Xiaowan Growth Diary Vol.1

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Xiaowan Growth Diary Vol.1

2022-05-15 06:07:27 21 ℃

How to say, this child's original due date was May 17.

Her advent was also a wave of twists and turns. In April, the hospital was hospitalized for an emergency hospitalization. On the day of birth, she still had only two fingers 12 hours after the artificial water breaking.

The childbirth room of the women's insurance is not allowed to enter the accompaniment, so I helplessly standby for 12 hours at the door.

Under the premise of taking care of my wife's diet emotion, I saw various resonance in the pan -A circle, and also joined the discussion and tried to analyze. Someone leaves, someone returns;

The concept of decentralized anti -small groups makes everyone unable to reach a consensus in a short time, and the low pressure of the whole day has accumulated the peak before the broadcast.

After signing the Caesarean section, I still turned on the live broadcast. The last time of the elder brother was delayed by 7 seconds and the Taim Ben had a mouth, but she was still very cool, but when I came out of the teacher, I started to answer the phone crazy. Understanding the situation, as La Sister said, "I have no home, I can go back" and the sad crying of different past nights, my girl was born.

I have always hoped to have a girl, even if the blind boxes say that men and women are the same, I secretly hopes to be a girl. Because I look back at my life experience over the past 30 years and the number of times I was beaten when I was a kid, um, I still have a daughter, you can play with loli development, you can still reasonably and legally post with a teenage youthful beautiful girl after becoming a greasy old man. Put, is this not great?

After the birth of the child, all the indicators were normal. I sent the news of the new generation of top bowls to A comprehensive and Douban. I received countless blessings. I sorry again. Throwing down from the window on the 20th floor.

说说小晚这孩子吧,目前出生74小时,长相完全遗传我但又多了一丝很微妙的铸币感;出生4小时候睁开左眼,10小时候双眼全开,但是日常还是喜欢单眼wink;体重The key point, 6.6 catties of birth, the flesh on the back may be similar to a white hair thigh; Xiao Wan is giant, except for being hungry and urinating. After tens of seconds, no one cares about her frowning and crying directly like a certain game room; the rebellion period is more serious when she was born. It must be caught with my legs when I hold it. stretch. It seems that I can also inherit the lazy dog ​​gene that I can not sit well.

Speaking of the topic, the biggest reason for the five girls of Asoul to make me into my brain is not the capital technology behind it, but the owner’s chicken breasts, the small composition of the chicks, the song of my coin's father, and the two -way go with the bad woman. The agreement to go to a bigger stage is to guard the promise of Princess Wolf.

Two things: true feelings and empathy.

I do n’t say the true feelings. I think the people who have the same emotions are relatively rare. Starting from Jiaran’s chicken breasts, the five girls ’receiver understanding and response to the various emotions of a soul is the most plan for this plan. Flash place. I doubt how many people have experienced this feeling in real life. Even if it is virtual, eager to be loved is one of the original instincts of human beings.

Now I look around, and the three most important women in life are all dreams, mothers, wives, and daughters, so corresponding to reality, in virtual Zhijiang, girls also have three characteristics. Preschool education classes correspond to maternal nature. Reading the GN ugly state, the tough progress and growth meet the points of the development system. Therefore, the WB war in the past few days is very good, and it is necessary to fight fiercely. Is it cool to protect the people they love and protect their mother and love and children?

The comrades of the front line, our next generation is thriving, our ideas will not be disconnected, our enemies have been hurt, I hope you continue:

charge! charge! charge!