and 84 disinfectant, tanchard and detergent, mixed, are dangerous.

If you must use it, remember: between two detergents, interval for half an hour.

The cleaning agents in the home should be carefully stored, placed in the place where the child is in contact.

02 beside the gas stove

In the family of Xiamen, the couple had fried vegetables in the kitchen, and they were ready to bake with the oven, and the windows in the family fell from the building.

The burn area of ​​the two is more than 50%, which belongs to the fever, and it has been dying when he is sent to the hospital.

The culprit of the tragedy is flour.

Many people don't know that flour is very small dust particles. When they are pouring into the air, when they reach a certain concentration, they will cause explosion.

The "Crisis Large Survey" program has done the experiment of flour explosion, and the results are shocking.

The program group was packed with flour on the pile of ignited, and the result was rapidly talented to the fire.

The program group uses several baffles to simulate the closed space, and also ignite the flame and blows the flour with the blower. This time, the flame quickly took an explosion, and the explosion scene was comparable.

More than flour, life like starch, sweet potato powder, coffee powder, milk powder and other flammable powder particulate matter, which can also cause dust explosion.

When you operate such ingredients, be careful, don't dump directly by the ignited gas stove.

03 frozen food directly into the oil pan

Frozen food without thawing, if putting it directly into the oil pan, the ice of the food is soaked into a water vapor, which will allow the oil pan to boil, the oil and food in the pot instantly, which is likely to cause greater consequences.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has made an simulation experiment and puts a frozen turkey directly into the hot oil pan. When the turkey is put into the oil pan, the oil pan is dotted, the fire is very fast and next to the simulated house.

The frozen food must be placed in the oil pan after thawing.

Unless it is the product that has been labeled, it can not be done without thawing.

Usually I encountered the fire in the house, don't panic. If you know how to handle it correctly, you will be able to nail.

The first step is turned off immediately;

In the second step, cover the lid.

In the case of a large fire, the pot cover can be pushed on the cover, and then open after the oil pan is cooled.

04 high pressure pot boiled food

When a lady in Shandong, when using a high-pressure pot, it was found that the exhaust valve was blocked by rice, so I used it.

Unexpectedly, she suddenly exploded during the manual exhaust, causing the ladies' face and chest burns, the burns were very large, and they were urgently sent to the hospital for treatment.

Although the high pressure cooker is good, but improper use, such as aging, "over-age", or when cooking inappropriate food, it is easy to become a "timed bomb" in the kitchen.

The recommended use of high pressure cookers is generally 5 years, and the film is generally 2 years;

Food can't exceed 4/5 of the contents of the pot;

It is best not to use viscous food such as high pressure cooker, easy to block the center hole and safety valve;

When the warming to the limit valve emits a large rock sound, it is necessary to cool down immediately;

If the jet is suddenly stopped, it should be turned off immediately;

High-pressure cookers must be dredger frequently;

The safe plug exhaust is found during use, and the new easing is replaced in time.

05 microwave oven hot egg

Although the microwave oven is convenient, it is not to throw it in.

Mr. Zhu, Wuhan, Hubei, with a plastic bowl, put the egg into a bowl and heated with a microwave. After two minutes, open the microwave, the egg explosion, the frying fly is everywhere.

Because Mr. Zhu faces the face of the microwave, the eyes are hit hard. Through the doctor's inspection, the bidewell and eyeballs were blown up, and the eyes were blind.

Why can't you put the raw egg into the microwave heating?

Steaming in peace, when cooking is different from the outer to the heating method, the heat of the microwave is from the inside of the object. When the microwave furnace is heated, the internal pressure of the egg is constantly expanding to the limit of the outer casing, it is easy to cause an explosion.

And when the microwave is opened, the egg has a certain probability that occurs twice, which is easy to harm the body.

More than eggs, all sealing foods with hard shells or skin must be improved, and the microwave can be placed. If you must use a microwave oven hot egg, it must be stripped. Raw eggs are placed in a microwave container, pierce the membrane of the surface of the egg yolk with a toothpick or fork; cooked eggs can be opened.

