After giving birth, this thing is as useful as cord blood, the key moments can save

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After giving birth, this thing is as useful as cord blood, the key moments can save

2022-01-28 18:06:40 45 ℃

Many Bao Ma will choose to save the umbilical cord blood after the hospital is finished. Because the cord blood has a very effective effect, not only the future will save your child, such as the child suffering from leukemia, can help with umbilical cord blood, but also rescue Some old people's dementia symptoms, etc.

Many treasure moms don't know what the principle is, I know very good, and there will be some points to stay in the placenta of the birth, make the powder to eat, it is said to have the effect of milk.

I don't know how many people don't know how many people eat it. Let's first explain the role of umbilical cord blood, let the treasure moms know what the role of cord blood.

The composition and efficacy of the so-called cord blood:

The main component of the cord blood is hematopoietic stem cells. After the child is born, the cord blood will be retained in the hospital, the main reason: it can be assured.

For example, children, such as leukemia, this is difficult for treatment, but the effect of cord blood is simply magical and critical.

In addition, cord blood also has treatment of heart disease, blind, etc., and even treat Parkinson. It is also good for the elderly, which is also effective for treating seniors.

After the hematopoietic stem cells in the cord blood, after the body, the body can be transplanted into the human body in the body, hematopoietic stem cells can play a role in cell regeneration, and it is very effective for the hard work of oneself. small. The patient will be more fast.

Umbilical cord blood is mainly for childbirth, the bonds connected to the fetus and mother, with the popularity of scientific knowledge, more and more mothers will save good things. Not afraid that 10,000 is afraid of case, if you really have any disease in your child, you need to use cell regeneration, and cord blood has played a very important role.

But very few people know that the cord blood, there is a thing, it is also the child's body, and it is also very guaranteed to treat diseases, which is also the function of hematopoietic stem cells.

The teeth after children change their teeth, very useful, most treasure moms don't know

After the child breaks the breast milk, you will slowly grow a little teeth, and we all know that with growth, it will change it, become a strong teeth of our adult, and go to the old beaded yellow tooth. Generally, the age of six is ​​six or 12 years old is a period of transgling. When you remember, change your teeth, your parents will choose to be buried underground. The following teeth will thrown into the roof (convenient family). Now many parents have directly dropped the teeth of the child with garbage, few people will save it.

In fact, the teeth of children have the same ingredients with hematopoietic stem cells as the cord blood.

Through scientific experiments, it is:: However, if you are a child's deciduous tooth, you need to complete the stem cells in the teeth within forty-eight hours of the teeth. If the specified time is exceeded, the stem cells within the teeth will die after the gums are separated from the human body.

However, taking hematopoietic stem cells on the teeth to do surgery, this process is very painful, maybe we have gradually utilized hematopoietic stem cells on teeth, but not so painful.

So parents, after giving birth, don't marry the things on you, which things are good, save it, try yourself.

I am a candy mother. It is a senior baby teacher. It is also a mother of the 3-year-old baby. Any questions encountered during the childcare process can ask me. I hope that my suggestion can help you solve the troubles in the baby. And confusion.