"The most good baby" is popular, listening to the "Hedong Lion" after the aunt

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"The most good baby" is popular, listening to the "Hedong Lion" after the aunt

2022-01-28 12:04:48 61 ℃

Lead: It is said that the woman is more good. In fact, the baby is also the same, and sometimes it is not easy to find this law if it is not careful to observe and summarize it. Not only that, in fact, there are many things in life, but only people's attention is different, there may be different understandings.

This is not, a recent "most good baby" is popular in the network, and the baby in my aunts, and the people next to them teased, laughing is very happy, mainly very infectious. However, when the aunt who hugged the baby was very fierce, the baby "Hedong Lion" said, after the reaction came, the baby tested his expression, suddenly wronned, the expression of the little mouth was also sprouting, it is really a Small play, the expression is simply a second change.

Baby is often the most authentic feelings

One of the cute things of the baby is to be more innocent. If you have a happy thing, you will laugh. If you encounter unhappy things, you will not help but wrote. So, many times the baby's emotions are still very mastered, and the parents can judge the needs of children according to the emoticon expression. However, if you encounter unreliable elders, you may also use the baby's pure to make the baby, always make a lot of interesting pictures, and people are crying.

Baby is very rapidly changed from the face of smile.

In the picture, the "most good baby" we see is the case, in the argument of aunt, after being teased, laughing, super cute, especially smile is more quite appealing, just like full The world has become beautiful. At this time, I held a gap in the baby, and the "Hedong Lion" of the baby was very serious. The baby was scared to change his expression. From the full smile, it turned directly into a face of a face. It is more sprouting.

"The most good baby" expression changes appear extravagantly

This scene was recorded uploaded to the Internet, "the most good thing to change the baby" into the network, the baby is good for the baby, let everyone see it once again, the vivid and cute little expression is even very clever. Representing the idea of ​​my heart, it is really a big ghost.

In this regard, netizens also have something to say,

The sea is a millet: that helpless little eye seems to be looking for the shelter of the background.

Mr. Milk Tea: This acting is unfortunately.

Snow Mountain: The joys and sorrows are only more cute.

Seeing "The Best Baby" This cute and vivid expression change, Xiaobian also feel that this little mouth is really too much, I want to cry but I don't dare to cry, it seems that I will definitely be bullied less. Is this baby? The deterrence of this "Hedong Lion" is also the biggest magic for the baby? "The most good baby" is red, and after listening to the "Hedong Lion", I've gigmally.