190 catties of large size supermodels have been out for a long time, and the second child is getting heavier after delivery, but the lower jaw line is still clear

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190 catties of large size supermodels have been out for a long time, and the second child is getting heavier after delivery, but the lower jaw line is still clear

2022-05-15 06:07:20 22 ℃

Ashley Graham is considered to be the "the originator of large size supermodels". Although there are some plump models different from the "paperman" before she, it can be almost as much as her attention. No. Of course, it can also be considered that Ashley has caught up with the good times. It coincides with the pursuit of diversification in the fashion circle. Models such as Shili were "born" and shined.

Before pregnancy, data showed that Ashley, who was 1.75 meters tall, weighed about 190 pounds, but at first glance, it was really impossible to believe, especially her face, which was too delicate. It is clear. In addition, Ashley's lumbar is also very unique. It looks like a fishtail skirt. It is really not lost to the "figure anxiety" Kim Kardashian.

But compared to the 41 -year -old live actress, Ashley's waist is not slender, but because the crotch is too huge, she shows an hourglass -type figure. It can be seen from some photos that Ashley's weight is mainly concentrated below the crotch. His legs are particularly stout, and even stronger than many men.

On May 13, local time, Ashley appeared in the street shooting screen for a long time. After the second child was born, the 34 -year -old supermodel reduced a lot of work. This is still the case for more than a month, which is really different from many fashion circles who are anxious to recover and "instantly" slimming.

Ashley wearing a big shirt with wide -leg jeans blooms a brilliant smile, and it looks joyful. Compared to the amazing look of the red carpet, now Ashley is obviously heavier. If it was 190 pounds, then 200 pounds must not be stopped now.

Ashley's second child suddenly got two sons, Malachi and Malachi & Roman. According to Ashley, this is an unexpected joy but a greater burden. In addition, there is a son, who was 2 years old, who raised three boys at once, even if she was strong. Sometimes I feel powerless. "I need to pay more efforts, but everything is worth it." Ashley once encouraged himself.

Both Maraki and Roman are young babies who need to grow up by drinking milk, but they are not affected by the shortage of American milk powder because their mothers can provide them with the "food" they need. As a public figure, Ashley did not avoid breastfeeding. She even showed her pictures of feeding two babies at the same time, and shared her childcare experience without any detail.

Although Ashley is deeply proud, not everyone can accept her behavior. After all, breastfeeding is still more private, so she is also in controversy. However, as a supermodel that has experienced ups and downs, these disputes are really nothing to her.

The three sons of Ashley were her love crystals with her husband Justin Owen. The couple had the first child 9 years after they got married, and then had twins in less than two years.

Justin is a photographer, and Ashley can have today's achievements, and the efforts of her husband are inseparable. However, according to Ashley's memories, when she first took Justin home, the family was not very friendly to the African -American guy. Just with her continuous efforts, family members were gradually accepted.

Although Ashley was unavoidable after giving birth, and even seemed to be heavier, her exquisite face did not seem to change anything. It is very slender swan neck. These two advantages also make many women very envious.