Dink, 70, has never suffered from fertility. How did he live in his later years?Happy or lonely

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Dink, 70, has never suffered from fertility. How did he live in his later years?Happy or lonely

2022-05-15 00:07:22 21 ℃

With the development of society and the change of people's ideas, "Dink" began to be discussed and accepted by the public, and in real life, more and more joined the Dink team. However, there are two kinds of sounds about the Dink family, one is affirmation of the choice they made, and believes that they live for themselves. Law, I chose a short -term and happy road, and sooner or later I will regret it.

In fact, choosing Dink did not start with our generation. The earliest people who chose to become Dink and even part of them had entered the old age. Are they really regretted it? Is the life now be free or lonely?

There are no children, no one cares, but over seventy years old, but live a wonderful self

Grandpa Chen is 75 years old. Everyone's impression of this old man is probably white hair. He takes Maza every day to sit on the street for a day. But the difference is that Grandpa Chen is spiritual, whether it is spiritual or the whole person's form, he can't see that he is over 70 years old. Grandpa Chen's biggest hobby is to exercise in the park every day, and occasionally practicing words. Everyone around him will praise when he sees that he holds a large pen dipping water on the ground.

Grandpa Chen was very optimistic, but Grandpa Chen did not speak when he talked about his children, but listened to others with a smile. Someone asked Grandpa Chen what his children were doing, and he would generously say that he had no children. This It will cause a small noise, more of them, why not children?

Grandpa Chen did not avoid it. He bluntly discussed with his wife and not children. Then the people around you will start collective discussions. Most of them say that they do n’t want children to be bad. No one cares about it in the future. However, Grandpa Chen was not sad when he heard it. He smiled clearly and said that he was old, and he did not have the step to take care of people, and even if there was no sky, he went to the nursing home. There is really no concern for paying for medical expenses. After listening to Grandpa Chen, everyone raised his eyes and looked at him. Some looked envious, some were full of disdain, and it was quite meaningful to regret it sooner or later.

In fact, those Dink families who have entered the old age may have been happy and happy in their lives in their lives. They did not regret saying that there was a reason for their choice.

The most obvious benefit of the Dink family is that there is no high economic pressure. It is necessary to know that raising a child is very large, let alone many families have one child. For decades of hard work against couples. But Dink does not have this part of this part, so they have more independent economic dominance and can spend money to do more things they want to do.

Of course, Dingj's family will also focus more on things you are interested in, instead of breaking your heart for the child every day, always taking a move of your child, and every day, he is struggling. The Dink family can indeed put energy on their own maintenance or daily interest and husband and wife feelings.

Then there is more freedom in time. I believe that families with children are deeply touched. After the child is born, especially the mother has almost no freedom at all, because the child is always concerned about the parents. When you think about your children, you will basically dedicate your own freedom to your children in the future. Even if you are old, you still have to help your children to bring their children. Of course, these are also willing to do what parents are willing to do. But the Dink family has more time to do what he wants to do, without having to be held by the child.

And Dink, which many people pay attention to, will regret this question in his later years. In fact, we have given the answer before, because modern society has a lot of entertainment activities and covers all ages. They continue to play their own light and heat in some areas of their own, so if they say that loneliness is a bit a bit unsure.

However, although Dink has many advantages, everything has two sides. Its disadvantages are also unavoidable. Before choosing to become Dink, these factors must be considered.

Although there are many Dink families in the elderly because they have enough economic support, they will not regret it, but many families are ordinary people who are ordinary. After the elderly cannot work, there is no pension, and there is no medical insurance. Can't guarantee your life. These people should consider cautiously. Although Dink's family has low economic pressure, it does not mean that the family's economic strength of choosing to become Dink can not be strong.

In addition, don't blindly choose to choose, you must consider it in the long run, because people's mood will change over time, so we must consider clearly, and then make a choice after comprehensive measurement.

Whether it is supporting Dink or opposition to Dink, everyone has their own life concepts and lifestyles. As long as they consider themselves, they do not need to be beak, because everyone will be responsible for their own lives. Short, the happiness that children can bring is what the Dink family cannot imagine. Of course, the happiness of the Dink family cannot be imagined, so it is good to enjoy in their respective fields.