Daughter-in-law is sitting on the moon, the mother-in-law, please, the mother-in-law fracture, the wife, please, the care worker is anger

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Daughter-in-law is sitting on the moon, the mother-in-law, please, the mother-in-law fracture, the wife, please, the care worker is anger

2022-01-28 12:03:41 40 ℃

The mother-in-law relationship is always the topic around the people, no matter how the mother-in-law will always think that the mother-in-law is not doing well, no matter how filial piety, the mother-in-law will think that this is a fake, this kind of first attitude makes many mother-in-law From the beginning, they guess each other, so their relationship can be good, it is really strange.

Jiang Shan, who has just started to have a daughter, lying on the bed, watching the moon who is helping her take care of the child, she feels that the heart is especially not a taste. The child's wife is a mother-in-law and husband to serve around, but she now gives the child, her mother-in-law is traveling in the field.

Jiang Shan's mother-in-law Wang Hui retired is working in state-owned enterprises, because normal work is not busy, plus usually often exercising, so her body has been very healthy. Because there is a stable income, time is relatively abundant, so her mother-in-law retires have been more enthusiastic to travel all over the country.

When Jiang Shan's expected date was coming, she used her mother-in-law to make her a long time to wait for her to sit at home, but her mother-in-law said that this journey has already been good, if it is refreshing, I am embarrassed in the future. Goodbye.

Although Jiang Shan is dissatisfied with her mother-in-law, she also knows her mother-in-law's temper. No matter what is doing, it is a thunder, as long as it is easy to change, Jiang Shan will give up the idea of ​​persuading her mother-in-law. I was not very happy to see my daughter-in-law, Wang Hui came to the daughter-in-law, pulled up Jiang Shan's hand, and then she was reluctant to say that Jiang Shan said.

"Jiang Shan, mother-in-law is also coming over, knowing women is not easy, so, I will arrange it for you before going out. I spent money from housekeeping company, please, she served the experience of the month. It can be much stronger than me, although I am not around you, you can rest assured! "

"Mom, after all, I am also the first time as my mother, so my heart is particularly nervous, I want you to stay with me, on the one hand, because you are coming, I feel that you are more practical by me."

"Child, I know you nervous, but I am also so older, I can give my own time for my own time, I want to take it to the big river mountain of the motherland, so I hope you can understand your mother, and I also have seen the moon, I have seen it, you are sure you are sure! "

The next day, my mother-in-law was dragged with a journey and a friend, and she left only Jiang Shan, I stayed at the wall clock on the wall. On the fifth day after Jiang Shan's mother-in-law, Jiang Shan gave birth to her daughter in the middle of the night, and her mother-in-law was indeed dedicated, and a phone immediately appeared in Jiang Shan.

My mother-in-law said, this month, whether it is technology or attitude, it is impeccable, but Jiang Shan's heart always feels less, the specific lack of might may have only Jiang Shan himself!

Time passed very quickly, and Jiang Shan, who turned into an eye, was already in the moon. Recalling your life in this month, she feels that she is as uncomfortable as a major illness.

Her mother-in-law Wang Hui travels back when Jiang Shan is more than 20 days. She just came to Jiang Shan's home for a night, and then said that she had to take a good time in this time. Because there is a moon to take care of the moon, Jiang Shan did not say anything in the face of his mother-in-law.

It is said that time is to let a person forget the best medicine. For Jiang Shan, she has been waiting for her mother-in-law, she has been waiting for her, she has been waiting for a chance, one to make my mother-in-law can feel It's a cold taste. After more than a year, this opportunity is really coming.

Just a year later, Jiang Shan's mother-in-law was inadvertently fell from a high place in the process of climbing, causing the right leg of the calf bone fracture. It is said that the injury is one hundred days, Jiang Shan's mother-in-law has to cultivate a few months.

Because Jiang Shan's father-in-law has been guiding from the field, so there is no way to take back to take care of yourself. Plus Jiang Shan's husband is also busy, so take care of the mother-in-law's mission, it has fallen to Jiang Shan's body.

Jiang Shan actually can take care of his mother-in-law, but she chooses her mother-in-law to take care of her mother-in-law. At first, Jiang Shan's mother-in-law is also very dissatisfied with the practice of the daughter-in-law, but she is also a smart person, and thinking about her daughter-in-law.

Wang Hui chose to accept the arrangement of the daughter-in-law. Although she did not show dissatisfaction on the surface, she called her sister in his back, she thought about her own daughter-in-law.

Just when Jiang Shan felt like a pertate, her husband's aunt was angry, and she didn't wait for Jiang Shan to speak. Her aunt gave her a next Mawei.

"I said Jiang Shan, you said that you are also a child who has received higher education, the traditional virtue of respecting the old love the young, did you have a child? Your mother-in-law is now in this way, as a wife, you should not take the time to take care of her. A look? Your mother mother didn't teach how do you treat your own mother-in-law? "

"Little, I don't want to go, I am not going to take care of the child, you say that the child is so small, how can I have time to take care of my mom, then I said that I didn't find a careman for my mother! Some technology, will definitely take my mom! "" I tell you Jiang Shan, don't take the child, you don't say that you don't know what you know, no matter what your mother-in-law has been The wrong thing, she is your elder, you are humiliating now, what do you think is it? Do you think it is daughter-in-law? This time I will spare you once, if you do this, I will go to you next time. Home to find your mother talks! "

Looking at the back of her husband, Jiang Shan's heart feels particularly wronged. She thinks that she is doing, and when her mother-in-law can ask for a month, why can't she ask people to take care of the fracture mother-in-law? Is it true that only the old man can make mistakes? Can a young man can't make a regression? Jiang Shan felt that he really didn't want!

There is really something more important in the mother-in-law. If you happen, you can think about the other side when you happen, and you will not happen.

If all his mother-in-law treats the other party as a friend's relationship, I want to find the way to the other party, so many problems will not be a problem!

Therefore, there is still some communication between the mother-in-law, less accounting, and some small contradictions will be easily resolved. You can't get the reward of each other with sincerely pay!