Who is the handle in the baby goat milk powder and which baby sheep milk powder is trustworthy?

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Who is the handle in the baby goat milk powder and which baby sheep milk powder is trustworthy?

2022-05-16 12:11:35 25 ℃

Domestic dairy companies represented by Feihe, Junlebao, and Yili have deployed sheep milk powder, and foreign milk powder brands are not outdone. It is the old brand of sheep milk brand Michagen, and Mei Sujiaer also launched a new cross -border goat milk powder.

Nowadays, the promotion of baby sheep milk powder on the market is gradually increasing. This has led to a small number of parents who want to choose baby sheep milk powder. What brand of baby sheep milk powder is trustworthy? Let's take a look with milk powder today.

Jiabei Ete Kabrita goat milk powder

Jiabeite is a professional goat milk powder brand owned by Hepnuokai Group. It has 121 years of production and development experience in sheep milk. Its products spread throughout 66 countries and regions in the world.

The source of Jiabei's milk powder milk is derived from the Netherlands and is one of the world's golden milk sources.

Karicare goat milk powder in Kerean, Australia

Ke Ruikang Milk Milk Powder is afraid that no one knows it. Karicare is the first goat milk powder brand in Australia and New Zealand. It is also the only goat milk powder brand. It has more than 100 years of brand history. It can be called the global goat milk noodle origin brand.

The source of the cream milk powder of the custard of the cream is from the pure New Zealand. The milk flavor is strong and has no fishy smell, which is very favored by domestic mothers.

Australian Bubs BUBS Baby Formula Goat Milk Powder

BUBS is a high -end infant food brand in Australia. The company was founded in 2005. It focuses on high -end goat milk powder, all natural add organic rice noodles and organic fruit mud supplementary food products. Essence

About this milk powder, I saw a lot of my mother recently consulted. For reference to the price of the Australian direct mail on the International Mommy APP, a can is about 200.

Golden collar crown leisure lamb

Established in 1993, Yili Group was one of the largest domestic brands from Inner Mongolia. It is one of the largest domestic dairy companies with the largest domestic and product category. Data show that Illi started the research and development of infant food in 2003. The Golden Crown is the infant milk powder brand of Yili companies.

Youzi lamb milk powder milk sources are high -quality, but the raw materials use "milk powder" in China to prepare and produce. The formula has no achievements. The basic formula and the enhanced formula are almost the same as that of most domestic milk powder brands. One OPO.

Blue River Milk Milk Powder

Blue River was founded in New Zealand in 2003. It is an enterprise that integrates the global goat milk industry chain, production, research and development, and sales of sheep milk raw materials, infant formula milk powder and other nutritional products.

It has cotton milk, goat milk, milk -made infant formula milk powder, as well as children, mothers, ladies and middle -aged cotton milk powder. There are currently 4 factorys in New Zealand and Italy.

Heng Yuan Ke Bisi

Grandma Bisiya is from Australia. The raw materials include lactose, skimmed milk powder (source sheep milk), and concentrated milk protein powder. The freshness is average.

In terms of nutritional formula, the characteristic enhanced formula of the Hebosiya Milk Powder added an OPO structure fat and probe yuan combination, which has a positive effect on the digestion and absorption of the baby's intestinal tract.

However, it should be noted that the Symnarian Yuan Ke Beis Sheep milk powder A vitamin A is unqualified and fined more than 480,000 yuan.


Founded in 1962, Feihe is one of the representative dairy companies in China. It has a history of 59 years of development. Feihe has also participated in this subdivision track. Miao Ke, Jiaai 3 goat milk powder.

French accompanying Baole Organic Goat Milk Powder

"Baole" BABYBIO (Babynat) is a high -end organic baby dairy product and organic food supplementary food brand of VitagerMine, France's VitagerMine. It is the first organic infant food brand in France. It is an organic and long history organic. Food leaders are keen to convey the organic concepts of infants worldwide and promote organic with organic from infancy.

Australian Yingrui OLI6 Baby Goat Milk Powder

In 2013, the OLI6 infant formula sheep milk powder brand was founded. Based on the outlook for the market for high -end goat milk health foods, it directly responded to development with Australian mothers to help their children grow and develop as much as possible.

Basic formulas can meet the normal growth and development of the baby. In the six conventional enhanced formulas, OLI6 Yingrui goat milk powder is added less. Only choline and taurine are added in the first and second paragraphs. The characteristic enhanced formula also adds only the pre -yield combination.