The bear child saw the toy car, and I didn't want to come down. Netizens: This child is quite skinny

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The bear child saw the toy car, and I didn't want to come down. Netizens: This child is quite skinny

2022-05-15 12:10:06 20 ℃

Nowadays, children's life is better. Therefore, everyone generally thinks that these children live in greenhouses and are relatively weak. They are often protected by family members. They have not experienced the wind and rain of the society, and the cruelty of reality. But some children will still be brave to try all kinds of fresh things. They will do many adventure things, things that ordinary people can't understand, feel that this is ridiculous, but they all want to try it.

You see that the child touched the toy car, and when he helped to the hand, he started to sit on the car. It was really funny that he couldn't wait. The child looked at the toy car blankly, and when he got in the car, he couldn't control himself to start running. This car is really interesting under the control of this child. The car with a tap shovel is a bit powerful. Netizen: The coolest child with the most fun equipment is really excellent!

The child was unwilling to stop at the excavation car himself. It was okay to drive in such a large place. He went straight towards the other side. Who knew that he turned around and rushed directly to the shot! This child is really too skinny. You still want to play the camera enough to play the car. The person in the camera told him to be skinny, and he still didn't listen! Netizen: Children's nature is playing and curiosity!

1. This child seems to want to provoke you, so after getting in the car, he started to fly himself, but he started to come to you, and suddenly stared at the car and rushed towards you. See if you said something wrong, or what he did not accept you.

2. This child is also true. He told him not to make trouble. He still did not listen. With a car, he started to fly himself and play wildly. But he was still very happy, and it was true that the child's nature was playing.

3. The same is true of my child. As soon as I bought a toy car at home, I would play every day. Time is playing, and I have to watch on the TV.

Parenting little knowledge:

Children in a toddler always like to talk or provoking elders. These methods may help you better lead your child through this small "rebellious period".

Understand why children have provocations and talk, and standing from the perspective of the child, thinking about whether they are their own behaviors that cause the child to be pressured. The reason may be that he does not want to do something or does not want to complete certain tasks or tasks and too much. At this time, after the parents understand the reason, they can properly reduce the burden on their children in combination with the actual situation and communicate calmly with their children.

Respect the child's choice and get along with the children's way. Establish a bridge to communicate with children, relax the mentality of children, appropriately let go of the requirements for children, understand and respect some behaviors of children, and do not rush to negate children. Become a child's friend into the heart of the child, set up a role model for the child, so as to reduce the opportunity to be provoked by the child. Discuss with the child what he wants, give the child the right to choose alone, and communicate the plan to solve the problem.

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