21 years old was "a demon", 23 years old, the goddess of underwear, 43 years old, just red, but married and born?

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21 years old was "a demon", 23 years old, the goddess of underwear, 43 years old, just red, but married and born?

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Author: 43 floor Editorial Department Li ear ear

Source: Mom Net Dating (ID: MMWYUER)

In the first month of 2022, I have not ended, and there is a star self-explosion and marriage and bonus!

Not long ago, Ni Hongjie was asked in an interview with an emotional experience, she could say that:

"Divorced, children, in love."

Nowadays, she has been divorced for many years, and there is a stable boyfriend.

Source: "Love myth"

She is different from others in that someone else is "red" and thinks about the fact that Ni Hongjie is not intended because of "not red".

In the past few years, she never shouted with my boyfriend, but very few netizens curious her feelings.

Until this, netizens discovered that from the "Tingmei God of Tingmei", the "Tingmei God" of the Hong to the family, and the Ni Hongjie "checking the nunteen", her life, how big is her life?

Instead, she is a star-in-line star, but she is an ordinary person like us.

I have encountered an unsuitable person, I have done a wrong decision, struggling to want the weight, but I took a lot of cold bench.

She used the first half of the life "how to play a good brand", and then use the half-life to interpret "those who can't die, will make me more powerful."

Compared to the top flow star, Ni Hongjie's life is worth learning.


Beauty is a shackle

Ni Hongjie's parents are educated youth in the countryside. She is fostered in Shanghai aunt home.

The experience under the fence, let her learn her face.

She never slept late, aunt together, she immediately followed up. She has never seen "News Network". After dinner, she will take the initiative to wash the dishes.

The way of education in that age is always strict. So even if Ni Hong Jie did, I also received a lot of aunt.

After growing, she reflects this experience and changed her life to a certain extent.

When high school, she came with my friends to try on the mirror, and the makeup artist said to her: "Little girl, you have a good look."

For children in love, sometimes a sentence will let them unload the heart. One week later, she was referred to the film and the capsule, filmed her first advertisement.

In the picture, she is elegant, and the girl's youthful vitality and urban beauty is just right. The director thinks that her neck is empty, I gave her a ribbon.

However, because the advertisement dubbed voice hoarse, many people attacked her "transient people", and even some people opened a tall building in the Tianya Forum, "said the chisel" to the evidence of her degeneration:

"With scarves to block throat."

Despite many of the unsuspects, Ni Hongjie still caught the attention of many advertisers.

The second advertisement she filmed is Tingmei underwear.

Before shooting, the advertiser gave her underwear as a health care clothing similar to the back, she signed the contract.

After a few days, she arrived at the ads, and the little venue stood in a sexy underwear, and Ni Hong Jiema, who had never seen such a burst, was scared.

However, the hand is a contract with a sign, and it is a staff member preparing for the machine. Ni Hongjie can only finish Tingmei's advertisement.

Today, Ni Hong, health, self-confidence, and vitality in advertising, even if the curve of the body is so clear, and people can't feel any vulgar meaning.

She even a certain extent, changing many women's thoughts.

Before this advertisement broadcast, many people are shameful and masked with width clothes.

After this advertisement, women began to face their own body and be proud of them, becoming more confident.

It can be the most helplessly, the enlightenment of Ni Hongjie, which has become more inferior because this shooting experience.

In that era, shooting underwear advertising is a very out of the way, and we understand her parents' psychological pressure because of their daughter's behavior.

But her parents, completely refuse to communicate.

When a family sits together to watch TV to eat, if it is broadcasting Ni Hongjie's advertisement, the parents will immediately be silent, and they will die.

In the next more than ten years, parents have been pretending to happen, treat Ni Hongjie with cold violence.

So, even the Ni Hongjie at that time, was rated as "China's Top Ten Advertising Stars", advertisers, and the director lined up with her, she still can't see her beauty, I don't dare to face my beauty.

Incompatience, became the shackles of Ni Hongjie's first half.


From understanding

Just need a bad marriage

Ni Hongjie's marriage is actually an accident.

On a day of 1999, Ni Hong Jie Daobai drunk, suddenly launched a madness, a trouble to grab Ni Hong Jie's room, felt the plate, the knife, Ni Hongjie even hurt.

Fortunately, her boyfriend is timely alarm, and this farce is to calm.

After moving out of the aunt, I don't know where Ni Hongjie, I have received my home by my boyfriend.

The big people said that men were not married, and they did not live in front of marriage. The 21-year-old Ni Hongcai hurriedly collected the boyfriend.

Husband is more than her seven years old, and he is more like a friend who takes care of her.

