My mother-in-law said that there is a family of life, and the daughter award is 300,000. The child is born, and the mother-in-law is happy.

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My mother-in-law said that there is a family of life, and the daughter award is 300,000. The child is born, and the mother-in-law is happy.

2022-01-29 00:09:17 48 ℃

Since I have been married with my husband, it is not a problem that I have a problem, but I don't want to be brought by my child a few years.

My mother-in-law has always been a man who is a housekeeper. She is not bad, never dismissed me, but she used to be a woman's woman, the business is very big, it has accumulated a lot of household production, but these years have not been done, look at themselves The son is not as good as the year, and I have to raise the idea of ​​granules.

According to reason, she didn't think about it, she didn't have a little relationship. But she wants me to be a child, but also say, "I don't miss you home, why bother to exhaust the salary of thousands of dollars "

My mother-in-law has always can't see my job. If my husband is dead, I have been saying that I am in my family's ability. It is estimated that she will not open the gold mouth, let me enter the door, I have been in the door. I want to make a job in the career, I want my mother-in-law to see me, but I am really difficult.

On the day, a child gave her mother-in-law, a few glasses of red wine, and her mother-in-law gave final order. After you are willing to go to work, you will go to work, don't want to go to work, take care of your baby. "

I said this, and I don't have pregnant. If you don't have it, let alone, you have a lot of money, I am happy in my heart.

Husband is very powerful, not long, my stomach has a movement, during pregnancy, I have a big illness, I will be very ill, I will hang, I am afraid that the child has problems, and then B-ultrasound check, pregnant I am very happy, my mother-in-law is too happy.

In the October, when childbirth, the child is as scheduled, the two healthy little babies are still on the operating table, struggling to look at the baby, seeing there is nothing to do, I am relieved.

My mother-in-law is anxious to wait outside, when she heard her cry, she was very happy, and I hope that the Longfeng Fetus for this long time is finally born, and I have a problem with the child, and the nurse interrupted her. "Not a dragon and phoenix fetus." Two bodies, congratulations, old lady. "

I heard the two bodies, the old lady was awkward, I also asked the nurse, "You haven't hug it."

"This time, you will produce yourself, it will not be wrong, it's really two bodies, you look at it." Said that I opened a small quilt, let my mother-in-law, my mother-in-law is really two bodies, please feel free to close your mouth.

I just came out of the house, I heard my mother-in-law, "Zhang Wenzhen has the ability, and I have two children. '' I smiled and asked my mother-in-law." The words said, is it still? " Two houses 呦 "." ", Finished, a family laughed.

Later, I learned that my mother-in-law made me a son, and I also took my pregnancy test. I thought about the doctor's doctor. The doctor told him that it is a dragon and phoenix, but the boy has a little problem. It is also recommended that she bought Chinese medicine for me. , Guaranteed that the boy who has born is no problem, now think about it, but fortunately, the mother-in-law did not believe, or I can be miserable.