Dad to accompany reading more is more beneficial to the growth of children

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Dad to accompany reading more is more beneficial to the growth of children

2022-06-22 00:17:02 13 ℃

Dad to accompany the children more is more beneficial to grow up

Parent -child reading concept has been accepted by most parents. In many families, before going to bed, it has become a habit to read a picture book and a story.

But do you know? A research result released by Harvard University shows that when parent -child reading, my father is better to read with his children than mothers.

Harvard scholars did such a study: They invited parents of children under 2 years of age to participate in parent -child reading activities. After a year, scientists discovered that men's help as readers as books are greater than careful women. In the process of reading, men are more likely to cause divergent thinking and more imaginative discussions, so it is more helpful for children, especially girls' language development.

According to this result, Western scholars have called on their father to integrate more in the actions of reading for their children. Xiaobian selected 10 warm heart picture books, dads read it with their children!

1. "My Dad"

From a unique perspective and way, "My Dad" truly shakes his mind to the child's love and worship of his father. Through the simple and simple language and carefully designed row sentences, a child's tone and vision are used to describe a strong and gentle father. Same. This is a picture book about father's character identity, making the child closer to his father, and more agreed with his father.

2. "Dad and Me"

"Dad and Me" is an imaginative picture book. The author tells a romantic adventure with a simple three -pen painting. The picture is very simple. Only the simple outline of the bear and the big bear, does not explain the background, and leaves a lot of white, leaving readers a larger imagination space.

The story is that Dad brings a ladder with a bear with a bear, and then travels to the moon together. It is full of stars, warm and romantic. The story was full of legend. When Dad was talking, he could make up for the blank and add a little bit of life to the child. Is the bizarre imagination that has the breath of life, will it attract children more?

3. "Kiss for Dad"

Is there a warmer and intelligent parent -child story in the world? In the story, the bear's father, he has a fingering for his child's psychology, personality, and tendency, so he can guide the child's care, encouragement and guidance in the seemingly game and the game of seeking the situation. Those who run through the whole story are the warm parent -child love. The sweet kiss dedicated to Dad, and the big hug, is the best return to this warm, selfless licking of the calf.

There is no doubt that this story will also tell all dads: how we should be a good father.

4. "Sometimes I especially like Dad"

With a child's tone, this book tells the reason for "sometimes I like my dad the most", depicting many kind and interesting daily life movies. Children will find that Dad brings them more than just warmth and security, but also a little risky and troublesome opportunities; from Dad, they get a sense of humor and the courage to grow!

5. "Dad takes me to see the universe"

Looking at the universe with my son, I actually just take a look with my son to a familiar place to let the children see a real world. There are beautiful and not good in life. Flowers and stars.

Although the time is short, the time for children can make the child feel the love of his father. It is not important to see what. I believe that even if there is such an experience, children will remember for a long time.

6. "Dad, I want the Moon"

The eternal topic of fatherly love was used by Eric Carl for a long and unsatisfactory ladder. long! One end of the ladder is on the ground, with the ardent expectations of Jasmine, the other end of the ladder is on the moon, with his father's endless love for the little jasmine!

This is a story about love and dreams. A variety of folding changes that are opened up and down make children surprise the ingenious creativity of the space extension. From the storyline, children can not only understand the concepts and adjectives such as length, shortness, height, size, etc., but also observe the natural phenomenon of the moony clouds.

7. "Dad Go to work"

Seeing that Dad will go to work, what will happen along the way? A strange child launched an unlimited imagination of Dad's work journey -walking from the cloud, passing from the bottom of the water, crossing from the high -rise buildings, even the aliens are a good friend of his father ... Dad will go through many magical In the place, there are superman -like dads showing the tenderness of the pulse, adopting a string of candy, and folding a flower. These will be a surprise and tenderness after returning home. After finishing the book, you can take your child to experience a magical "work". Parents should let the child know that life is not easy while giving the child a happy life.

8. "The dark blue bird is my father"

Did you see the bird flying up and down? He was leading all the birds to show flying. But do you know? In fact, it was my dad. He just taught me how to solve a mathematical problem: there were 20 birds on the tree, 5 flying away for the first time, and 4 flying away for the second time. You know the tree on the tree How many birds are there? Although Dad has already flew many times, I haven't understood it yet, but Dad will fly until I can count it clearly. In fact, Dad's patience and investment can be said to be beyond imagination. Parents always leave the best patience, the sweetest smile to their children.

9. "Reading with Dad"

This book takes reading as the main axis. It starts with my father when I was recalled when I was a child, and talked about the reading journey of my father and daughter's life. When living with my loved ones, when I live with myself, I live with imagination. Because of the existence of the book, I can achieve such a good time and have a good memory of my life.

10. "Walk with Dad"

This is the story of a father and son walk. Each walk in the book is a metaphor for the different stages of the relationship between father and son in life. Every time, the mother watched them in the distance: the father took a walk with the child at first; the son was big and began to refuse to be close to his father. Then, the son took a walk with his father with his own father. The years passed, and the forests that they often walked into the park became the park, and the birds by the tree were replaced by playful children. But the clothes of the father and the son have never changed, which also implies that the family and the child and the mother of the observers will never be worn.

The story and the picture are combined with the narrative, talked about, talk about the journey of growth in growth, and convey the warm father and son affection. The facial style is noble and profound, and the theme of life education is derived from the specific image. Not only suitable for children to read, but also for adults who love life. Take a walk with your father, accompany your parents, and perceive the warmth of family affection.

There are many picture books about Dad, such as: "I Love Dad", "Like Dad", "Dad's Scarf", "Dad's Daddy", "My Trouble", "Reasons for Love Dad", "My Dad is Jiao Ni", " My dad is super powerful ", etc., these warm picture books not only reflect the strong father's love, but also convey some parenting concepts. Even if they are busy, Dad will spend time with the children unconditionally, not just the mother's participation. What a mother can't do, and my father can handle his father wit. In the eyes of children, dad is a superman, a hero and role model in the child's mind!

"Readers get the world." When reading is becoming more and more important, children who do not like to read will not only be very difficult to learn, but also the development of life will be difficult. Children's reading golden period is only six years, and I miss my life. So how to let children fall in love with reading? How can parents use the correct way to guide their children to fall in love with reading? Course such as "Let Child Fall in Love" will benefit you and children.

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