How old can a woman get pregnant from the beginning?Parents who have daughters at home are good at understanding

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How old can a woman get pregnant from the beginning?Parents who have daughters at home are good at understanding

2022-06-23 18:16:14 10 ℃

After getting married, some couples will join the army of "preparing for pregnancy" even if they have no plan to give birth for the time being.

Because everyone knows that there is a "golden period" for having a child, once you miss it, you may regret it for life. Especially for women, after the age of 40, ovarian function declines, it is very difficult to get pregnant.

This upper limit of fertility has made many women anxious, and forcing them to complete fertility tasks as soon as possible.

But I do n’t know if you have thought about this problem. When did women have fertility? If you are afraid that ovarian dysfunction is not good, should you recommend that women will get pregnant as soon as possible after fertility?

Lily was born in a rural family. After graduating from junior high school, she did not continue to school, but chose to work in a big city to make money.

When working at the factory, Lily met a boy who made her heart, and the two quickly determined the relationship between love.

At that time, Lily was only 16 years old. In the process of the two people's relationship, Lily became pregnant due to the lack of contraceptive knowledge. Two young people who had not yet faded their green atmosphere became their parents.

The arrival of the child makes the lives of the two often "constantly smoke". Due to the more expenses of raising children, and Lily has no income, she often quarrels with her child's father. "Enemies" generally.

She did not expect that life after having a child would become like this. It was not until her husband often did not go home with excuses such as entertainment and busy work. When Lili took the child alone, Lili began to regret it. child.

In addition to economic problems, Lili also found that after giving birth to a child, she often felt weak and had no strength.

Because her husband needs to work to make money, after giving birth to a child, her husband did not take a good confinement. In addition, she had to take care of the child. She often had a bad rest and her face was very embarrassed. Like flowers, but Lily opened like a prematurely, and was about to wither.

Nowadays, many girls are still pregnant as mothers in the adolescence of flowers. Some even have earlier than Lili. As early as fourteen or five, they have become the mother of the child, which is sighing.

In fact, women have the ability to split egg cells when menstruation comes to the first menstrual period, and also has the ability to pregnancy. So in theory, it is not impossible to be a mother in a teenager.

But it does not mean that women can get pregnant and have children. Lily who is still in adolescence, when they are still studying on campus, they have the duties of parents.

As everyone knows, premature fertility will have a bad impact on their lives and body.

Although women have the ability to give birth at a teenage age, at that time, the development of their bodies at that time was not completely mature, and it was not suitable for having children.

For women, the most suitable age for fertility is 24 to 27 years old. It is not good for women to fertility and too late. Let's take a look together, what harm will be too early?

Can women be a mother if they have fertility? This is not the case, premature fertility hazards are heavy

The probability of malformations in the fetus is higher

During the process of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to break through many difficult levels, and there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to.

If women are pregnant prematurely, they are difficult for them to feed themselves, let alone supplement the fetus to supplement the fetus, and regularly perform prefabricated births for birth inspection. Therefore, the probability of premature pregnancy women will also have a greater probability of giving birth to deformed children.

This is mainly related to the three major reasons:

First of all, they lack the consciousness of eugenics and eugenics, and do not know how to supplement folic acid and supplement nutrition during pregnancy.

Secondly, most of the premature pregnancy women are more economical, and they cannot afford the production inspection and cannot do the discharge examination.

In addition, because they are young, they pay less attention to the fetus during pregnancy. Lack of knowledge during pregnancy may abuse drugs and irregular work and rest. These are the factor of fetal terators.

It will affect women's fertility ability

Women who pregnant prematurely are like a prematurely open flower that does not bloom in the season that suits her. The final ending is often sighing.

There are many girls who have experienced many pregnancy and abortion at the age of immature. In the end, their uterus was as thin as cicada wings, just like a barren land that could no longer bred life.

Many girls did not start to regret the ignorance of their youth until many years later. But it is too late at this time. Every time the abortion surgery, their uterus will be thinner. This damage is irreversible.

The probability of premature birth and abortion increases

After Lily and her object had children, she was quite lucky and did not have a miscarriage. In real life, many young women, especially minor girls, have to follow the road of abortion after pregnancy.

Because of the unstable foundation of their relationship with the objects at that time, the minds of the two were not yet mature, coupled with the opposition of family members, and the economically stretched, many times have become the only choice for those girls.

Women's premature pregnancy, in addition to the number of miscarriage rises straight, may also make the fetus prematurely.

Because at that time, the bones of women and physical functions in all aspects did not reach the state that was most suitable for pregnancy. In addition, premature pregnancy they needed to face the "rumors" from the outside world.After the child is born, the quality of all aspects of the body will be relatively poor.Parenting message

It seems not difficult to have children in pregnancy. In fact, for women, it is a huge test for a family.

Whether it is a woman or a man, only in terms of thought and the body is ready to greet the child's arrival more calmly.

Therefore, young girls, don't let your flowers open in advance because of the impulse, so that your flowering period will be short.

Pregnant and having children at a suitable age is not only responsible for themselves, but also a manifestation of children and family responsibilities.