What exactly does education fight?Three -story parents fight for achievements, the quality of the second -class fight, first -class eye -catching

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What exactly does education fight?Three -story parents fight for achievements, the quality of the second -class fight, first -class eye -catching

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Huang Jingjie said: "Education with a big vision instead of raising small vision."

Cultivating children's success is the common wish of all parents, and each parent has a basket of parenting experience. What are you fighting for education? Three -story parents fight for their children's performance, the second -class parents fight for the quality of their children, and first -class parents fight for their children's vision.

Different levels of parents have different parenting concepts formed, but cruelly, the result is the only criterion for testing experience. Whether the childcare concept is good or bad.

Those parents who educate their children with their grades are not ushered in the happy finale of their children into the dragon and phoenix. Most of them are the same as themselves, just ordinary migrant workers.

Those parents who value their children's quality education, their children are relatively active after entering the society and can achieve certain achievements; and those parents who are committed to cultivating their children's vision, their children are often leaders in all walks of life.

That's right, this is an era of "fighting" parents, and it is not only the material economy, but also the parents' thoughts, vision, and pattern.

If the parents have no overall view and just stare at the small results in front of them, the child will inevitably be brought into astringent, so as to miss the opportunity to grow. But the sadness is that people with higher cognition and ideological level in human groups are always a minority.

And because of the current educational environment, so that most of our children should be trapped in the four -square classroom to make boring papers in the age of the most influence and world of the world.

The ten -year -old test life has made the fresh life full of vitality, and it is becoming more deadly. Those inquiry desire for life have long been exhausted by the tedious exam.

In the end, we will find that these children's feelings of all things in the world are very slow, and they are not willing to think and strive for what. We have the mediocrity cultivation of "Einstein" in various fields.

And really excellent parents have never been limited to their children's achievements. They will bring them as much as possible in their children to see, observe the world, and cultivate their vision.

Some parents will feel that their children are so small and they can't understand anything. What need to take to see the world?

In fact, this is just a kind of thought.

Psychology has a concept called "ABSORBENT MIND", which means that a child will unconsciously absorb information from the surrounding environment of life before the age of 6. development.

In other words, what a child has seen in his childhood will affect their lives.

Suddenly I remembered Hemingway's sentence, "If you are fortunate to be in Paris when you are young, then no matter where you go, it will follow you for a lifetime." The impact of the environment on people is beyond our imagination, and unknowingly silently silent Essence

Parents think that the indifferent environment often has a profound impact on their children's destiny, so Men's mother will relocate three times for Mencius.

Parents are the helm of their children. Only when the parents have clear ideas, children may not go to the way. Knowing the general, Ming Dali, not entanglement for small benefits, life will be broad.

For example, in the "Poetry Conference", Wu Yizhen, who is generous and placed in poetry, is behind her excellent parents' heart training for many years. For example, Wu Yizhen's father never watched TV after get off work, but accompanied her daughter to read a book.

After their daughters became famous, they did not use it to get worldwide fame and fortune.

Wu Yizhen's mother once said: "The real education is never the skills of ordering stone into gold and standing into Buddhism, but a process of spring wind and rain."

Forcing children to have good grades, it is better to accompany the child to watch anime. Of course, I feel full of attention. If you get a sense of security within your life, you will naturally explore it. At this time, you do n’t need to pay too much as your parents. Just guide when necessary.

There are no good children in the world, and almost all excellent children are the result of high -quality education, so parents are parents, please do not complain about how your children are. The status quo of the child is made by yourself, don't blame anyone. Of course, there is no inherently competent parents. Before they become parents, no one knows how to be a parent.

Parents who can cultivate excellent children have continued to study hard. When they encounter difficult problems of difficult confusion, they do not give up easily, but do their best to find methods to solve it.

Therefore, parents are a long practice. Education is not just educating children. The most critical part is actually educating parents.

Excellent parents will not just ask for children. They know how to respect the children and look at the problem from the perspective of the child; they have the patience to soothe the child's bad emotions; give the child accurately guidance, no matter at any time, the child is full of security. Essence As a result of this, they often harvest a child with a healthy and strong personality.

So what exactly is education? In fact, all education is essentially self -education. When parents' self -education is successful, the matter of educating their children is just to come.

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