The child's most hate parental behavior is not to fight, not scolding, but ...

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The child's most hate parental behavior is not to fight, not scolding, but ...

2022-05-15 18:10:57 27 ℃

Source | Xu Slow Psychological Talk (ID: xumanman-kjxl)

Write in front:

Hello everyone, I am the mother of Bean La.

A considerable part of the readers who follow me are already parents.

In the process of raising children, I often talk to me the same distress:

Today, I want to share a period of experience of Xiaoling Xiaoling.

It took me two years to solve the communication difficulties of parent -child relationships.

In this process, she also harvested something more precious than "how to communicate with children."

Let's take a look at her story 的

The last words:

I have been in many comics before, encouraging everyone in parent -child relationships: less reasoning and feeling emotions.

But many readers leave me a message feedback:

"I know, but I can't do it."

Later, I talked to Teacher Wu Zhihong about this topic, and he mentioned the difference between the connection between "mind" and "soul" in the relationship.

When we are habitually treating children with "mind", and talking about a lot of truths and doing a lot of analysis,

This is actually reminding that we have a lack of inside--

That is, many things at our minds have not been properly taken care of in the process of growing up.

They are calling you to listen to it, soothe and take care of.

In fact, today's topic is not only for parent -child relationships, but also applicable in other interpersonal relationships.

If you are a person who likes to make sense in the relationship, then you may wish to take this opportunity to perceive yourself.

In the end, Xiaoling sent me a WeChat a while ago and shared her experience:

"I feel that in the process of letting go of the truth and learning to feel emotion with my mind,

It's like standing in the ruins and rebuilt yourself a little. "

I think this is a great harvest.

.. Xu slowly, the psychological counselor of "seeing the psychology" is beautiful and diligent. Use comic ➕ psychological knowledge to smooth your anxiety, and search for "Xu Slow Psychological Talk" on WeChat. Original title: How to destroy a parent -child relationship? Reasonable, keep talking.

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