How to make her husband addicted to bringing a baby and not to extricate themselves?There is only one secret

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How to make her husband addicted to bringing a baby and not to extricate themselves?There is only one secret

2022-05-16 12:11:02 22 ℃

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Recently, a married man with a video of a baby.

Many mothers watched his video directly: It turned out that only my husband was the most useless maternal and child supplies, and the baby's little capable was someone else's family.

The protagonist in the video called @视 ,, and the reason for the initial attention was the two photos he showed.

In the first one, he was dressed exquisitely, holding a wax, like a male lead in the idol drama.

Picture source: Xiaohongshu [email protected]淦淦 淦淦

In the second one, his face was yellow, his eyes were godless, as if breathing was strenuous.

After looking at his arms, he was so cute, full of vitality, and stars with stars in his eyes, everything was self -evident.

In order to record the process of this change, he filmed the daily life of his own baby, without the help of the elders, no filter beautification, and completely immersed band baby, which was so scary.

As soon as I fell asleep at night, the child was awake. When the dad was tired, the baby was shaking ...

Looking at the children playing under the night light in the middle of the night, he couldn't say it.

Eating and letting the wind are in turns, and you can change his wife to eat with two sips.

Even the toilet in many squats is extravagant.

After being tossed by the child all morning, I wanted to squint for a while.

Helpless children are energetic. Dad is a toy, not only the sound wave attack with high decibels, but also uses hands and feet.

I wanted to enjoy the parent -child time of "Father Ci Zixiao", and the baby immediately "rolled up" the next second.

I vomit when I play and play, and I can only help clean up the battlefield.

Interacting with the child, the toys and early education cards on the table last second, the next second arrived on the ground, and such a one -time picking action, repeated many times a day ...

The two major problems of feeding and sleeping can make people rise in minutes.

You think the quiet child is going to sleep, who knows that people just want to be full.

You think you can sleep for two hours when you have a long time to sleep. As a result, the baby wakes up.

Do you think you feed your food and eat a bite. Who knows half of your mouth and half of your face on the table ...

After having a child, the skills of bringing the baby have improved quickly ...

Playing with one hand, holding a baby with one hand, one -handed milk powder ...

After finally getting a time to give the child to the elders, I want to enjoy the time of the two, turn on the exquisite makeup, eat, go shopping, and watch movies like a loved couple ...

You can walk on the road to see the children of someone else's house. The next second retreats to the movie ticket, and goes home to kiss the child's soft face.

The daily life of the baby is true in every family, and only a small part of the shooting is.

After watching his video, he said in his private message: My wife watched your video and said he didn't want to have a baby.

There is only one suggestion: you can learn me.

Yes, in the matter of bringing baby, the male compatriots can really mess with @淦淦.

The child woke up and took the initiative to change the diapers and put on clothes. He woke up at night and took the initiative to coax. When his wife saw the child, he took the time to wash the bowl.

On the way to bring a baby, as long as the father is interested, he is willing to learn and want to do it. Dad with the baby is fake. The husband is the most useless maternal and infant supplies, and they can also be a baby with a baby.

As long as the father does not miss the position, he can do his best, and the mother will not lose himself on the road to bringing a baby. They can also go out to work, fitness, shopping, and return to that happy and confident little fairy.

A qualified father is the biggest help on the road to bring!

There are mothers spit on major social platforms: husband is one of the most useless maternal and infant supplies.

But in fact, a qualified dad is really not the most useless mother -to -child "supplies". They can be very warm or very capable.

Yuan Hong, who was a father, would get up at 6 am to make breakfast for his wife and children. The child cried immediately.

Picture source: variety show "Man who is a housework"

Pack the room, take the courier, and clean the baby supplies.

There is a fan mother in pregnancy. Her husband is really a textbook -style care person, whether it is a maternal or baby.

From pregnancy to confinement, all small transactions include the company, the husband is busy, and the confinement meal is also made by her husband.

The baby is a bit uncomfortable. He consults various homework solutions, stocks for your baby, buy clothes and buy clothes, and buy it very well.

Mom can sit comfortably after confusion, really depend on his dad.

There are many, many qualified teammates in such a full division, and have received a lot of heart -warming messages:

"Every time I take a bath for my child, I washed me to help me, and the children's meals are also cooperated with us. We two love to sleep. The child wakes up early. I went to cook for me and I finished eating. He went to make up for it. I played with the child. After he woke up, he went to brush the bowl, and then he played with the child together. "

"During the confinement, the diapers were changed. He changed the child to the whole night. If you put the child, I will not care about it. After the child eats it, he puts the child back into the baby car. He still taught me how to wear diapers for my child. The child was bigger and I took it by myself. The child was washed several sets of clothes a day. "

A hearty dad is really the most powerful assistant on the road!

