Parents letting go is the first step for children to go to success. Brother Zhuang talked about how to let go.

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Parents letting go is the first step for children to go to success. Brother Zhuang talked about how to let go.

2022-06-22 18:12:36 10 ℃

Hello everyone, I am a strong brother! Today, I talked to parents about their children's independence. Psychologist Wu Zhihong said: Parents can give their children the best gifts, that is, love and freedom, not control. Because every time the parents let go, it means the child's growth.

Many things can actually be done independently, but parents have been uneasy. In terms of living habits, when cultivating children's independence, no matter how slow and clumsy the child performs, it also gives children sufficient freedom and time to allow them to complete as independent.

Take the most headache for parents, for example, the children are not serious and grinding. Parents can only strictly adopt education in the form of supervision. The child feels sad and the parents are not easy. So is there any way to let go?

Parents can slowly come and do learning plans with their children. What do you do at this time and how long you can learn to play. With corresponding rewards and punishments, you can improve your child's enthusiasm and initiative.

Accept the child's original appearance and make the child become himself

The principle of "do not do what you want to do". Parents should understand very deeply. Parents should not consider their children as their own accessories. They need to obey their orders at all times. It is an independent individual, and they will have their own opinions and ideas. Give enough respect for their ideas, let the children try it appropriately, and the children can quickly learn to think and arrange their lives carefully.

Let go, the child understands gratitude

Many parents are centered on their children and unilaterally giving their children infinite care and help. They will make children feel that everything is reasonable, and naturally do not know how to gratitude to parents. Therefore, if the parents know how to let go properly, the child will be more grateful. Those who know how to be grateful can gain more happiness and happiness in the future.

Brother Da Zhuang likes a paragraph that Peking University's talented daughter Zhao Jie said: "I admire a kind of parent. They give strong intimacy when their children are young, and they learn to exit when they grow up. The tasks that must be completed in the child. Parents should let the children know that he is both independent and safe at the same time. He must know that if you do n’t do it well, things are messed up, then parents will help him. After a sense of security, he dared to take risks and dared to take responsibility.

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