"Mom" is a very challenging job and identity without holidays.

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"Mom" is a very challenging job and identity without holidays.

2022-06-22 12:25:35 11 ℃

The topics of mothers sit together and chat, and they are always inseparable from the details of the children's growth.

There are a lot of tenderness and a lot of bravery in the words "mother". When he heard the child's milk, he called his mother and immediately immersed in happiness. One day's troubles disappeared.

Thanks to this "mother" opportunity to bring me a lot of training and growth. The process of growing up with children is also the process of re -examining and sorting out themselves.

We must have an accounting certificate for accounting, and there must be fire certificates for fire protection. Teachers must have a teacher's certificate. We must hold relevant certificates in all walks of life to take office to take office.

"Mom" is a very challenging job and identity. There is no internship period, no holidays, overtime every day, and online at any time.

It is not easy for these fatigue and hard work, but quietly tell you that the real difficulty of the mother's role is to go all out and practice completely.

Going all out is the instinct of every mother. I want to give my child the best everything. A loving family environment, delicious meals, prepare the child's nutrition, and let the children eat and sleep. More companionship and interact with children. Better educational conditions find a balance between children and free development.

It is not easy to spend a lot of energy to go all out. But the most important task for mothers is to let the children truly separate from the mother's self -reliance. Therefore, my mother has to practice letting go from the beginning.

The child grows up, as a mother, I will take a step back. Mother's love should not be a burden of children's life. Each mother always wants the child to think of herself at any time. It is light and sweet. Mom always tells the child that what I do for you is what I want and pleasant.

Moms remember not to often make people exhausted with "I am all for you, so how should you, how should you".

As a mother, we must believe that I can really be independent in order to make another life independent. First work hard to make your life rich in order to share more life to children.

"Most mothers have the ability to contribute milk. Only a few mothers can contribute honey. A mother must not only be a good mother, but also a pleasant person." Flom said in "The Art of Love".

I want to give you the attitude of my love for life and seriously invest as "honey".

You are a free bird in the future, flying to pursue your own life. Instead of a kite that is always trapped by a line.

God knows what the world you grow up, but as a mother, I know that you have your own courage, have the ability to love, and have the confidence and perseverance for yourself and work hard.

Children do not need to complete the unreparable dream of the parents. You bear your own life goals and blueprints.

Someone asked me, what goals and dreams for children? I answered, I personally know my goals and dreams.

As for the child is an independent individual, he has his life trajectory. As a mother's task, letting children build a rational outlook on life, values, and world outlook. Enough!

Encourage each other to achieve each other

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