A carelessly learned by carefully can also be a baby with a baby! Taking care of the baby's growth, there will be new challenges every day.

On this road, dad must not be absent. Only by your parents and mother cooperation can you hand over a perfect answer.

In terms of taking care of the baby, there are really many things that Dad can do and what they have to do. When the baby is crying, soothe the baby, take care of the baby when the mother is tired ... It can also be a baby with a baby.

And Dad really has a lot of benefits to bring a baby.

The biggest advantage is that it can make the mother have enough time to take a good rest. It takes time to take a break.

And for the baby, the company's company will make the baby's personality more brave and independent, and more secure. Yale University in the United States has carried out a 12 -year research result. Children with high IQ, smart, energetic, good intercourse, and good academic performance.

At the same time, the more my father takes the child, the better the parent -child relationship. Take a bath with the child, coax the child to sleep, play with the children, and talk to the children ... More closer.

But taking care of the baby is really a technical work, a small one, any needs are solved by crying, and eating and drinking Lazar, they need to meet the baby's needs.

Although the dad mentioned above, although he is a little talented with a baby, he has made quite a lot of effort, but as long as he is attentive, he will definitely do it.

So how do you make your husband a baby with a baby?

In terms of taking care of the baby, every step is very particular about it. This knowledge will call her husband to learn. A husband who can bring a baby will really be much easier.

Dad must learn skills -Baby crying

Not every time I cry, they are hungry, and different crying represents different needs of the baby.

1. The baby is hungry -the cry is short, the sound is not high, but the time is high and low.

The hungry baby may start to cry softly and slowly, the crying will become louder, louder and more rhythmic.

Correct response: Give your baby in time, unless you have just fed your baby, and you can be sure that your baby is not hungry.

2. The baby is angry -crying will be much fierce.

The critical and angry crying suddenly starts and stops suddenly, or it may be up and down from the volume. If you ignore it, the crying may increase the volume.

Correct response: To soothe him without hesitation, crying may mean that the baby is uncomfortable, or it may just mean that the baby wants to be held and responds to the baby in time.

3. The baby hurts -crying is a sudden crying, long and tall crying.

The painful baby may suddenly cry. This crying may be sharp and harsh. Each cry is loud, short, and harsh. If you hear the painful crying, immediately respond.

Correct response: Looking for discomfort or grasping fingers on the diapers, see if there are hair entangled in the baby, and find the signs of colic. If the baby's abdomen is hard or the back is arched, it may be flatulence. Go to see a doctor.

4. Identify the abnormal crying -seeking medical treatment.

Some crying may tell you that there are serious problems in some places. An abnormal crying may be very high, and the normal crying of Gundam babies may also be an abnormally low -key and high or low crying cry. The sound may indicate a serious disease. If the baby crys in a strange way you sound, call to the doctor.

These situations must be valued:

① If the baby is dropped or hit, and the cry is not normal, go to the doctor right away.

② If the baby is crying abnormally, less activities or eating less than normal, she needs to see a doctor.

③ If you notice unusual or fast or heavy breathing, or your baby usually does not do actions, please call your doctor.

④ If your child's face is blue, especially the mouth is blue, please call an ambulance.

Tips for dads: If the baby is crying, you can check and care according to this priority:

Priority TOP1: Check whether the diaper is soaked.

Priority TOP2: Check whether the baby is hungry.

Priority TOP3: If it is a sharp cry, check if there is a sharp thing to the baby, or the hair/line wraps the baby's nails and toes.

Priority TOP4: If it is not, the baby may be in a bad mood. Use these skills later to coax the baby to be happy.

Priority TOP5: If you can't coax your baby, you can measure your temperature immediately, and see if you have exceeded 38 ° C. If there is still no way, consider medical treatment.

Dad must learn skills -daily care articles

Learn to these skills, every dad can be a little expert in a baby,

1. Learn to pick up your baby: ① Use your left hand to lift the baby's head and neck with your left hand, so that the baby's head and the bed will produce gaps; ; ③ Finally, hold your baby's hip with your left hand, you can hold it safely.

2. Put your baby: ① Put your baby on the bed with both hands and move your hips to open the hip; ②. The hand of the baby's hips was held to assist the other hand and gently put down the baby's neck.

