"I have 6 suite under my name, my wife is not born," 56-year-old mom

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"I have 6 suite under my name, my wife is not born," 56-year-old mom

2022-01-29 00:08:25 43 ℃

Since the influence of the culture of China for thousands of years, many people still have the thoughts of heavy men, especially some old people who have gone, more like boys rather than girls.

Some old people hugged the grandson and smiled. Once the daughter-in-law is a young granddaughter, the young woman is constantly tapping.

Zhang Aunt's daughter-in-law gave him a little granddaughter. Zhang Mom was very painful for this little granddaughter. He often praised his little granddaughter with the neighbors of the neighbors.

Although I prefer grandson, I still like the daughter-in-law, and there is always good things.

Slowly small granddaughter grew up at the care of Zhang Aunt, at this time, Zhang Mom felt that the wife can live a second child, and they can hold the grandson.

Zhang Aunt believes that his family conditions are not bad. One child is a granddaughter, and there will be no too much pressure. It is an excellent thing.

But the daughter-in-law is not so much. Daughter-in-law feels no matter whether the boys or girls need good education. Now the cost of education and all aspects are relatively high. It is good to have a child education. It is not necessary to have two children.

Zhang Dam made a first to persuade a daughter-in-law, but the daughter-in-law has decided, Zhang Mom looked angry and said that it was angry: I have 6 houses in Shanghai, I just want a grandson, since you are not born, Then I will be born!

I didn't think that Zhang Aunt actually really pregnant with the child, and the daughter-in-law learned that Zhang Aunt was very angry after pregnancy, and no longer willing to visit her.

Zhang Aunt saw that his family had more and more indifferent to himself, and he hadn't pregnant. After all, he was 56 years old. He is getting bigger and bigger with his wife, and there is no sufficient energy to take care of your child.

With the development of the times, now everyone has little to have a young man's thoughts. After all, the boyfriend is a thing we can't control. The men and women are their own children, and they flow on their ancestors.

1, think that life is a dealer of money

Some families think that the daughter grows up to marry others is someone else, can't give yourself worthy, and marry a daughter, you have to take a dowry.

So they think that the birth daughter is the trading of money, or is still a boy.

2, affected by the feudal thoughts for thousands of years

In ancient times, because people are mainly engaged in physical labor, men must have more advantages than women in terms of women, but more families mean that they can bring more food to their families.

Coupled with men are more rationality than women, the ability to deal with problems is stronger, so everyone feels that born boys are better than girls.

With the development of the times, now we are mainly engaged in mental work, whether it is a man or a woman has a chance to create great value, some women have the ability than men.

Therefore, the thoughts of heavy men's light women are in the feudal thoughts in today's society.

This kind of heavy men's thoughts is a very bad idea, we have to change the original concept, in fact, a lot of daughters.

1, girls know more to take care of their families

Girls often think more delicate, take care of their families and more intimate.

Many old ages are older, their daughters are served in front of themselves, and their son should take care of the elderly because they want to support their families.

Not only that, the boy is often careless, not suitable for the lives of people, so the family's family is more happy.

2, the daughter is more obedient than my son.

Girls often don't have a boy, but more people are more easy to listen to adults, and people can more worry-free.

Many boys will be very unhrophy after they have come to the rebellion, so that some parents are very expensive, and the two are more beneficial.

3, born girls are stressed

Now young people get married, girls generally ask boys have a house. Young people rarely have enough money before marriage, most of them need home parents to help, and born boys mean more money to buy a car to my son.

If you have any of these troubles, you can make yourself to take care of your son, and the two are more stressed and more relaxed.


Although there are still many people who have the idea of ​​heavy men, with the development of the times, there are fewer and few people who have this kind of thought. Born boys and girls are their own biological flesh, and they should be worthy of paying all.

Everything about the child's gender must be to relax, don't think about the gender of the child's decision. The most important thing is to cultivate your child's education and make them useful for society.