What is the performance after the child is awkward?Don't care, have this situation, be careful about problems

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What is the performance after the child is awkward?Don't care, have this situation, be careful about problems

2022-01-28 00:10:08 50 ℃

Xiao Li went to the colleague to be a guest. On the weekday, Xiao Li also got close with this colleague. It is a girlfriend on the workplace. The two people usually basically have no words, this is not the first time, the first time. But today is a little not enough, why?

When the little Li Yijin colleague, it was the door to the mother-in-law, Xiao Li heard the colleague roar the child in the room, the room door was half-opened, Xiao Li passed through the half-hidden house, only to see colleagues The daughter's reaction, the child is low, shrinking shoulders, what is not to mention, the soybean tears will follow one, such a scene Xiao Li looks distressed, in her home, she never smoked.

Not long, my colleague came out from the child's room, but also the door, Xiao Li can imagine that the child is more desperate in the room! Subsequently, colleagues started to spit again. "This child does not know what is going on, and recently becomes more rebellious." Xiao Li did not understand, "How to rebel?"

Then, colleagues complained that they were about how to talk to her, talking to her, while tears started, and I dare to gain my temper back to the room. After Xiao Li listened to a bunch of complaints, "The rebellious child is not like this, the rebellion is a big fight with you, falling, your daughter is scared by you, if the child is being smashed after being hit by you The top is still a good thing, but now you should pay attention to your child, you should pay more attention to psychological problems! "

In fact, Xiao Li is not reasonable. To know, every child's emotional nerve is extremely sensitive, they will subdivilize all the information received from the parents, and feel the parents in the end. What emotions have been expressed in them. If the child is silent after being taken by his parents, it means that the child's heart has been greatly impacted, in their opinion, no matter what they say, let the parents Yun, it's okay. Of course, the child's psychology may also think that parents must not love me, otherwise it will not be so good to me, I am the world's most poor child.

I believe that most of the parents feel too exaggerated, but in fact, the modern children and the children have been completely different, and the psychological growth and development direction have changed. Parents can't stand in the child's angle thinking, naturally unclear children What do you think. Moreover, if the child is affected by a large psychological trauma, these trauma will become a major obstacle to hinder the growth of children!

Therefore, I also hope that Bao Da's mother will usually control the temper when I have educated my children. I will only bring more negative impacts. I believe that you will not be willing to come. The more weakened, the psychology is getting more and more pressure!