Why should a cesarean section take out the fetus within 15 minutes?The reason, you'd better understand

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Why should a cesarean section take out the fetus within 15 minutes?The reason, you'd better understand

2022-05-14 18:13:06 6 ℃

1. Prevent excessive blood loss

2. Prevent the fetus from dangerous

Although caesarean section may be less painful than the smooth delivery, there are many points that need to be understood by pregnant mothers.

1. Press the bottom of the palace after cesarean section

After a caesarean section, the nurse will give you a stomach for a few days in a row. This is to help mothers discharge lochia and blood blood and promote uterine contraction. Although this pressing is painful, it helps to recover from the body.

2. It is not completely painful when a cesarean section is

Caesarean section is not as easy as everyone thinks. In fact, in the process of caesarean section surgery, the mother can feel the pain when the doctor takes out the child. Especially when the doctor pulls the child out, the sensitive mother will feel similar to the separation of hands and feet. Pain likes.

3. After surgery, the knife mouth recovers

Wounds of caesarean section are very inconvenient for Bao Ma's actions during the recovery, whether it is a horizontal knife or a vertical knife. If you move it a little, you will feel the pain, and you must be careful whether you are sitting or lying down. Pay attention to the prevention of infection during the recovery of the wound.

The greatness of a woman is that she brings new life and new hope to a family with a weak flesh and blood. Regardless of whether the birth or cesarean section is the most suitable way for the baby to choose at the doctor's advice, there is no good or bad. Caesarean section is not easier than smooth delivery. Therefore, whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, as long as the mother and child are safe, it is the best way to produce. They all changed their life, so the husband should be more considerate of his wife and educate the child to understand the mother's dedication.

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