The genius primary school student wrote a god, the teacher smiled crazy!Also send you happy

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The genius primary school student wrote a god, the teacher smiled crazy!Also send you happy

2022-01-28 12:03:23 40 ℃

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The latest scientific research shows that cold can make people stay young, although they have been more than 70 this year, they belong to the grandfather, but the big cold sky is going to freeze with grandson.

It can be seen that the above heating method, listening even, truly implemented, may not work.


Economic circulation


After reading this article, you must give your child a big praise.

Understand such a thoroughness, so unfold, it is really redefined my understanding of the world.

If everyone is like the two in the text, there is such an optimistic attitude, and the world will have to be full of love.


What is "New Year"


The old saying goes well: "There is no money, reunite the New Year".

Although the New Year is very tired, but as the most important festival in the Chinese people, even if they are busy, they are hard, and they are still very sweet.

Because of the epidemic, many people may not go home for the New Year this year, but the heart of the reunion is coming, where is the New Year!




The student era always feels difficult, study tired, wait untilver they grow up, then find that it is the happiest time in his life.

Because it will encounter a hundred times more than learning difficulties, but I can't hear the reminder of the teacher. On the answer sheet of life, you still need you to write yourself.


Chicken chicken


At first glance, I'm listening to any trouble, and I'm really right!

If you are in this logic, then in our recipes, isn't it the name of these animals? It's really good!


Husband gives money


Seeing this, I believe that many friends have already entered the seat? At the same time, it is still strong while I am sighing for Wu, is it too bad about my husband?

In fact, in a family, whether a man makes money, or a woman is taking the baby at home, and each other is equal to the family, and there is no high and low.

Learn to be grateful, life will be more happiness.




When I was young, my grandparents were our hawing, no matter what happened, they can always cover the wind for us.

After growing up, when we also want to be their dependence, we found that they have gradually beaten from our road, and exhausted the time.




Since ancient times, the names of the name are the heads of the elders, but the grandfather puts forward such a request, and it is too hard to Dad.

Fortunately, Dad is smart, and it has resolved this name crisis.

However, think about it, "Weekend" "Li Baotian", as a small name, still very lively, Lang Lang, this grandfense is definitely nothing to say.

Seeing this, Confucianism has also had to admire these genius primary school students. After laughing, I can understand the little truth, so that these adults have been watching!