"The World": It is the biggest luck of a child to have a mother like Zheng Juan

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"The World": It is the biggest luck of a child to have a mother like Zheng Juan

2022-06-23 12:41:14 13 ℃

Text | Lily Mom

Recently, I was chasing the TV series "Heart Live". The reason why I wanted to abandon the drama in the previous episodes, but did not give up because the plot of this drama was very dull, and she was hesitant. I still chose to continue chasing.

Gu Qingyu, a company executive, would choose to marry Shi Yuan, a tour guide who was fighting zero.

The tacky foreign sister Feng Xiaoqin turned into a strong woman after her husband died, which was surprising. After all, she had a short look before, and only wanted to take care of her family.

Accidents will be accepted.

The most abused is the Shi Yuan family. The appearance of this family always makes people feel awkward, especially Shi Yuan’s mother makes people feel uncomfortable, but it is also this uncomfortable heart. The pain in the heart of the heart, this kind of bland to the bones is like an invisible cage, not only imprisoned their family's hearts, but also about the hearts of the audience.

Shi Yuan's mother was originally a good family, but because the world was not too flat, she finally fell to the alley that she could only live in, and she also borrowed a huge amount of usury. Shi Yuan not only had to be a tour guide to bring a group, but also part -time translation, the emcee, the emcee, the emcee, the emcee, Fake marriage and other zeros.

Nevertheless, the life of their family is still dense every day.

It stands to reason that Shi Yuan is so diligent, with good foreign language, talented, and handsome looks. The income should not be low. Life is still hopeful and hopeful.

However, this family has never been happy and harmonious, either arguing or noisy, either remembering the past, or lamenting the future. The family happiness is almost zero.

If Shi Yuan's mother can have a positive attitude, can be down -to -earth, face reality, live a wealthy life, and live a poor life. It will be much better.

Some people say that the mother determines the temperature of a family, which is not fake at all.

Zheng Juan in the TV series "The World" is a very energy mother. No matter how poor the days are, she can face it bravely, assume the responsibility of life, and live a loud life. Such a mother will take a one to one Difficulty families lead the sun to the sun.

For the first time, Bingkun left Zheng Juan for a sum of money before he was prison because of a small poem. After he was released from prison, Zheng Juan hadn't moved, and Bing Kun asked him why he didn't spend. She said that he didn't know when he could come back. He never had to go down in the days, so he was careful and didn't move that money.

Before Bingkun's second time she was in prison, in order to help Kun to reduce the crime, she kneeled in front of the other side. Even in court, he exposed his own pain points in public in public, even if he said that he had been raped, he must protect Bingkun Zhouquan.

After Bingkun's imprisonment, she sold sweet potatoes in frozen weather, and sold popsicles in hot weather, and was unwilling to accept others' benefits. She said that she had hands and feet to support the family.

The demolition of the light characters, some people deliberately provoked the trouble, and took the opportunity to insult Bingkun. She slapped it and said to that person that our family would not welcome you, don't come again in the future. She has both neighbors who accept the neighbors and the men who protect her.

A weak woman carried everything by her shoulders.

In my opinion, although Zheng Juan has no money and no culture, her heart is rich enough to give the child the best raising. Therefore, her children are excellent. Outstanding.

Therefore, from a certain perspective, it has nothing to do with money, or the role of money is not the greatest.

Families with good economic conditions can of course be better satisfied in materially, but if there is no control, it will make children feel a sense of superiority. I feel that they can have everything if they do not take the power. Essence

Because everything he gets is not made through his own efforts, but that parents give, it is too easy to get, how can children learn to cherish!

Therefore, families with good economic conditions must pay more attention to the training of children's quality, such as frugality, hard work, and self -restraint, financial management, and survival.

If you do not pay attention to these education, children may not think about it and enjoy them, and even more, they will lose their parents' hard work.

For family economic conditions, they must also satisfy their children as much as possible within the range of conditions permit. They cannot be too harsh, so that children's hearts are full of hunger and inferiority.

If you educate your children's frugality, don't tell the children how poor and poor we are, how difficult it is to make money, but to tell the children that it is not easy for our money to come. It is very limited, so you ca n’t spend it messy. You need to spend money to the most meaningful and valuable things. If we buy unimportant things, there is no money to buy the most important thing. Maybe we will regret it.

We should also educate our children. We can work hard to change their destiny, and we can live a better life. We will have a return to pay, and self -confidence can win life! You can have the best one, but the premise is that you have to work hard! Pass the child full of positive energy!

More importantly, like Zheng Juan, there is a strong heart, not like Shi Yuan's mother, negative complaints. The power of teaching is huge.

In fact, no matter what your family's economic conditions are, even if the monthly salary is only 3,000, you can make rich children. Some wealth may have nothing to do with wealth.For example, cultivate children's perseverance and good quality;

Cultivate children's self -confidence;

Cultivate children to become a warm person. With great love, it will help others;

Cultivate children to feel the beauty of life, accept and enjoy the current ability;

Cultivate children's self -control and concentration;

Cultivate children's self -care ability;

Cultivate children's ability to think;

Cultivate children's self -driving force and ability of lifelong learning;

Cultivate children's high emotional quotient and high inverse business;

Cultivate children's habit of reading;

Cultivate children's big life pattern and grand family feelings, not limited to ego;

Cultivate children know how to pursue the life they want, and know what they want ...

And all this is priceless wealth.