Please hosted by his son, Dad knows that he is crying and crying: one scene under the monitoring, tingling hundreds of millions of parents

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Please hosted by his son, Dad knows that he is crying and crying: one scene under the monitoring, tingling hundreds of millions of parents

2022-01-28 00:10:19 40 ℃

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Source | Parents Evolution (ID: BMJHLC)

Yesterday, a video cried me.

Dad invited people to eat, the 12-year-old son secretly bought a single, he knew that he was crying in front of his son.

Inside a native restaurant in Shenyang, a few men drink, a 12-year-old boy quietly left the table, and bought a single mobile phone before the counter.

After a while, a few people eaten a refreshing field, the child went to the bathroom, and finally the man got up, the boss said, was bought by the child.

The man had a slightly hobby, and then confirmed with the boss in three places, and the head looked at the cup of the wolf.

After a while, I called that my child, I went to the door, but I was stopped by the boss: Friends, your package.

The man returned, the child's bag has not taken it yet.

I don't know what I thought, he suddenly leaned over the chair on the side, covering the face.

When the child came out, I saw Dad this look, some panicked, and quickly smashed the past and inquired, and loudly calmed.

The man did not respond, but the look was more collapsed, the child saw it, and he no longer persuaded it, got up and organized his clothes.

In the restaurant, his desk is a cup of wolf, and the sketch of people is curious. If the child is calm, it is well-cleared to his dad, quietly waiting quietly.

After a while, the man stunned and stood up, and the child quickly grabbed the book bag.

The man reached out and took the child to the door, said with a smile: Son, go home!

According to the boss of the earth, the child said, the child is using his own money, and the father bought the father, his parents have just been divorced, and Dad has been "difficult" recently.

After watching the video, my heart, in this cold winter, it will rise.

What kind of child is a child!

Each child is very cherished for his pocket money, and the child can take out their own pocket money because he put his father in the most important position.

This year's Shenyang, special cold, temperature as low as zero 20 ° refused to return.

This is like a bunch of light, with your own tender voice, the most simple thinking, in this cold and difficult winter, bringing the father to the warmth and strength.

His sensible, moving countless netizens.

The world is always the greatness of the father's love and maternal love, I can't deny that I have a hard work for my parents.

As everyone knows, in every ordinary day, our children also pay silently, their love, sincere and strong, warm and pure.

It's going to be a New Year, as a parent, in the past year, it will occasionally be mad, but there are always some moments, you need you to open your own heart, and let's feel fine.

You will definitely find that your child loves you, much more than you think.

Master Yang, a bus driver, received the sweetest gift in his life: two oranges.

It turned out that Master Yang took a 10-year-old little boy at a time, and he ran to the bus front door.

Uncle, please wait, my mother is pregnant, slow.

While the boy said, he was worried about his back.

Master Yang saw that the boy loved her mother, and he was patiently told that the child did not have to worry.

After getting on the bus, when the mother switched the card, the little boy went to Yang Shifu a small first.

Not only that, when the red light after driving a distance, he also sent Yang Master two oranges.

From the boy a thank you, we can really feel his love for mom.

There is such a sentence, the love between parents and children is a round.

We often put modern children, metaphor into a gold beast, broken counter machine, in fact, in this long parenting tour, all the payment, already in the heart of the child, the imprint of love.

They may not understand how to express, but they prove their love with practical actions.

Just like Zhou Jay's "listening to my mother's words":

Listen to my mother, don't let her hurt; I want to grow up quickly, in order to protect her.

When a mother on Pingdingshan in Pingdingshan in Pingdun, I accidentally encountered my head, and I took it out.

The 6-year-old child took the initiative to help it, and the mother agreed.

Mom took out the process of mobile phones to take the process of the child, but took the most precious scene: the child wiped the wound with a cotton swab, and the action was very careful.

The tears on the face are as broken as the pearl of the line, and a blind-clear light is silent from the face.

It's a kind small warm man.

How old is love, can you measure? I have no idea.

