Defense!The baby is 10 seconds after the baby falls, don't hug, do these 3 things!

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Defense!The baby is 10 seconds after the baby falls, don't hug, do these 3 things!

2022-01-28 18:06:42 50 ℃

From risk baby will crawl, "falling out of bed" on from bad to worse! increase!

If there are no sharp objects around the bed okay, if there will be like following the news, as people Ghost Ship!

Fortunately, parents rushed to the hospital in time, plunging out of the baby's skull in magnetic nails, children have been well out of danger.

If you choose A, real mother has been verified!

If you choose B, congratulations, you made a mistake 90% of parents are guilty of! Later remorse and guilt is definitely for you!

If you choose C, 666, is indeed the scientific fertility little baby experts!

Why the child falling out of bed first thing, can not hold the baby, but to observe it?

Because after falling out of bed, a lot of damage are invisible, we can not tell from the appearance of the injured area baby!

If the baby falling out of bed in the process of slander to the head or spine, it is the second time picked up the injury ing!

Statistics show that children in preschool, fall injuries account for about 40% of all injuries, the most prone to fall in place is home.

Especially following the news these cases, painful and realistic, vigilant families have baby!

So parents watching baby, do not be half-hearted! Drop the child, if a sharp object, such as a magnetic nails, broken glass and the like around the bar should note that there is no child's brain, bare skin. According to the actual situation, the nearest hospital!

If there are no sharp objects that parents observed for 10 seconds and do three things!

① to listen to.

After falling out of bed to listen to the baby he did not cry, if immediately began to cry, indicating that brain injury is unlikely, and the first not to be too nervous.

Parents can try Jiaojiao baby, if the baby has a reaction, and turned to look at you, that is clear.

If the child is dull eyes, the call should not, then it is possible unconsciousness.

② look at the baby falling out of bed in the landing position

If the baby's head, the most at risk, parents should be alert to concussion, intracranial hemorrhage;

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

If the ground face down, less dangerous, the general performance of the local bruises, abrasions, nasal bleeding;

If the limbs were abnormal posture, extremity fractures may occur.

By observing the baby falling out of bed in the landing position, you can probably determine what the child is which part of the first ground, which parts may be injured.

Because the baby is still small, it can not say exactly where the pain of their own, so parents need to carefully observe the child falling out of bed posture, in order to facilitate subsequent processing.

③ observe whether the bleeding baby

If none of the above problems, it is necessary to check whether the baby skin bleeding, swelling, bruising and so on.

If so, in time:

→ see the bleeding site to stop bleeding pressed.

Be sure to hold him down, do not press a minute or two off the run. Then after the povidone-iodine for disinfection, and finally wrapped with gauze.

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

→ In from the package, swelling the site, you can use ice, you can not wipe sesame oil, massage, otherwise it will increase bleeding and tissue fluid exudation.

After the examination, did not cause illness can be picked up at the baby appease!

But still can not relax our vigilance 48 hours to 72 hours after the baby fall, there is an exception to the hospital immediately dial 120!

If necessary hospital are:

① If there is more bleeding, grab a clean towel against the bleeding site, and then rushed to a hospital.

② frequent vomiting, do not want to eat or drink milk.

③ drowsiness.

④ crying uncontrollably.

⑤ mental deterioration, poor reaction, or even confusion.

Some parents say, baby good move, 24 hours staring at the baby is not realistic, what can be a good way to prevent baby falling out of bed yet?

1. correctly guide the baby out of bed

After the children will climb, parents should personally demonstration to attract the baby to imitate, church baby posture right out of bed, do not head butt before the next first down, which is crawling back out of bed, this method is also suitable under the couch Oh!

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

2. Select the appropriate height of the crib

Baby crib railings spaced not more than 6 cm, height of the bed over the fence at least more than half the height of the baby.

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Currently on the market there is a floor-crib is also available.

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

3. Lay the cushion

For example, covered with thick, soft blanket or foam mats on the ground around the crib.

4. Do not put debris in bed

Avoid falling debris after the baby turned the bed to pick up debris, or step on the debris due to the high center of gravity climbed over a fence.

5. Avoid people care

Home with grandparents, nanny with a baby, we must note that people care, attention easily dispersed, it will lead to improper care of the situation.

Branch office greatly Baoma feedback, the child is at home so fall, so we must pay attention to avoid!

A man of parents with children, remember not to put the baby on the bed or sofa unprotected!

If you have to temporarily leave the child, put him on the mat, placing fences around, so you can prevent damage due to the height difference may cause, but also to prevent the power socket, hot water bottles, and other items home Zhuojiao harm to the baby.

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

The child may be temporarily placed the baby in the car, and fasten your seat belts to prevent accidents.

6. Do not add guardrail crib

The previous department has also said that the bed guardrail does not match the mattress size, the bed guard belle is too large, and the child is easy to roll into the gap when the child is active or sleep, and it will cause suffocation or even death. There are also risks such as sandwillation, falling.

Moreover, there is currently no uniform security standard for such products in China, causing many merchants to have a vacant, and the products have no strict quality testing, and they will flow into the market.

There was such news, 8 months, baby girls were killed by the bed guards.

Parents think that there is a problem with the product, but the merchant said: either does not install the guardrail, or the parents are not strict.

So parents, or yourself!

7. Bed away from the window

There is also a baby family to pay special attention to the safety problem of windows, be sure to install the security lock in the window, balcony.

Don't take the bed in the window, so as not to climb the child, you can't come in it!

In short, parents should improve the awareness of preventive, don't have fun, and do safety protection measures in advance, remember first aid measures!

Also, when the baby is not careful to fall into the bed, the mothers don't blame, I feel that I am sorry for the child, and the family should not complain to each other, but I still have to put the attention to the child. !

Today, I hope all parents can master it, but they can never use it, don't forget to forward to Dad and family!