Fall in love with bubbles, take a bath, Kelly bubble, multi-effect, one bathroom evaluation

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Fall in love with bubbles, take a bath, Kelly bubble, multi-effect, one bathroom evaluation

2022-01-28 06:04:34 48 ℃

Infant skin because of its delicate, sensitive and easy other characteristics, when selecting care products such as body wash, shampoo, etc., which should pay particular attention in terms of safety components, PH value, cleaning power and product design, infant Impact. Today, to our evaluation room is a well-known cartoon characters authorized by Asian brands Carrie Kelly authorized one multi-effect bubble bath liquid, known as infant care products, it can be passed more than four industry-standard test it, let us go and see.

First, we understand this brand background. Kelly bubble bath liquid multi-effect-one brand in Asia by the well-known cartoon character Carrie authorization, Kesi the United States and poetry (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. honor products. The number of products the company to "Carrie" as many as 500 kinds of brand licensing, category involving child care, stationery, clothing, toys, sports and food. In addition to these products to children's Carrie brand licensing program, 'Kelly and Friends ", playing in a total amount of the whole network of well-known video platform has exceeded 4.35 billion, the number of fans subscribe to more than 6.05 million people. Companies adhering to the "Make Kids Happy", and always put the children's joy and happiness in the first place.

Here we refer to the safety component, PH value, clean power and four industry-standard product design, to the evaluation of this Kelly bubble bath liquid and more efficient one.

Infant safety components to stimulate the use of non-sensitive

We found from the product packaging which composition is mainly natural plant extracts, such as sodium lauryl sulfate do not contain, or carcinogen play strong stimulation component sulfates, cocamide DEA and the like. Preservative content, does not appear methyl isothiazolin-chloro-one, isobutyl paraben preservatives and other new components. The remaining ingredients gentle, suitable for use in infants. However, this product contains daily flavor, the toiletries, the regulations must not contain flavor did not, so the use of this product, should pay particular attention to whether there is the case of fragrance allergy occur.

PH value was weak acid standard

Children's skin is weak acid, the corresponding should also use weak acid skin care products. 4-7 PH value was weak acid, a strong acid compared to less than 4, greater than 7 was basic. Referring to "General method for detecting cosmetic ph value" extraction section Kelly one multi-effect bubble bath liquid, is measured directly into the pen ph test, with satisfactory results.

The figure shows one multi-effect Kelly bubble bath liquid PH value of 4.85 which, in the weakly acidic range, so the product is suitable for use in infants, do not produce discomfort of the delicate skin and allergic reactions.

Clean and strong decontamination effect is obvious

Bath gel main role is to clean decontamination, while the baby's body is not dirty, use one multi-effect Kelly bubble bath gel, gently scrub through, the cleaning effect is very clear, smooth surface clean, left lingering fragrance, for baby this taste very much, and there is no conflict, but also rich foam can attract baby's attention, in the bath process is also very easy, baby is not a lot of trouble.

Foam packaging design avant-garde large fine texture

Kelly bubble bath gel and one multi-effect outer box printed on the front "Carrie" brand licensing patterns and security signs, printed on top of the product Slgan: Happy fall in love bubble bath, the date of manufacture printed on the bottom. About the box behind are marked with product features, components and instructions for use, the text easy to understand, easy to read. Kelly bubble bath liquid and more efficient one, respectively strawberry, banana flavor, grape flavor three series, the future will introduce more series and flavor for consumers to choose.

Unpack remove one multi-effect Kelly bubble bath liquid, lighter overall quality, simple and clean bottle, work well. Products using pistol nozzle design, wherein the foaming means containing pump, manually pressurized liquid is ejected after processing into foam, easy to operate. During use, light pressure to the nozzle, a unique handle. Comfort grip, which can effectively prevent misuse, safe and secure.

Kelly bubble bath liquid multi-effect one of its most important feature is large and strong plastic foam, foam is as soft as fluffy cotton candy, and will not disappear immediately, the child can use Niechu bubbles in various shapes, exercise your child's imagination and ability, fresh fruit, washed lasting fragrant, let the children fall in love with a bath.

After more stringent industry standards evaluation, we can see that Kelly bubble bath liquid multi-effect one of the results are very good, to meet the needs of infant care use. The last evaluation, Tips you parents and friends, Yin Kaili one multi-effect bubble bath gel using high-pressure gas is flammable products, for safety reasons, do not hit the pressure package, away from fire use, store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight , placed in reach of children everywhere. Happy fall in love bubble bath, Kelly bubble bath liquid and more efficient one, rest assured that you and your baby's election. Evaluation period is over, thank you for watching the next evaluation stage more exciting, so stay tuned.