Deep insight into consumer demand.

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Deep insight into consumer demand.

2022-05-14 06:09:56 16 ℃

In recent years, the awareness of nutritional and health and consumption levels of the entire population has been continuously improved, and the nutritional market has ushered in a vigorous development. Compared with European and American countries, the domestic mother -to -child nutritional market starts late, but the potential is huge. According to ECDATAWAY data, in the online market of baby food from January to October 2020, nutritional products have become the second largest category of infant food except milk powder, accounting for 12.4%, an increase of 36.1%year-on-year, and the growth rate has exceeded exceeding milk powder. In Ruo Yuchen's view, for the brand, in recent years, the trend of stock games alternating with the red and blue oceans in the mother and baby industry has become increasingly obvious, and user consumption demand has changed again.

In recent years, the Chinese maternal and infant market population has changed, and the post -90/95 has gradually become the mainstream consumer group. At the same time, with the upgrade of consumption, it has brought new opportunities to the Chinese mother and baby products market. In the new era, maternal and infant consumers have general characteristics such as high education and advocating scientific parenting. , Willing to pay for yourself. In the case of changes in the consumption field, user brand education has been washed again. The brand's want to get more market capacity has become a new challenge, and at the same time, it has put forward higher requirements for operating services. Ruo Yuchen, as an e -commerce comprehensive operating service provider for global high -quality consumer brands, is committed to expanding the online market through the digital service of the full link. Since the comprehensive e -commerce service market in the field of mother and baby in 2013, after its own continuous exploration and many years of accumulation, we have built a set of effective experience in the online store operation and marketing promotion of the mother and baby industry. Starting its own core competitive advantage in the field of maternity and infant.

After Yuchen's in -depth sorting out the market, the domestic market awareness is divided into three stages: the first phase belongs to the period of the procurement period to the initial cross -border e -commerce period, the public only recognizes the concept of import, not a single brand. The second stage is the current stage. The attributes of cross -border e -commerce users are mainly young women in first- and second -tier cities. This part of the population has the attributes of "capable buyers". Value is more concerned about ingredients and content. The third stage is that after consumers already have a considerable degree of product awareness, the brand needs to provide consumers with complete solutions for pregnancy nutrition during pregnancy.

From the perspective of Ruo Yuchen, which has been deeply cultivated in the field of maternal and infants, the domestic mother and baby market is currently in the second stage to move towards the third stage. Brand product strategy should also gradually move from rich product matrix to product solutions that establish a full user life cycle. As a partner of Eleville's online business growth, Ruo Yuchen provided a lot of help for him to open the market at this stage.

Long -term fighting on the front line of business. Customized brand building plan for brand customers. For people who do not understand maternal and infant nutrition products as a whole, Ruo Yuchen helped Eleville from a cognitive perspective to complete the initial reach and complete the marketing "unfamiliar visit" in the brand and product field. And the group with strong purchasing needs of maternal and infant nutrition products, complete the stimulus of recognition to demand, quickly capture key consumer minds, and obtain more product -benchmark groups. In the stock market environment, marketing methods have emerged endlessly. Those who really determine consumer loyalty (repurchase and pull new) lies in the brand value of consumers' minds. From point and line to face, Ruo Yuchen and Eleville made a excellent brand paradigm for cross -border maternal and infant brands.

In the future, if Yuchen will continue to innovate, starting from the accumulated operation methodology and consumer insights, matching a large -scale and personalized service system to help the brand complete a series of brand actions such as construction, management, and renewal to help the brand Fang Nuggets Market.