Children have a blood test after 24 hours of fever?

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Children have a blood test after 24 hours of fever?

2022-05-16 00:06:12 21 ℃

#Children are sick when they are sick. What should I do, when to go to the hospital?#Talk about my experience and experience, I generally don’t go to the hospital immediately

I remember that my son was very young, and once he had a high fever to 40 degrees. He was very anxious. He went to the hospital for emergency treatment overnight (19 years, the baby is about one year old, and there is no epidemic at that time). And it must be registered after 9:30. Before that, the ordinary number was hung, so hurriedly line up to hang the ordinary number. As a result, the number was registered, and the time was 9:30. See ... I was particularly angry at the time, but I was helpless. In addition to waiting for the consultation, I spent more than two hours before and after. Fortunately, I took the thermometer at any time before going out. It was 38 degrees.

After going to the emergency treatment, the baby couldn't go through the toss, fell asleep, and fell asleep quietly ...

After seeing the doctor, when did the doctor ask when to have a fever? How much is the peak? How is the state? I answered one by one, fever three hours ago, up to 40 degrees, the state is okay, and occasionally crying, maybe it is the reason at night, sleepy. Then the point came at this time. The doctor said, "Let's take care of at home next time at home. After 24 hours, I will also come to the hospital for blood testing. Now I have a fever for a while. Give us alone ...

Later, I encountered several baby fever, combined with my own various information found on the Internet, and several visits of the consultation, I got the following experience:

1. Baby burning, prepare the thermometer at home, measure each time to understand the changes in the body temperature of the child. If it exceeds 38.5 in three consecutive times, you can consider the feeding of Blankfoffen.

2. Drink plenty of water to urinate and observe the state of children. If the spirit is acceptable, can eat, drink, sleep, and not change much, you can rest at home. If necessary, wipe the baby's forehead and cheeks when necessary. Comfortable;

3. If the fever is still not retreating for nearly a day, it cannot guarantee whether it is a normal infant emergency department (the symptoms of the emergency response of infants and young children are obvious. Many credible experiences and explanations on the Internet can be evaluated whether their children are similar.) If you are worried, if you are worried,) At this time, you can register a number in advance and take a baby to the hospital to see a blood test (before the doctor said that the blood test result after 24 hours of fever can accurately determine whether the cause of fever is virus infection or bacterial infection);

4. If the baby will fever, insist on measuring the body temperature for a few days (fixed in the morning, middle and night every day) to prevent repeated fever. It is said that repeated fever and low fever, and it must attract attention.

5. Light diet, drink plenty of water, and eat easy to digest food.

For the time being, I thought these are the baby's response to the kindergarten. Now the baby is going to kindergarten, and it is even more troublesome to go to the hospital during the epidemic. fever clinics.

Our baby had a fever on the evening of May 7 last week. After nursing one night, the fever was the next day. I usually checked the baby's mouth. It happened that there was a white dot in the pharynx, so I did not delay. The hospital had a popular rolling clinic because I suspected whether it was herpes pharyilitis. This disease was highly contagious and must have diagnosis. The virus infection is combined with bacterial infection, and the antibiotics are prescribed ... The drama is not known to be allergic to medication or burning the rash, and the baby starts to start with a lot of rashes ... the next day, I went to the hospital to send a popular roller clinic again the next day. (Poster to see the kidney within three days, and then refer it to the doctor.) The doctor said that changing an antibiotic, adding anti -allergic medicines ...

Later, I changed the medicine for two days and hadn't retired. I carefully looked at one of the Chinese medicines.

Later, I really retired ... Then I started to doubt whether the herpesharyngeal eczenitis was true? After all, the baby doesn't say much about sore throat ... well, no matter what, pay more attention, continue to stay at home, go to the community hospital on the 23rd, and then go back to kindergarten ...

After writing so much, I do n’t know if it ’s good, right? It can only be said that it is your own experience and experience. , Can be guided, such as swallowing water, will it hurt? If there is something wrong, you must go to the hospital immediately.