Grandpa gave the baby "Wu Nai", and a word was made when registering.

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Grandpa gave the baby "Wu Nai", and a word was made when registering.

2022-06-23 01:07:04 10 ℃

Grandpa gave the baby "Wu Nai", and a word was made when registering.

Among the children's name, the blessing of the family is often pinned. I hope that the name can make the child's life smoothly, and don't encounter some gaps. But it is not easy to help children get a good name. Many people can't think of it.

Grandpa gave the baby "incurable", and a word was made when registering.

The post -90s couple are about to usher in their own children. Xiao Wu is very excited about this, and do his best when he takes care of his wife. The same is true of her mother -in -law when she takes care of her daughter -in -law. She hopes that the daughter -in -law can give birth to a big fat boy at home, and also given the name of a boy in advance.

The name was taken by Grandpa, thinking that the child can be called Wu Nai, and the word resistance is very tough. I hope that the child can be indomitable in the future and break the waves. Under the care of her mother -in -law, all the daughter -in -law's body was well -being and eventually gave birth to a boy in the hospital.

The arrival of the boy was overjoyed, and the father -in -law thought that the name he had thought about before finally came in handy. However, when registering the name for the child, the staff lost one word. It should have been Wu Nai, but it was beaten into Wu Nai.

Seeing his own mistakes, the staff hurriedly apologized and wanted to change the name back, but her mother -in -law was unwilling, thinking that Wu Nai was better than the original name, and the name was easier to write, which can reduce the child’s child’s’s’s’s’s. burden.

Seeing this unexpected name, the family was very happy, thinking that it was the blessing of heaven, and insisted on the name of Wu Nai as the child. With this name, children will be able to sail smoothly in the future and have a beautiful future.

What should I pay attention to when naming my child?

感 Don't have too much sense of age

When we give our children a name, don't feel too much, too old. Do not use Chunmei, such as flowers and the like. When the elderly help children write their names, they should also refer to the advice of young people. Because when the child enters the school in the future, he enters a small collective, and the name is likely to become the object of laughter of others. If the child's name is too special, it is easy to stand out.

⒉ Simple and easy to write

This is also what everyone needs to pay attention to. When taking the name for children, we should ensure that the child's name is easy to write. Just like Wu Nai above Wu Nai, it is obviously that the name behind it is easier to write, and it looks more pleasing to the eye. In this way, when the child is in the exam and when the name is copied, he can reduce a lot of pressure for him. So do n’t think too complicated when parents named their children.

⒊The reputation rate is too high

Many parents named their children a little hasty. It is easy to think about how it is easy to get up. It is more popular, but it does not take into account what impact on the child's too high. If the child is named Wang Wei and named Zhang Li, there is no problem, but when the child enters the school, he may encounter the same name. The name of the teacher and the cognition of other classmates have brought great trouble.

⒋ ⒋ 谐 谐

When helping children name, we must also pay attention to whether the homophonic of the name has some bad meanings. As mentioned above, the name is likely to be the object of laughter of others. If the child's name does have a bad homophony, the impact is very great. Ask for the suggestions of relatives and friends to see what kind of thoughts they have for this name, or see that the name has a bad meaning in the name, and modify it in time.

Send a message

The name is an important tool for others to know us. A nice name can leave a wonderful impression. Therefore, parents must be cautious when they are named for their children. There are homophonic names, or it is more troublesome to write, and the name with a high reputation rate is too high, we should not help the children. This can reduce them a lot of trouble.

What do you consider when you name it for your child?