If the child has these "conditions", it may be "accumulated food".

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If the child has these "conditions", it may be "accumulated food".

2022-05-14 18:13:16 6 ℃

When children are younger, the most prone to occur is the situation that is not easy to be found in vomiting or accumulating food. Bao moms need to spend much more energy than expected in the process of taking care of their children. This is mainly because the child is not as good as an adult in this regard at this time, so if the child's ingestion is not appropriate or Bao is treasure If the posture of mothers' feeding is incorrect, it is prone to the adverse situation of accumulating food. Therefore, if the child has these "situations", it may be "accumulated food". Do n’t know the mother, you will know after reading the following.

1. First of all, the desire of children to eat is reduced. Children at this stage are often more accurate than alarm. Every few hours, they will use crying ways to express their meaning to eat milk. Although Bao moms felt tired when they encountered such a quasi -milk, but they were very happy to see that children can eat this phenomenon. If a child who has always been able to eat milk suddenly has the phenomenon of not wanting to eat milk, it is likely that the child has adverse symptoms such as accumulating food.

2. Then there is the child's mouth. Generally speaking, if the child is uncomfortable, the bad symptoms of bad breath will exist when they get up the next morning. This is mainly because if the child's gastrointestinal digestion is not good, then the mouth will be heavier in the mouth. Therefore, if the mothers find that their children have such a smell of mouth, it is likely that the uncomfortable situation of food accumulation has occurred.

3. Then the number of children's crying is increased. Although children often cry at this age, if the mothers find that the children have happened, they are not because they are hungry or uncomfortable, it is likely to have a uncomfortable food accumulated food. Symptoms are in this way to let the mothers know their uncomfortableness.

4. Next is the situation of children's bowel movements. Bao moms often know more about this, because the phenomenon of children a few times a day is still more obvious. If the child can only occur after two or three days, this is likely to occur. Bad situation.

5. Finally, the child's rest is resting. Generally speaking, if the child has a bad phenomenon of accumulating food, it will cause a more vicious force for the rest. Sometimes children always have more movements when they sleep. At this time, it is likely that the child has the phenomenon of accumulating food.