These appear during pregnancy!No mother can calm down

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These appear during pregnancy!No mother can calm down

2022-05-15 00:07:11 21 ℃

I believe that expectant mothers will have 100,000 questions every day and want to know the answer.

How can I have a bit of abdominal bloating when I am pregnant and vomiting

I feel tired, I always want to sleep

I have a stomachache after eating the root ice cream, don’t it matter?

It's too close to the microwave oven during the hot meal, will there be radiation?

There is a little fetal movement today, do you want to intervene?


I feel that my body is not in time, and it is really tired to run a trip to the hospital every time. Often after waiting for a long time, I saw the doctor. I did not say that I went out of the clinic in 2 minutes. I only got a sentence "Everything is normal." But next time I feel uncomfortable, I still can't help but go to a doctor.

At this time, if you have a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology, how good it is! Ask before running the hospital to avoid some unnecessary tossing, and more at ease during pregnancy.

The consultation Jun heard the voices of all pregnant mothers, and specially arranged the obstetrician of obstetricians in the three hospitals. I can ask questions during pregnancy. I do n’t queue up for a doctor to make it more at ease during pregnancy.

Ask at any time during pregnancy, the first order is 1 yuan

Online consultation expert

Professional evidence -based, trustworthy

Dinglai Mom's doctors are all in -service doctors in regular top three hospitals in the country, and they have extremely high professional literacy.

In addition, each consultation doctor has a second review of the official expert group. Double guarantees are even more trustworthy.

The doctor answered meticulously, making people feel at ease

The three -level obstetricians diagnosed by Dinglai Mother, have high professionalism, responded to patience and meticulousness, and can scientifically answer the doubts of patients. At the same time, the language is easy to understand, and it is well received. 7 × 24 hours online services have eased the anxiety of many patients.

Dr. , is very detailed, and there are a few words in the hospital, and you don't understand. This dispels my concerns, and peace of mind is waiting for delivery

Thank you for the doctor, I have eaten it, and the suggestions given to it are very willing

It's easy to understand, very good doctor, perfect

, The suggestion is very willing to solve my recent anxiety

, Is very detailed and attentive, and will be further inspected according to your opinions


The consultation process is simple, you can communicate with the doctor in four steps

After clicking the free diagnosis card in the article, choose the doctor who wants to consult, fill in the consultation question, and then wait for the doctor's reply.

Slide left and right to view the consultation process

There is no need to run around during pregnancy, and the three doctors are by your side. Dingxiang's mother's consultation, let the pregnancy feel at ease every day!

Obstetrics free clinic is in progress ...

The first consultation only costs 1 yuan! Bleak


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