In addition, use a safe tableware when using a microwave. Like a kraft bag, metal container, tin paper, etc., it cannot be added to the microwave oven.

Materials that can be heated microwave, generally in the bottom or outer packaging of the container, you can buy it, you must see it when you use.

06 desiccant against water

New Year, each will prepare a variety of snacks, buy new shoes, most of these packaging have desiccant.

Parents must have a child: desiccant can't eat, can't play, I have to lose it in time.

Some desiccants will have a high strength explosion.

The 8-year-old boy was placed in a drink bottle with water, causing an explosion. The terrible is that the liquid splashes into the eyes, and after 20 minutes, the boy is dissolved, loses life.

This is because the main component of the desiccant has a chemical reaction in progress.

Not all desirators will explode, the explosion is mainly a lime desiccant. But in the usual life, the child is difficult to distinguish the desiccant ingredient.

For the safety of the child, you must properly treat the desiccant to avoid danger.

In case of accidental water, it immediately uses a lot of water, rinsing from the outside from the side of at least 10-15 minutes, can't use your hand, and seek medical attention as soon as possible after cleaning;

In case of accidents, remember that you can't drink water, you can't invoice, see your doctor as soon as possible.

07 a few cold medicine mixed

Many people think that cold medicine can eat casually, increase the dose, several kinds of mixed eat, think that it is nothing to do.

A man in Nanjing has eaten 3, 4 cold medicines after a cold, and there is a serious failure of liver and kidney function.

There are many types of cold medication, although the name is different, but all compound preparations, if superposed, equivalent to increasing the drug dose, the risk of adverse reactions will also be increased.

Remind everyone, the cold medicine must not be mixed, the effect is not good to seek medical treatment.

08 spray insecticide during fire

A housewife cooked in the kitchen and found several cockroaches under the gas stove. She grabbed a bottle of insecticide toward the position of the gas furnace in the fire, and the result was exploded.

The kitchen was quickly invaded, and the housewife was 85% of the whole body was burned, and when he sent it to the hospital, he did not rescue from the heart.

Almost all insecticide spans have highly volatile and flammable solvents. The spray spread out of the spray is extremely rapid, and only a fire flower can be ignited, it is easy to explode.

When using insecticides, be sure to stay away from the fire and open the window in time.

09 eat hot pot does not open the window

New Year's dinner, eat hot pot is a lot of families.

A hot pot restaurant in Shanghai, 4 families eat hot pot dinner, the result is not angry, 2 children have symptoms on the spot, and other children also have symptoms such as lethargy, dizziness, nausea.

It is good to send a doctor in a timely manner. It is not an income after being rescued.

Remind everyone: Don't eat hot pot in a sealed space, especially a charcoal hot pot.

Because of gas, coal is not sufficient to combustion, it will produce a lot of colorless and odorless carbon monoxide, it is difficult for people to be aware. If the doors and windows are closed, it is easy to develop a closed space, and people are prone to carbon monoxide poisoning.

When you eat hot pot, it is best to open the door and keep ventilation.

@ 新疆 消防

10 cars are open to sleep

Friends who drive home for the New Year, must pay attention to the window ventilation on the road.

The cold is frozen, the car is closed for a long time, and the gasoline is insufficient, and the carbon monoxide produced is accumulated in the car. Moreover, the car's personnel breathe discharge a large amount of carbon dioxide, and the time is long. The car will be poisoned in the car, lose consciousness, serious or even lose life.

An owner of Shenyang is waiting for his wife in the car. It feels that cold is open, and the result is slowly asleep, and the carbon monoxide poisoning is almost lost.

I have to drive for a long time, I must pay attention to ventilation in the car. Parking is warm and sleeping, it is easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning, you can open a window to keep air circulation. The window ventilation should also be shaken frequently during the driving process.

These 10 safety accidents, one piece of piles are a painful lesson. It's going to be New year, the weather is dry, and it is more careful to use electricity in the family.

If this article is useful to you, don't forget to forward to your family and friends ~

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