The clothes you wear to your child determine the child’s future life, but unfortunately many parents have not noticed

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The clothes you wear to your child determine the child’s future life, but unfortunately many parents have not noticed

2022-05-16 12:11:20 25 ℃

As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and saddles. Although we do not advocate that children are too popular in clothing, we cannot let the children be stunned in terms of clothes, because children's clothes may have a great impact on children's thinking and personality.

Duoduo and malt are neighbors. The two children have the same kindergarten, but the emotions of the two children after returning home every day are completely different.

After returning home every day, it seems that it happened again in kindergarten.

However, the malt is different. After the malt returns home every day, it is always a low emotion. This makes the malt's parents very confusing and asking what the malt is happening. Malt does not say.

Therefore, malt's parents asked a lot, and Duoduo said that the reason why the malt was unhappy is because many children are called malt "king", often laughing at malt's dress, and almost no children are willing to become friends with malt as friends This will make malt very unhappy every day.

It turns out that malt's parents are not very concerned about the dress of malt. They often find some clothes to put on their children to put them on the kindergarten, whether the clothes are old, broken, dirty, dirty, bad, bad or not Rotten, and such costumes will naturally be ridiculed by other children.

Compared with malt, a lot of much better, because a lot of mothers are very particular about Duoduo's clothes. Although not a famous brand, they are clean and tidy every time they wear clothes. Very nourishing, like to get close to it.

The clothes you wear to your child determine the child’s future life, don’t believe it

Children's clothes will directly affect the child's communication

The experience of malt completely interprets the impact of dress on communication. If the child's dresses are stingy, it will be difficult to get affirmation of other children, and communication will naturally be affected.

And children have such a performance because of the mixing effect, people always like beautiful things, and combine beautiful things with a variety of advantages.

For some unpleasant things, such as sloppy clothes, it will be more exclusive and combine unsightly things with some shortcomings.

For example, when children see malt clothes, they will think that malt products are not ascendant, poor habits, etc., so as to refuse to make friends with malt

Children's clothes will affect the child's opportunity

The kindergarten holds a ceremony to raise the national flag every week. Each class recommends the flag -raising bearer. However, when it is a lot of and malt class, no one mentioned malt at all, and everyone is expected to report a lot of clothes. Therefore, a lot of it has become a flag -raising one for granted, and malt lost this opportunity.

Opportunities often appear frequently in children's lives, and the problem of children's clothing is also the key to affecting whether the child can seize the opportunity.

In terms of some opportunities, it is obvious that the clean -dressed children will make people feel good, and children with sloppy clothing must be uneasy, so opportunities will often be left to those who are prepared.

Children's clothes will affect the child's self -confidence

Malt is always emotionally low in the class. I always feel that I am not as good as others, and I always feel low.

After all, everyone has friends and friends, but no one cares about themselves. They must be worse than others, and they are not a little bit worse.

And this kind of emotion and self -cognition is actually the impact of clothing on children, which leads to the loss of confidence in the child and a wrong understanding of themselves.

Children's clothes will affect the child's concept

The child did not form the correct concept when he was a child, that is, the child was actually not perfect and the aesthetics.

If parents often let their children wear sloppy, then children may think that this kind of dressing is correct, and the child will think that this dressing effect is the best, which will cause wrong aesthetics and rights.

This has a great impact on children. In future life and study, children will be hindered by more growth.

A roommate in the university was like this before. When I came to the bedroom, I was very different, so it was not easy to be accepted by roommates.

It wasn't until later that he knew that the "beauty" he had always thought was "ugly" in the eyes of others, and he understood that his aesthetics was wrong when he was a child.

Therefore, it is very important to put on clothes correctly.

Put your children in clothes, pay attention to these points

No need to pursue brand names

Some people say that since people rely on clothes, then buy some brand -name clothes for children, isn't this better?

In fact, the quality of the clothes is not whether it is a brand, but the attitude towards clothes. Even if it is a brand, if you do n’t fit well, you will be dirty, it will also give people a bad impression.

In addition, brand -name clothing may also cause another problem with children to compare ideas. Although children can fight for a strong victory, they must not be blindly compared. This will only cause the child to fall into chaotic thinking and cannot judge what valuable things are, which will cause the child's values ​​to occur.

Be sure to be generous, clean and tidy

Duoduo is very welcomed by children in kindergarten, either because of anything else, because Duoduo's clothes are very suitable.

Duoduo's clothes are not only very fit, but also seem to be generous. At the same timeA pleasing feeling.Therefore, when wearing clothes for children, it is the focus of being generous, clean and tidy, and not expensive.


The child's clothes problem is not directly related to the "Appearance Association", so parents should not feel that paying attention to the child's clothing is "superficial". If you can't even do this "superficial" behavior, let's talk about why "deep" education educationWoolen cloth?