Ni Hongjie's understanding of marriage is limited to "have their own house", "you can sleep and rely on bed", "I don't want to sweep the floor."

Compared with Ni Hong Jie, the husband apparently considers more. He hopes that his wife should not throw his head, and he will make a housewife.

So, Ni Hongjie took the advertisement to shoot three million, handed over to her husband, and helped her husband to make a render.

After the failure of entrepreneurs, the husband hopes to borrow the wife's star effect to go to the bank loan.

So Ni Hong Jie ran a lot of banks with her husband and signed a lot.

If you make a marriage, Ni Hongjie is not reasonable.

Then I decided Ni Hongjie who had a child, I was too naive.

With more and more ownership, their feelings are also sharply moved. In order to maintain this rocking marriage, Ni Hongjie feels that "it is a child."

However, the child not only did not remedy their marriage, but the last piece of the shame: When the Ni Hong, who was pregnant, the husband lost 10,000 yuan on the table.

After the child was born, there is not long, the two divorce.

However, at this time, the bank sent a text message, Ni Hongjie and his ex-husband, with 10 million common debts, even got a list of lost letters.

Ni Hongjie, who has seen people, finally "grew up".

Once, she felt that the play was only a job. She could pay attention to get off work on time. I didn't want the expenses to deduct the acting.

Now she realized that the cause is the most solid backing, starting serious treatment, starting from "mother professional households", do not pick the script, just seeking.

It is precisely because of acting, she knows the present my boyfriend.

The other party is not famous, and the two have worked in the same crew.

He is not rich, but very generous.

Once, Ni Hongjie went to Lanzhou to shoot, only a total of 9,000 yuan, must bought a 3,000-dollar jacket to Nihong.

Whenever I recall this story, she will sigh: "A boys only have 9,000 pieces, I will give you 5,000, and I have one million to spend 100,000 for you 100,000 is not a concept."

More importantly, he is willing to respect him.

When I was young, my aunt is very strict, she can't publish her own opinion, only to listen to the command;

After marriage, the husband is very big menist, clearly she has a lot of money, but can't insert business.

Today, I finally have a person who is willing to sit down and listen to her saying: How to play a role, what kind of cat do you like best? ...

After feeling good intimate relationship, Ni Hongjie finally understands how to deal with the relationship between and son.

The son grew up from Xiaosheng, Ni Hongjie, in order to make up for the mother of his son, will practice the game of his son, and then rank with his son.

Ni Hongjie starred in the "Love Myth" movie premiere, very resistant to the son of intimate contact, let the mother pro will kiss him.


No woman living with you


It is also because of "love myth", people are sudden, the original "supporting professional households" Ni Hongjie, finally got out.

After the fire of "Wulin Rumminal", brokerage asked her to train Singapore for a year, but her husband did not let, she slowly fell out of the entertainment circle.

After divorced, she began to take a crazy.

When she is informing, she is infected by the work atmosphere in the crew, realizing that the play is not a play, every work can affect many people.

In 2020, she participated in the "actor to ask for place", which is awkward, Ni Hongjie was rated as B-class (worst level), and Yan Ni's daughter Zou Yuanqing was named.

She is not a cool people, and she will be amazing in the second episode, becoming the first.

Like ordinary people, she will be nervous when she is working, and she will not think about crying, and even the danger of being eliminated at any time.

But this time, she didn't think about giving up.

Even if I do only have a word board, she still wrote a long character.

After playing a play, I can't sleep at four in the morning, and I will continue to reflect on my deficiencies;

So, she and the director Dapeng jointly interpreted "Huulailan", finally got the affirmation of Chen Kaige.

Her happiest thing is that I have received myself from the script, and now I can receive three scripts now.

Although it is a "mother", "anti-sent" role, but she will be happy.

She is a "skyscraper", and she is a mother, she is hitting;

She is "over spring", the "stupid" mother who is fraudulently fraudulent;

She is a "soul feeding", and she is obsessed with love.

For a long time, she always regret that she did not grasp the gold chance, became the "Tingmeng", and she was a lot of TV dramas in her protagonist, but she did not cherish it.

Today, she finally rely on her own efforts, returning to their "brilliant years", becoming the protagonist.

Maybe this is the truth of life:

When it is not ready, the olive branch that is thrown by the fate will never catch;

When you are ready, a seed under the innocence will grow into an olive branch.

And we have to do, only "ready", no matter which stage, don't give up our efforts, I believe I can get better.

Just like her in the "Love Myth":

"A woman did not live for himself, it is incomplete."

Everyone can have two life.

The first time I gave others to others, the second time I gave yourself.

Ni Hongjie can, you can also!

This issue editor: Xiaozi.