3. Passion for your baby: Adults are lying on a lounge chair, and the body and the ground are about 45 degrees. After the child eats milk, he lay on his head on his head higher than his shoulders to avoid suffocation. Adults can pat the back of the baby lightly, even if they do not touch, children will snoring in a few minutes. This method should be simple and safe. 4. Take a bath for your baby: ① It is advisable to water temperature at 37.8 ° C ~ 40.6 ° C. Put cold water before heating water. ② Take off the baby's clothes, wrap it on the thigh with a large towel, and hold your baby's head and waist with your hand. ③ Win the water with a clean towel and wash the baby's face. ④ When you wash your baby's hair, wipe your head gently from the front to the back with the rotation. ⑤ After launching, pay attention to cleaning the baby's skin wrinkles. Use a bath once a week. ⑥ After taking a shower, put your baby on the towel as soon as possible. When wiping your body, you should pay attention to whether the wrinkles are dry.

5. Umbilical cord care: After bathing, dry the water around the umbilical cord after bathing, and use iodine to disinfect the umbilical cord; do not cover the diaper on the umbilical cord, change the diapers frequently to prevent the urine from contaminated the umbilical cord. Cleaning the neonatal umbilical cord daily is not limited to the surface, it should be cleaned to the root of the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord will fall off in about two weeks. After falling off, keep cleaning for a few days.

6. Change the diapers: After pulling each time, wipe it from top to bottom with a wet paper towel, and then wash it with warm water. Women's Bao must not stick to the place in front of it, then wash the PP with water, dry it with gauze after washing, and keep the PP dry after drying it.

7. Baby sleep: When you turn on the lights at night, sleep and reduce your child's immunity. Do not make curtains during the day and stomach; long light lights are turned on at night. The baby should turn over the baby in time, just finish the right side of the milk, and after half an hour, the left side is left. Sleeping on the side is a safe position for babies in confinement!

Dad must learn skills -baby feed articles

If the mother is breastfeeding, what Dad has to do is to give the mother enough support.

Dad's support and encouragement can make mothers' breastfeeding more smoothly.

When breastfeeding, give her a glass of fresh water and prepare her suitable breastfeeding breasts.

Hold the baby over the night milk and put the baby back to the crib after the feeding.

If you have to adjust the formula milk because of special reasons or weaning, you must learn the steps of correcting milk powder.

Dad, the steps of adjusting milk powder, be sure to remember this:

① During milk, wash your hands, two flush water, and three rinse milk.

② Do not put the rushing milk often for more than 2 hours, the refrigerator should not be placed for more than 24 hours, and it cannot be boiled again.

③ When the 2 months old or weighing 5.4 kg, most babies do not need night milk.

④ 0 ~ 6 years old, drinking milk within 24 hours cannot exceed 960 ml.

⑤ Each feeding 60 ~ 90 ml (about 3 ~ 5 minutes) is snoring once.

⑥ In the age of 1, choose the formula milk of the iron (4 ~ 12 mg of iron per public milk).

⑦ Do not eat milk within the age of 1.

In the age of 2, do not eat any low -fat milk.

宝宝 Do not drink fruit juice before the age of 1. Babies from 1 to 6 years old do not exceed 120 ~ 180 ml of juice a day, and the concentration of fruit juice should be half the capacity of the juice and half of the water.

Focus on the steps of punching milk:

① Wash your hands thoroughly.

② Boil the tap water and cool for about half an hour. The water temperature is between 40 and 70 ° C.

③ According to the formula of the formula, pour the appropriate amount of water in the baby bottle. ③ Take milk powder, do not compact milk powder, and scrape the milk powder on the spoon.

④ Add an appropriate amount of milk powder to the bottle.

⑤ Tighten the pacifier, cover the bottle cap, hold the middle of the upper part of the bottle, shake the bottom of the bottle along the same direction, and shake the milk.

⑥ Before feeding the baby, drop a drop on the wrist, and it is advisable to be close to body temperature.

After feeding, you must clean and disinfect the bottle in time. This dad must learn:

① Cleaning: After drinking the milk, wash the bottle and pacifier with warm water immediately and dry it.

② Disinfection: It can be boiled in the water for 5 ~ 10 minutes, but pay attention not to touch the pot wall of the bottle pacifier.

Or put the towel on the large pan, put the pacifier in the pot in the pot, and put the bottle flat to let the water completely enter the bottle. Cover the pot, heat and boil for 10 minutes, then cool and dry. You can also buy a disinfection pot for time -saving and effort.

Tip: Before giving your baby milk, make sure the bottle, pacifier and other utensils are clean.

The last thing to say is that dads need to know that in raising children, your companionship and participation are the courage to defeat the feathers in the life of the baby!

I hope that dads are great partners and little experts for mothers!

Picture source: Xiaohongshu @小 duck