How many tests are the test?From prenatal to giving birth, women have to go through three kinds of pain in total

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How many tests are the test?From prenatal to giving birth, women have to go through three kinds of pain in total

2022-05-14 18:13:04 6 ℃

Although the medical standards have improved and pregnant women have other production options, most people still choose to give birth to children.

Many men disdain this and use "no children, what kind of affection" to slap Bao Ma. I think they show it because of the affection.

Is it really because of their arrogance? Let's take a look at what kind of pain should women go through. First Pain: Pre -birth pain

It is not like a caesarean section. It can be at any time. It needs to wait until the pregnant woman's palace opening to the ten fingers before entering the formal delivery.

Don't worry, this has just begun.

Wait until the formal delivery, the baby will get rid of the uterus and enter the birth canal.

You know, even if the mother's palace opens to the ten fingers, it is smaller than the baby's head.

This means that the baby will squeeze out from the birth canal.

During this period, pregnant women should also be even more forceful. During the effort, there may be urination, allowing pregnant women to suffer physical and mental torture.

This is normal. If the fetus is too large, the pregnant mother will face the pain of external Y to tear.

When this happens, the doctor will cut the side cut to help the baby be born smoothly.

Don't get me wrong. In this process, doctors do not take anesthetic, that is, doctors will use surgical tools to directly suture and subsequent sutures with surgical tools when pregnant women are awake.

How painful is this? Just think about it.

Third Pain: Urine pain

After giving birth to a child, it does not mean that the end is over. Because the childbirth consumes most of the pregnant woman's vitality, it causes huge damage to the birth canal, outside Y.

This injury can not be recovered in a while, but in the process, pregnant women must have physiological needs to be resolved. And when she urinates, it will inevitably touch the wound, and it is another kind of pain torture.

After the whole process, almost half of his life was painful.

This is why the ancients often said that women had half of their feet into the ghost gate.

Although the delivery of pregnant women is more guaranteed now, the pain is still there. The pain and torture that need to be suffered in the middle requires great courage and belief to support it.

If the husband not only does not understand her, but also blame her, it is equivalent to giving a headache when she was in pain, making her belief half less.

This physical and psychological double blow is the most terrible!

Although she does not require her husband to fully understand, at least do not blame her for no reason because she is ignorant. Multiple tolerance and love are you who can give her the best "analgesic"!