I only know that when I go to work, there is always a pair of small hands who are not willing to let go; when I return, there is always a look forward to the small face and a strong hug.

Perhaps, there are also places we can't see, the children are loved us in their own way.

In June, a mother in Zibo, Shandong took his own daughter, and sold hydrogen balloon in the night market.

Unfortunately, I met the wind and weather, dozens of balloons were blown violently, and they were shattered.

The mother pulled the ball and pushed the daughter to the supermarket next to it.

The daughter has never entered the supermarket. She grabbed the door handle and pulled her mother in one hand.

Seeing that my mother is unstable, my daughter shouted out, holding a mother:

Can't let the wind scraped your mother, and I didn't have a mother.

Perhaps the mother listened to this sentence, and suddenly released the hand, let hundreds of balloons are blown to the sky. The media people have evaluated this: the mother seized life, and her daughter hug is love.

Life or is not easy, but the child's move, people feel warm.

We often say that love and courage, never divorted age, even our children are young, but they are dangerous, they often throw their own safety, and protect their parents.

They all know that parents' peace and health are struggling to go forward and went to the future.

A little girl in Yantai, Shandong, who made mistakes were criticized, and my mother had conducted a dialogue:



"Do you know? In fact, I love you, which is more than you love me."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because, you start to love me since the age of twenties. But I will love you from just born. You can only love me for five or sixteen, but I can love you for a lifetime."

I have asked my family with my family: There is such a person in the world. After I have already hit, he doesn't hate me, I will continue to me, who knows?

The son is not thinking about thinking: Isn't this me? !

The question and answer of the child is like a true confession, hit my heart.

My child, he may not have "the child of others" so good, but it doesn't want to be as bad.

At least, no matter how you fierce him, he is not thinking about you before, and still loves you deeply.

In the rainstorm in August, a takeaway boss took a child to take a takeaway.

The child is well-behaved in the battery car waiting, bending the waist with a small body, blocking the seat of the battery car.

The rain is big, and Dad will come to dry.

September, Shanxi Jinzhong.

Last day, my mother went to buy stationery, and the child was waiting in the raincoat waiting.

The rain is wet, the mother's car seat, the child reached out and stall, and the action is very serious.

Finally, the child looked down and blocked the seat with a small body.

The life of adults, who is not a piece of chicken hair, how many parents are for children, fight.

Tired, let us ignore, this little person is the same as action, always thinking that they are young, but often in our unimplement, bring warm hits.

You will feel that all hardships and grievances are instantaneous.

There is a short film that makes me very impressed.

Let you give your child a score, will you play a few points?

Many mothers don't think about "approval": love crying and minimize one point, pick eating reduction, do not talk about hygiene, then reduce one point ...

The final result, the child has 8 points, 7 points, 6 points, and even else.

No parent, give your child.

In turn, let the children give their parents to score: Mom is very beautiful, my mother is very delicious, I like my mother, I want my mother to accompany me ...

The result is very surprised, and the children have gave a full point in the same way, and there is even a little girl to play 10,000.

From the moment, the child will bring all kinds of trouble and challenges to parents from the moment, but don't forget, they come, can also bring us a lot of soothing and warmth.

Everyone has more or less have their own problems, and the love of the child is also included with a variety of conditions: it is not embarrassed, it is not good to eat, sleep early, the score is not high.

But in your child's eyes, you are their world.

The child will take you on the stone in the stone, but write you on the beach, the wind blows, the sea surge, it will become no trace.

Feng Chen once said: the so-called parent's children, but it is mutually nourishing. I originally thought that I have paid everything for you, I finally discovered, fulfilled, it was my own.

I have a deep thing.

In the eyes of the leadership, you are an employee; in your friends, you are relying on; in your own eyes, you are a partner.

But in the eyes of the child, you are the one who needs to be taken care of, care, and deep love.

For the parents, not just exhausted and sad, more happiness, is the child given.

For the rest of your life, please be kind to the child who loves us unconditionally.

Parents and children, please cherish each other.

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