At the age of 49, she disregarded her eldest son's marriage and insisted on having a second child. Now 53 years old but regretted it.

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At the age of 49, she disregarded her eldest son's marriage and insisted on having a second child. Now 53 years old but regretted it.

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When I was walking in the park, she met a big sister 10 years older than me. She took a three or four -year -old child. At the beginning, I thought it was her grandson or grandson. Later, listening to the little boy called her mother's mother. We only know that this was her second child born at the age of 49.

The eldest sister's surname was Ma. Later, Sister Ma talked about the experience of having a second child.

She said that when her eldest son ordered in October that year, she got married. She discovered that she was pregnant in March. At that time, her husband advised her not to do it. With grandson, it is also good to bring your grandson.

However, Sister Ma felt that it would be better to bring her grandson as much as her children. Besides, she was pregnant, and no longer, how could she not be willing.

Sister Ma's husband couldn't hold her, so she rely on her.

Sister Ma calculated the due date, and in October, she told her eldest son that she could have a wedding for two months and two months later, so as not to have confinement at that time.

For the first time, Sister Ma's eldest son listened to his mother and said that he was pregnant, and he was also surprised. He and his mother still didn't want it.

However, Sister Ma is very persistent and determined.

Soon, Sister Ma's pregnancy was known by the prospective daughter -in -law.

The prospective daughter -in -law told Sister Ma's eldest son, do n’t delay the wedding. Cancel it directly. I ca n’t accept my child and his uncle or aunt. Besides, your mother gave birth to a child. Bringing children has changed in all aspects, I don't want to live such a life.

Sister Ma's eldest son also agreed to divide his hands when he recovered.

The marriage of the eldest son is yellow.

Sister Ma said, let's break up, it should not be a family.

However, the eldest son has not found a suitable object since he divided his hands with his ex -girlfriend.

It turns out that Sister Ma has two houses, one big one is newly bought, and a small one is an old community. Sister Ma said that there is no such a young son, so then treat the big house as the eldest son as a wedding room. , Now it's different, then you can only treat the little son as a wedding room. You have to consider the future of the younger son.

Someone asked Sister Ma to regret not regretting the second child.

Sister Ma said, what's the use of regret? The old capital is more than 30, and there is no girlfriend. They all say that we have a heavy burden, and the small ones are so small. When he grows up, I am almost 80, and I am worried.

Shortly after Sister Ma said these words, we heard that her husband found out lung cancer. In order to cure the disease, she sold the small house, and asked the eldest son to help her brother. Sister Ma was going to take care of the sick husband.

It is estimated that it is even worse in the future.

Therefore, we must have a second child with caution. Now the pressure of education is relatively high, and the cost of living is relatively high. There is no economic foundation. It is really a problem.

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