Communication is invalid, forced ingress, how to let children know yourself

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Communication is invalid, forced ingress, how to let children know yourself

2022-01-28 18:06:20 39 ℃

In fact, this child is my cousin. It is her father. I talked for an hour in our phone. I heard my father's recognition for the child, heard the dissatisfaction with the child, he thought that the child should become more Ok, but junior high school playing mobile phone, the adverse friend made her a look now. Learning is insufficient, life is not high, don't stack the quilt, don't clean up the room, let go of those friends who go out and junior high school, the child is still like this, how is it?

Because this child is facing my sister, this father is my father, so this is more difficult to others, the inherent relationship between the identity wants to make my father to change. I am listening for a long time, I haven't seen it for a long time. I haven't seen it for a long time. There is not much communication, but I think about it when I am a child. I can't help think, what is the environment and exchanges What? It is estimated: 1. Admission to friends, this age stage is a process of seeking independent awareness, the biggest one is to have a friend who really talks, and Dad will divide these friends in order to "bad", this stage She is the most concerned that others have evaluated her, and she is also more interested in her friend's evaluation. When "interest in interest" is called "bad friends", then she will go to confront. 2. Love beauty, adolescent children need to pay attention, love beauty is a way, children choose to dress up with makeup to make themselves, this is the unconfident of themselves? Al or because you can't experience the differences and significance of external beauty and inner beauty, it is easy to pursue your psychology. 3. Helpless, children are unable to complete for Dad, but they have not been affirmed in time, and the pressure makes her escape, helping her to choose not to pay attention. Only when you don't move, you will not be expected and requirement. At this time, she is confused, but she is only looking for her own value and respect.

Dad asked me when I chatted with her, find a way to cut in, let her understand learning is her own business, life is going to have a requirement. Because it is an elder, I don't say too much about making him change. I let him take a child to come over and eat chat, I tell him: Maybe I chat, I will think more about her behavior and feelings Because this stage has this situation is normal, I don't need to teach or criticize her, because she does understand the restriction of the experience at this time, and also needs the recognition of the family.