Research on Harvard University: The birth season affects children's IQ. Babies born in these two seasons are more witty

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Research on Harvard University: The birth season affects children's IQ. Babies born in these two seasons are more witty

2022-05-14 18:13:27 15 ℃

Introduction: I believe that every parent wants their children to be clever, because in the eyes of their parents, children are unique. Some of the IQs of the baby are inherited with the parents, and some are inseparable from the parent's day after day education. The baby's IQ is actually related to the season of birth. Many people do not know this statement.

Harvard University had such a study as early as a few years ago. They studied that if a baby was born in autumn or winter, he would be smarter than babies born in summer or spring. And the data obtained after their investigation shows that babies born in autumn and winter, their physical fitness is more important than babies born in summer and spring, and their heights will be higher.

Seeing this, I believe that many people must not believe it. In fact, this is scientific basis, not random spot checks. The reason why this study proves that babies born in autumn and winter are smarter than babies born in spring and summer, which mainly include the following reasons. Let's take a look together.

1. Pregnant mothers are better throughout pregnancy

Let's talk about children born in these two seasons in autumn and winter. They are in the mother's belly in the whole season in the summer. In summer, we all know that it is the season of sunlight, so that pregnant mothers can have more time to take a walk, go out of the outing or disperse. In this way, the mood of pregnant mothers will be much better.

And in the summer, there are many fruits that are not available in other seasons. The supplement of diet can also promote the healthy development of the baby. Children born in autumn and winter, the climate is more suitable when they are born. There is heating in every home in winter, and you don't have to worry about your child frozen. Like a greenhouse, it is very suitable for babies.

2. Children can exercise freely

Babies born in the two seasons of autumn or winter, when they are going to walk or crawl, they happen to be spring or summer. At this time, because the weather is hot, the baby will take off the heavy clothes and light up, which is the main reason why the baby can be more free.

Babies born in autumn or winter are relatively thick. Parents will not take their children to the cold outdoor to exercise. Therefore, such babies do not get enough exercise, and their sports skills are not as good as autumn and winter babies. Babies need to exercise in the world. If they do not get very good exercise, of course, the baby is not born in autumn and winter.

3. Babies born in autumn and winter learn to learn late

Because our country's school policy is a batch of admission after the school year before the year. Babies born in September need to be admitted to school after the year, that is, one year than the baby born a year ago. In fact, it is not a bad thing to change to school for one year later. Because babies can learn a lot at home, when children enter school, they may be more mature than children of their peers.

1. Make sure your child's nutritional replenishment is balanced

Whether it is a pregnant mother during pregnancy or the mother after production. Both need to supplement nutrition, because during pregnancy, the nutrition supplemented by the pregnant mother can be transmitted to the baby through the umbilical cord, and the postpartum Baoma must breastfeed, so more nutrition should be supplemented. This is for babies, and it is not necessary to supplement nutrition. It must be balanced, so as to be more effective.

2. Develop good habits of frequent exercise

We all know that exercise is beneficial to the body, especially for children. Babies often exercise can expose their brain development. We often hear others praise a child, saying that the child is really smart, and this is the case. Especially when the baby is learning to crawl, parents must encourage their children to help them learn a sport that they are interested in during the growth of their babies.

3. Give your baby a good education

We all know that parents are the first teachers of their children, and their children are also the shadow of parents. In fact, parents 'education methods directly affect their child's character, and parents' education methods will also be linked to their children's IQ. As long as we are good at observing, we will find that the more families who have a good relationship with children, the more children like to learn, and the higher their IQ.

The famous children's scholars said that between the age of three and seven are the most important period of brain development in their lives. Each parent needs to seize this period to conduct favorable training and education for their children. Professor Li Meijin in my country has also said that children should focus on the education of logical thinking before the age of seven. This is more conducive to the child's brain development. Essence


In fact, educating children can start from many aspects, remember not to let the children remember to memorize it. That's all old sets. Now we need to find more shortcuts for children, let children know the fun of learning, and let children take the initiative to learn. In this way, they will learn faster and the effect will be better. Let children learn like playing games, and they will have a happy childhood.