Bottled water + water dispenser, bisphenol A exceeded the standard?

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Bottled water + water dispenser, bisphenol A exceeded the standard?

2022-01-27 00:04:03 52 ℃

Fumad said:

Many Bao Ma's home is the configuration of "water dispenser + barrel water", hot water, cold water want to drink at any time, very convenient. Most parents, directly with the hot water directly out of the water.

This kind of operation seems to be convenient, but some fans are secretly worried: the bucket of water is made of PC, and the bisphenol A will not be dissolved in the water, bring a harm to the baby?

Folk Dad tells you today that can the water of the water dispenser can be used to give your baby milk?

PC and bisphenol A

Because the PC material contains a substance called "bisphenol A", human intake reaches a certain amount, which can interfere with endocrine, and may affect reproduction, nervous system, and even cause adverse reactions such as cancer.

my country and the European Union have prohibited production, imports of PC material bottles, and prohibit bisphenol A from being used in the production of special tableware for infants and young children.

Although the PC bottle is disabled, the PC products in daily life are much more than we imagined, such as the water driver's buckets, are all PC materials.

This is the reason why the pollen is worried.

"Bucket water + water dispenser", bisphenol A may be these two places:

1, the dissolution of bisphenol A in the PC barrel;

2. The dissolution of PC component bisphenol A of the water dispenser.

PC bucket dissolved bisphenol A very small

Although temperature Vs is high temperature, bisphenol A dissolution is very different.

Introduce the characteristics of bisphenol A:

Soluble in fat, it is difficult to dissolve in water

High temperature increases dissolution

That is, when the PC material is high, and the bisphenol A is easily dissolved (this is also the basis for the prohibition of the regulations); and the water, bisphenol A for placing normal temperature. The amount of dissolution is relatively small.

Fumad found a papers published by senior engineers of Guangdong Microbiology Institute. He detected the content of bisphenol A in the PC bucket under the long-term storage conditions of normal temperature and in the sun.

As a result, the bisphenol A content in the water of the PC bucket is extremely low, and there will be no risk of food.

Study on bisphenol A migration in polycarbonate drinking bucket

The water dispenser directly out of hot water, bisphenol A may exceed the standard!

Does the water dispenser have a PC part? Will hot water contact increase the dissolution of bisphenol A?

Fair dad visited the literature and found the Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention to check the hot water of the water dispenser.

The result is: The hot water of the office water dispenser contains bisphenol A, which is 16.5 ng / ml, which exceeds the limit of 10 ng / ml of life drinking water (ie 0.01mg / L)!

Cut the liquid chromatography - tandem mass spectrum measurement of bisphenol A in a drinking water

Take the GB 5749-2006 "Life Drinking Water Health Standard"

In order to further verify, Folk Dad specially bought 2 glass bottles (glass does not contain bisphenol A, will not affect the results), in their own home, the company's direct drinking water machine, 2 lifting water, send it to the test mechanism.

After a few days of detection, the result is that bisphenol A has not been detected.

Dad is different from Dad, because of different brands, models of water dispenser components.

Check the details page for a variety of water dispensing machines and have not labeled a PC part. Moreover, it is considered that the use of a drinking water will be repeatedly heated, so that the hot water will be more frequently exposed to the PC component, and the bisphenol A will cook more.

So Faier suggests, gives the baby to the baby, do not use the hot water from the water dispenser. You can use a stainless steel linen to heat the kettle to heat it, so hot water can avoid the plastic parts as much as possible.

Pumped water dispenser, boiled water through the kettle

For children with large age, adults, due to larger body weight, the same amount of bisphenol A is small, and it is not necessary to nervously.

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