Psyamdao President's direct words: these three types of children are "false smart", and most of them are not learning.

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Psyamdao President's direct words: these three types of children are "false smart", and most of them are not learning.

2022-01-28 12:03:23 40 ℃

Almost all parents hope to raise smart babies, but few parents realize that they have the expectations of their children's "smart value", it is likely to let children fall into "smart trap".

This is not difficult to understand, often discover in life, often have some children who look smart from small, but as they gradually grow, we will find that these children will slowly slowly Reduce, don't say that the academic performance is thousands of pie, even after growing up, it will become very mediocre.

Chen Ji Ning, who once pointed out in a speech, and now there are many excellent "A-type students" in the Tsinghua campus, which represent the leaders in the current Chinese student group.

But unfortunately, the proud of these days is not good at transforming knowledge into productivity, but more good at turning the results on themselves into the door. But when they leave the school, they tend to be difficult to adapt to society. In other words, their intelligence is more like a "fake smart."

In contrast, the current society needs more "X-type students", and more children who dare to try fresh things and willing to take risks. Maybe their achievements are not the highest, nor are it so smart like a parental idea, but they can adapt to future social needs.

In fact, the expectations of "X-type students" are not only the words of Mr. Chen Jining, but many educators at home and abroad have been the same as Mr. Chen Jining.

Panasonic, Panasonic, president of Panasonic Company, was helping to say in an interview that he was more willing to recruit "70 points", which is not as young as 100 points, with more creativity and imagination.

Panasonic fortunately and Chen Jining's idea is unable to make a wake up for his parents: It's better to make your child more intelligent with your child.

1) Modern Zhao Cuineng - only dare to talk on the paper, do not dare to try

For this part of the child, they can follow the president of the torque to give them a good task, and often achieve a good results, but in the face of some new things, they can do the most of the paper, but they are really waiting. It is difficult to take the first step.

This kind of study and thinking habits will swallow the child's original imagination and creativity in the subtlety, so that the child is difficult to produce more new thinking in existing mode.

2) Typical nerd - only learn, face frustration

There is still such a child in life. They put their full-scale body and minds on the book, it is difficult to "learn to live" to life. Especially in some "mother's diligence" home, even if they have their own ideas, they will be smashed by their parents. "There are 100 points for 100 points" to block back.

Over time, these children and actual life are getting bigger and bigger, and when they are independently embarrassed, it is easy to make frustration when facing complex social issues. This kind of frustration will even make them unfortunate.

3) Take the "Prince" - pretending to work hard, actually focus on 0

A child who is always lacking in life. These children seem to have suffered hard, and they have a lot of strength, but the final result can always make everyone satisfied. In fact, carefully observe the "smart child" in these parents, it is not difficult to find the clue.

It seems that these children are sitting in the classroom, but they can actually fly to the outside of the classroom. The reason is that they are very low. Low focus makes them difficult to focus on knowledge and finishing, learning more like a tip of their parents liked.

1) Cultivate children's thinking

The reason why "A talent" is not popular is because they are more like a learning machine, but lacks more independent thinking, strong informational. This ability is the inevitable premise of children with innovative thinking.

Parents should cultivate children from small to think about and ask good habits:

"Why is the solar father-in-law? Why is the light in the moon? Why will winter be cold?"

Not busy interrupting children who like to ask questions. In this way, the child will be more good at thinking about the problem of the eye, rather than simply become a machine that solves the problem.

2) Cultivate children's ability to resist frustration

Future social competition can be imagined, must be fierce. The most lack of people in society is not talent, but is more stronger. That is, Wang Han said, "Nourishing a child is to have a barbaric heart." Only when the child has a strong heart, it can better adapt to the fierce competition.

Nowadays, more and more college students who have just won the cases of college students, it is improving the parents: those children who can't face setbacks will be difficult to achieve.

In the future society, the inverse business will become a must-have for each successful child. Doing a good job in cultivation is also a good job in every parent from the baby. The 12 volumes of "Children's Anti-Business Culture Painting" are prepared for the cultivation of children's countermarkets.

This book is written by Chen Junhong, the science education council, starting from the common topic of life, helping the baby to face frustration, improve the compeaseability, and provide the ability.

A total of 12 books in the book, the content of the book is very extensive, with different themes, can effectively help the baby to improve against business. 3) Cultivate children's focus

Teacher Li, who had said: It is not intelligence that affects the future achievements, but focus.

This is actually not difficult to understand. High-profile children can focus more energy in the classroom, so as to achieve efficiency to the classroom. In contrast, those low-profile children, more class is wasting in frequent destitution. So it is difficult to achieve a good result.

In other words, the child will be affected by the intensiveness in the future. This is also reminding parents, be sure to cultivate children's focus.

Here is a "Magical Focus of Children's Brain" here, this book is written by the famous British Toman Book Company, specializing in the cultivation of your baby's focus.

The whole book has conducted systematic training from the four major aspects of visual, logic, reasoning, and mathematics. To attract your baby's attention while using the game, help your baby's focus on cultivation.

The book is a total of 400 games, and the whole four major books can bring extraordinary focus to the baby.

The baby's raising process is actually full of secrets. It is better to help your baby be a more popular "X-Tie".

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