The child's "golden sleep time period" in the morning, wake the child prematurely, 5 cm tall or less long or less

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The child's "golden sleep time period" in the morning, wake the child prematurely, 5 cm tall or less long or less

2022-05-15 12:10:40 21 ℃

The height of the children is like children's grades. It is a topic that often uses parents and other adults to discuss. And because height is an external characteristic, a person who knows it at a glance that it is easy to have contrast and more easily discussed. Height will not only affect the personal image, but also affect the child's mate selection in the future, and even affect the career selection, so it has to make people pay attention to it.

Many people know that children are the growth and development of their bodies in their adolescence, and their height will increase faster during this period, so they know that children are growing at this stage, so as to give children a variety of nutrients.

But in addition to nutrition, there is a key point that is often ignored by people, and does not receive enough attention from parents. That is sleep.

The son of a friend's house is currently in the fifth grade of elementary school. The friends and her husband are not short, but their son's height is shorter than his peers. Then they are not less nutritious to give their children, and they do not cause malnutrition.

This happened in the past two years. They just felt that it might be slow and developed slowly, so they didn't pay special attention. By this year they were anxious and took their children to see a doctor. After a comprehensive diagnosis, the doctor concluded that the child's height is likely to be caused by low sleep quality.

It turned out that in order to exercise the children's willpower, friends wake up their sons almost every morning from 6 to 6:30, and then either the family goes outdoors to exercise outdoors or perform skills indoors. And this habit of getting too early, affecting the height of the child's height.

Height is affected by the growth hormone in the body, and the growth hormone is mainly secreted at night. The more growth hormones are secreted, the more helpful the child's growth and development. People of different ages need different sleep time, indicating that the secretion time and quantity of growing hormones in different ages are different.

Generally, during the two periods of time, the growth hormone in the human body is the most secreted. These two periods of time are from 9 pm to 1 am, and from 5 am to 7 am. Friends and children get up at 6 o'clock, which affects the secretion of growth hormones and has become the main reason for affecting the height of the child.

Usually people need to enter the state of deep sleep half an hour to 1 hour after falling asleep. Therefore, parents must remember not to wake their children before 7 o'clock, so that they can get enough sleep, and go to bed early at the same time to ensure that the growth hormones are fully secreted.

How to stimulate the secretion of growth hormones? These methods are proven to be effective

The first is to ensure sufficient nutritional supplement. Calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins, etc. must be fully supplemented to achieve nutritional balance. Vegetables, fruits, protein, meat, and grain grains must be adjusted to a certain amount of harmony, alternately, and cannot pick eaters. These nutrients are a necessary prerequisite for maintaining growth hormones normally. In particular, zinc and calcium supplementation is a top priority for the secretion of growth hormones. Calcium is conducive to the development of human bones, and zinc helps the body's absorption of calcium.

But it does not mean that the more these nutrients are supplemented, the better. On the contrary, too much may be counterproductive and have bad effects. This involves the second point: maintaining appropriate hunger.

Keeping proper hunger is not to keep children always in a state of hunger. There are three key points: 7 points, hunger before meals, reduced or avoid snacks.

7 points is to not let the child eat the stomach support every meal. Too much intake will affect the body's absorption of nutrition.

Before the meal, hunger is before the meal, and you can feel a little hungry. For example, the school's lunch starts at 12 o'clock, so it is very suitable for children to have a sense of hunger between 11 and 12 o'clock. It can increase appetite to keep the three meals normal and avoid the occurrence of anorexia. The snacks are usually carried out outside the three meals. Excessive intake can easily affect the appetite of the meal, which is not good for the secretion of growth hormones.

Another point is exercise. Exercise can maintain human health and promote growth and development. The promotion effect of exercise for growth hormone secretion is very obvious. Because exercise can stimulate the needs of various nutrients in the body, and it can also promote the absorption of them to them.

Special recommendation is ball movement. Because most of the ball movements, its movement effect is obvious, which can almost move every part of the body, so that all parts can be fully exercised. This is conducive to the growth hormone secreted by the body to reach each part, so that it can develop better.

And if you like to run or have the habit of running, you can try to run tiptoe. Because there are many acupoints under people's feet, which can help increase the secretion of growth hormone by stimulating them.