Mom's blood type is also divided, and O-blood mothers are not superstitious, there is a certain basis.

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Mom's blood type is also divided, and O-blood mothers are not superstitious, there is a certain basis.

2022-01-28 06:04:38 41 ℃

We all know that different people have different blood types, almost no one thinks about blood type and children's intelligence.

A genetic research in Stanford shows that children's intelligence may be affected by mother blood type, and O-blood mother is more likely to give birth to highhasia.

It can be explained that if the mother is O-type blood, then the child has won the starting line, why do this happen?

Why is the baby of the mother who have a mother who gave birth to a better?

Many people have a doubtful attitude towards O-type blood, and have maintained a suspicious attitude. I feel that this may be a pseudo-science or a superstition. But in fact, this statement is based on it.

▶ O-type blood pregnancy requirements

There have been related surveys. The results of the survey showed that O-type bloods were a crowd of more difficult pregnant. The reason why they are difficult to pregnancy is because only high quality sperm can pass the heavy difficulties, and finally combined with the egg of O-type blood. If the strength of sperm is not enough, it is not qualified to come to the egg.

Therefore, the baby of O-type blood is born, it is a leader, and it is natural to be more excellent after birth.

▶ O-type blood is more immune

O-type blood belongs to a long-lived ancestral gene, and a baby with O-type blood, naturally obtain some of the excellent quality in the gene. For example, the baby will have strong adaptability to the environment, which has strong resistance to the erosion of the outside world. Overall, it is the baby's baby will be more tough.

▶ O-type blood baby ear

O-type blood baby because there is a congenital advantage, it is better in health and development, and better development will also make the baby's body activity improved, so that the nerves have a benign stimulus, this is Will make your baby more ear.

However, even if the baby has a congenital advantage, I want to really become excellent, still need to rely on the development of the day, if the parents are not able to cultivate their children correctly, then the child will not become very smart.

I want the child to be excellent in the future, pay attention to these aspects.

a) Pay attention to children's nutritional intake

Nutrition is the foundation of child health development. If you want your child to become smart, become strong, then you need to protect your child with sufficient nutrition. And let your child get enough nutrition, we will start from these two aspects:

»Children's diet is provided by parents, so parents have to do:

Guarantee the diversity of your child's diet to ensure that your child can take sufficient and balanced nutrition. Establish a healthy dining environment for your child to avoid some factors that affect children's dining, such as watching TV. Pay attention to master better cooking, after all, good taste and taste can let children continue to maintain better appetite. Pay attention to diet hygiene, the treatment of ingredients must be clean and born foods are open.

»The child is nutritious, so it also needs to pay attention to some problems:

Develop healthy eating habits, do not picky eaters, do not qi, no overeating. Eat less or don't eat snacks, avoid affecting the intake of dinner. Wash your hands before meals, pay attention to health problems before meals.

b) Pay attention to children's habits

Children want to grow healthily, then children's personality habits are also a very important factor. A personality habit is better than children, naturally develop better, and children who are accustomed to people are likely to face more bumps. So we have to pay attention:

1 From a small child's personality habit, if you find any bad habits or character problems, you should help your child correct and let the children get rid of their influence.

2 When correcting the child's wrong habits or character, take guidance, encouragement, etc., try not to criticize, to reprimand and other negative ways, so that children can accept parents' education to achieve the expected results.

3 The child's emotional problem is an important factor affecting the development of the child, so the church child has correct control, how to release emotions correctly, so that the child's psychological environment is healthy.

C) Pay attention to children's moral concept

The morality of the child has stepped into society with the child, and it is related to human communication, and whether the moral concept is correct, and it is also possible to have a bigger achievement.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to the child's moral concept, let the children understand the law, help children build correct, helping children build the correct values, let the children have the right morality.

When training children's moral concept, parents have a question that requires special attention, that is, parents themselves for children, some parents themselves know what is the right moral concept, but their own performance and the correct moral concepts, This will form a wrong model role to the child, so that children learn some incorrect behavior.

In addition, parents also need to pay attention to the changes in children, and learn about the best way to grow up. It is to accompany their children. After the exchange and interaction with the child, explore whether children have conceptual issues, whether there is psychological problems, etc.Once the child finds this problem, parents need timely intervention to help children revise their thoughts, exclude confusion, let the children grow up healthily.Written in the last

O-type blood children have innate advantages, but they want to keep this advantage, more importantly, the future education.Therefore, parents can't be self-satisfied because of their children, but they want to educate their children with their best, so children will become ideal.