These three types of children in kindergarten are the least pleasing, but the teacher will not say that they will be treated differently

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These three types of children in kindergarten are the least pleasing, but the teacher will not say that they will be treated differently

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These three types of children in kindergarten are the least pleasing, but the teacher will not say that they will be treated differently

With the improvement of education, everyone now has the opportunity to receive good education, and the school has also become the main way to cultivate children. From preschool education to university, there are a complete education system.

The importance of kindergarten as the first step from family life to collective life, its importance is self -evident. But when you go to the kindergarten to the kindergarten, you must have seen this situation. Children do not want to go to kindergarten, holding the parents' thighs at the door and crying! The heartbreaking lungs are distressing. At this time, parents can only give their children to the teacher "ruthlessly" and go away! This phenomenon is very common, so how to make children better adapt to and accept the life of kindergarten has become a big problem!

I have a little niece. Meng Meng is very cute and speaks slowly. Anyway, I like it, but I like it but it is useless! The little niece also happened because of "slow"!

My brother sister -in -law was 32 years old because she was married late because she got married. Therefore, the little niece was very favored when he came down. Not only his brother and sister -in -law, my parents and I loved this little niece. Once the little niece organized parent -child activities in kindergarten, his brother and sister -in -law went to participate. After the event, unpleasant things happened!

My brother and sister -in -law are going to leave. How can I say hello to the kindergarten teacher. I did not expect to hear the teachers in the office when I was talking about the little niece. I can't help it. As a pearl on the palm of the family, who dares to say this little niece, but the sister -in -law is a person who has received higher education after all. After entering the office, he did not yell directly. Intersection

At this time, the teacher was very embarrassed. I didn't expect that Xunzi could come in at this time, but the teacher did not panic, but told some of the little niece in the kindergarten in the kindergarten! It turned out that the little niece usually did what they usually did, and was also nicknamed by children in kindergarten, called "slowly", because the little niece cried a lot, and there were some small problems. Tell the sister -in -law!

The sister -in -law is not an unreasonable person. After hearing the teacher's explanation, he said to the teacher: "If there are any problems in the kindergarten, I hope the teachers will communicate with the parents in time, so that our parents can correct the child in time! Can avoid this embarrassing thing today! "The teacher also quickly apologized to the sister -in -law, and the sister -in -law also accepted an apology, so he took the child away!

The sister -in -law is a very strong person who does a fierce doing things. This little niece did not follow the sister -in -law! After knowing the child's problem, the next day, the sister -in -law went to consult a children's psychological expert and wanted to find a way to help the little niece to correct it as soon as possible! Experts told Xunzi: "Children at the age of 3-6 are a stage of rapid development of the child's brain and body. At this time, parents must pay attention to developing a good habit for their children.

In the kindergarten and even ordinary life, there are indeed some children who are more excluded. The following three types of children are not loved by the teacher, but the teacher will not show it, and it will not say a bad thing, but the treatment is treated with other children. Different, that is, being treated differently. Summary for parents, I hope to help everyone!

01 Poor self -care ability

The main responsibility of kindergarten is to exercise the child's self -care ability. After the child enters the collective life, many things cannot be done by the help of parents as before. Some parents will also cultivate their children's basic living skills at home, such as wearing clothes, eating, etc., and let their children complete themselves! In this way, we can better adapt to the collective life!

02 Poor self -discipline ability

This is not only a child, many parents also have this problem, and I believe that many parents have also suffered a large or small loss because of poor self -discipline ability. With a strong ability to self -discipline, we have achieved current achievements. In campus life, self -discipline ability not only affects the academic performance of his child, but also may affect the academic performance of the children around him. Therefore Love and concern!

03 Personal hygiene

This is a good understanding. I don’t know if you have watched a cartoon "Little Slim". This story tells the various difficulties that a child encountered because of poor personal hygiene. But personal hygiene is very important for children and adults. Few people like to get along with a stingy person! And a clean image can also give people a more comfortable feeling when communicating with people!

After communicating with children's psychological experts, Xunzi also understands how important it is for children to develop a good habit! It is also determined to change some of the bad habits of the little niece! Experts recommend a series of picture books for "Children's Emotional Behavior Management" series of "Emotional Behavior Management"! The sister -in -law quickly bought a set after returning home!

The content of this set of picture books is very interesting, including "Do not feed", "Little Eagle Learning Flying", "Answer Answers", "Don't Change Temperature" and other series of stories. The situation that may be encountered, as well as some basic common sense in life, let the children learn from it when reading picture books, so as to achieve the purpose of education! And the anime image in this picture book is vivid and cute, making it easy for children to rejoice with the image in it, thinking of what they usually happen! As a result, it is inspired, which not only allows children to develop some good living habits, but more importantly, I exercise the child’s independent thinking ability during reading. This ability has a profound impact on the child. There is a good independent thinking ability to think. Let children come out of the trough after encountering difficulties and setbacks to welcome a better life!

With the help of this picture book, when I saw the little niece, I already felt that the little niece had changed significantly, and it was not a hurry to do things. The little niece also became the teacher's little helper at the school to help the teacher handle things among some students. Has been completely bid farewell to the era of "slow"! The sister -in -law was very pleased, and what made his brother and sister -in -law did not expect that because of the daily picture book reading, the child developed a habit of reading. Now he will read some basic books every day!

Here I also recommend that you start a series of picture books in the series of "Children's Emotional Behavior Management" series of picture books, so that children can develop a good life and learning habits in a critical period, and go more smoothly on the future learning path!

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