There are signs of Xueba from an early age?Before 5 years old, there were 3 "faults" baby, often IQ will not be low

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There are signs of Xueba from an early age?Before 5 years old, there were 3 "faults" baby, often IQ will not be low

2022-06-23 18:16:39 8 ℃

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"Children who learn good are from others."

"If my child is one -tenth of Xueba, I will be content."

Many parents often envy other children's performance. How can other parents have such sensible and worry -free children.

But while envy, have you ever thought about why the children of others are so good? And your child is really so bad?

After investigation, it was found that the child's IQ is high or not, and there are signs. In the early days, the child's behavior and managers were carefully observed and guided in a timely and correct manner.

★ There are several "problems" baby before the age of 5, often IQ will not be low

► 痨 痨 痨

"I followed me as soon as I went home. Let’ s talk about it all the time. No matter what big things, I have to tell me again, and I ’m not quiet for a moment.”

Some children have a lot of words, and they always like to tell what they see, hear, and think of it, so that they keep talking to their parents like a small words.

Some parents will be more annoying. They want to be quiet for a while, so they will interrupt their children and let their children go to play.

In fact, children's words are more than their performance.

The process of children's speaking is also the process of organizing language and thinking. How to express the cause and consequences of one thing, and how to tell your own thoughts is also a kind of exercise for children.

When parents listen to their children's narratives or chat, they cannot listen only to the type, but to analyze whether the child's thoughts and expression are logically clear. Give them a correct three -view and exercise language organization, so it is very helpful for their future writing and speech.

► ► ► ►

"The toys I just bought were dismantled in two days!"

"On the wall at home, the tables are covered with strokes."

The child's ability to "destruction" is one of the best. They are not allowed to do what they do. They are going to do it. This makes parents have a headache, so there is no lesson criticism.

However, children do not stop them at will, because this is also a way to exercise their hands -on ability and thinking ability.

When the child is dismantling, you must also find the dismantling part to see how the connected part is linking and how to remove it completely. At this time, the child is thinking about it.

Parents should encourage their children to think more and think more, disassemble toys, and assemble it completely. Because it is easy to disassemble, but the assembly is about to work.

Stepping back to assembly, testing the children's endurance and concentration. This seems to be destructive and do not do business, but in fact, this process is also the logical thinking ability to exercise children in the invisible training.

However, if the child does not assemble, the parents can help and guide the child to do it.

However, one thing to let the child know that the dismantling should not be charged, it is mainly safe, and it is not assembled, so don’t remove it easily;

Painting on the wall will make the family look messy. Parents can make a painting wall, so that children can release both, nor damage the furniture, and get two birds with one stone.

► 100,000

"Mom, why is the leaves green?"

"Dad, what exactly do monsters look like?"

I believe that every parent has experienced 100,000 "serial attacks". The child's problems have been one after another, and even the previous question has not been explained, and a new question came.

Children have to ask everything. This is sometimes a torment for parents, because some questions, parents do not know how to answer or even feel that this is not a problem.

In the face of 100,000 children, parents should not be bored, because this is exactly the child's desire to absorb knowledge. At the stage of longing, parents should seriously answer their children's questions.

If you do n’t know, you can check the information, search the Internet, find a reasonable answer, and then patiently explain to the child to let the child form a habit of looking at the problem from a scientific perspective. of.

★ Xueba has signs from an early age, and parents need to discover parents

● Smart children need parents to guide them.

Parents need to have a pair of eyes that are good at discovering, find children's flashing points, and let them exert their strengths and continue to improve their abilities.

Instead of envy others, it is better to see if you are doing your parents in place, observe your children with your heart, and lead by example, seize the details of life to guide, and believe that every child can be more and more excellent.

Hot Mom Quotations:

Most of the children's future trends are affected by their parents. Therefore, on the road of children's growth, parents need to be careful with carefulness.

When the child has some seemingly bad "faults", parents should not be anxious to quarrel, but observe the child's behavior, find the corresponding solution, and make the child's "problem" a assistant to help them grow.

With the joint efforts of parents and children, I believe that children will grow up step by step, bringing unexpected surprises to parents.

Parents, do your children have the above "problems"?