Is the child's child biased?Mother is letter!As a result, the daughter is 10 years old, and the life is only 152cm.

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Is the child's child biased?Mother is letter!As a result, the daughter is 10 years old, and the life is only 152cm.

2022-01-25 12:05:16 53 ℃

Every year, I will go to the summer vacation, and the first people in Hangzhou will usher in the peak of the doctor.

In these days, the children's endophagenes in the city's first hospital were not over. The deputy chief physician of Wang Di, the deputy director of the department, said that it should be over 12 noon, because there are many patients, almost 1 every time The point is half the end, and there is no dinner at noon. Different from other diseases, many parents feel that generous maturity is not a prison, always choosing a holiday and take children.

Recently, the more Wang Di didn't see, the more heavy mood, too many children missed the best intervention due to the negligence of the parents, and finally affect the lifelong height. This is not an example.

"What? Up to 152 cm?" Going out of the clinic, Mengmeng mother and Mengmeng mood are very heavy, I originally followed by the husband and wife, Meng Meng can grow to 160cm, unfortunately, mom because he listens to a sentence, missed the most During the treatment period, Mengmeng mother regretted.

A word

10-year-old girl is 152cm lifetime height

Things have to come up from a year and a half. Meng Meng started to learn to play the piano from five years old, in a few years, the piano is very good. That year, I found that when I cute eight years old, my mother found that Mengmeng chest was tumored when I gave it a shower, took the hospital to check. At that time, Meng Meng was 135cm high, and the bone age was 10 years old. The doctor said that it is possible to be a hypothesis. After the drug has been made, it is recommended that Mengmeng continues to observe, and especially within 3 months must be reviewed.

Meng Meng Mom exchanged in the mother group and found a lot of children with large bone age. And many mothers say that the child's bone age is normal. Look at Meng Meng, height is high than the same age children, the hard knots of the chest also have the trend of softening, and there is no attention, and the review is also forgotten.

Unexpectedly, I have just been a 10-year-old birthday, Meng Meng actually came to menstruation. Meng Meng mother pays that the daughter's breasts have long been developed. After the end of the final exam, she came with Mengmei to find Wang Director, deputy chief physician. At this time, the body is 145cm. After taking blood, check hormone levels, after the B-ultrasound, Meng Meng has already belong to the post-old development, her bone age is 12 and a half years old. Wang Dishi said that Meng Meng belongs to the rapid advancement of adolescence, it is popular, the development of the development process is much faster than other girls, and the growth of growth is affected. It is expected that only 150-152cm is only 150-152cm.

Playing the piano bone age?

This pot, the piano does not

Like Meng Meng Mom, many mothers think that the child's bone age will be large. In this regard, Wang Di doctor said that there is no relationship with the development of the piano and child. There is indeed part of the bone age of the child who is taking the piano will be larger than the actuality, because the use of high-strength bones leads to the acceleration of bone development, and the child's hand is frequent, it is possible to stimulate the hand development than other parts of the body. It is early to develop. Generally, it will take a left hand, so it is possible that the bone age of the hand will be higher than the bone age of the body, resulting in an imaginary of the bone age.

"Don't easily bring the bone age to the piano" Wang Dishi, the clinic often encounters some children who have the best treatment during the misunderstanding. Wang Di said, be sure to set the concept of "piano children". Most of the children play the piano just as a hobby, only half an hour to an hour a day, this activity has no effect on the bone age. Unless high-intensity training, it is more than five or six hours a day, it is indeed an impact on the bone age of the hand. But it is just a part, does not represent the skeletal developmental state of the whole body.

Wang Dish said, "Whether it is developed early, the bone age is only a preliminary reference. The general doctor will judge the degree of the second sexy development. If necessary, take blood to check the hormone level or make B-ultrasound and other synthesis Judgment, is not judged by only one bone age.

Grab the "spider silk mart" in the early development of the child

Early development will make the premature child adult, and it is necessary to have early treatment. So which of the children appear, be aware that the child began to develop?

Early premature is generally the girl in the age of 8, and the boy has the development of the second sexy before the age of 9. In this, the proportion of girls is higher than boys.

Wang Dang said that it is necessary to prevent the child's sexual morning premature, it is necessary to grab these early development of "clues". When the girl is around 8 years old, the parents should pay attention to whether the child has a chest mass, because the chest mass is often the first performance of the girl's development. In addition, care about the child's long, if you find that the child is growing quickly than before, it is too happy to be too early, which may also be a developmental image, it is best to take the hospital to check.

If a boy, the development is more concealed. The earliest performance is the increase in the testicles, waiting to the sound, and the long beard is already the late stage of development. Therefore, the boys have been around 10 years old, parents, especially Dad, will start to pay attention. If you are not sure, you can also go to the hospital for one year to check once.

Early premature child has ended early, and the bones were closed early, and the growth potential is small, which will affect the height of the lifelong. Therefore, once a sexual premature signs are found, it is necessary to seek assistance from the professional doctors as soon as possible. Wang Dish reminds parents, don't feel that generous maturity is not an emergency, etc.