To open the air conditioner for the child in summer, parents must "three taboos and five responses", and the temperature will be involved blindly.

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To open the air conditioner for the child in summer, parents must "three taboos and five responses", and the temperature will be involved blindly.

2022-06-24 00:11:44 6 ℃

In June, the temperatures in various places rose day by day. This has not reached the hottest day of the weather. When the small summer and the summer heat followed, the child could not bear the high temperature invasion.

In the past, we did not respond to high temperatures. Except for less dressing and fan, it was not supplemented.

But with the development of science and technology, we not only have electric fans, but also have a machine with warm winter and cool summer -air conditioning.

★ Soul torture: What are the advantages and disadvantages of children in the summer?

The air conditioner in summer can reduce the pollutants of the room air and achieve the purpose of purifying the air.

Children and parents stay in such a room, which is also beneficial to breathing fresh air and reducing the probability of allergies and asthma.

Moreover, the temperature of the house is too high, which may also cause children to dewater and heat stroke, so opening the air conditioner is conducive to the health of the child.

However, everything must be done! If the child often blows the air conditioner, the profit will change the disadvantages. The child may be infected with air conditioning dependence, and the air conditioner will be cold for a long time, and even causes a cold and fever.

So, we must be more clear! Children can turn on the air conditioner in the summer, but parents should pay attention to the way and time, so as to eliminate the disadvantages of the air conditioner.

To open air conditioning for children in summer, parents must "three taboos and five should", blindly setting temperature will only harm the child!

The first taboo: Children can't stand and blow straight

This is not only children. Even many adults like to stand in front of the air conditioner. After feeling the touch of the cold wind, they will only catch a cold.

Moreover, the child blows at the air conditioner and is also easy to become facial paralysis.

Second taboo: temperature cannot be too low

Parents blindly set temperature. The normal air conditioning temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. If the parents are greedy and set the temperature to less than 21 or 21, the child will easily blow a cold.

At night, parents cannot turn on the air conditioner all night. Children are attacked by cold wind during the night sleep, and the probability of colds will also increase.

The third taboo: children cannot blow naked

Many children like to take off their clothes off the air conditioner, so that the area of ​​cold wind invasion will be larger, they will feel more refreshing.

However, it will also increase the risk of children's cold at the same time.

After speaking, "Three Tabes", let's talk about "five responses"!

First response: Parents should learn to ventilate ventilation

When parents turn on the air conditioner, they also need to start the ventilation function, or open the window to ventilate, so as to ensure the quality of the air.

Second response: Parents should learn to humidify the room

In the summer, the indoor air is dry and the water molecules are insufficient. When the air conditioner is turned on, the humidification function must be started. In this way, the humidity in the air will increase, and the child's skin will feel more comfortable.

Moreover, humidification can also reduce the chance of children infected with the respiratory tract.

Third response: Parents should learn to clean up diligently

As we all know, the air conditioners have filters. If parents do not clean up for a long time, a large amount of bacteria will be breeded on the filter. The air is not filtered clean, which will also cause odors in the room.

Normally, the filter must be cleaned once in two months, so as to be healthy.

Fourth response: Parents should learn to control temperature

The best temperature in the room is 26 degrees. If parents turn on the air conditioner, it may cause deviations in the temperature in the house, but the minimum should not be less than 23 degrees, and the maximum should not exceed 28 degrees.

Parents should learn to open diligence and properly control the temperature of the room so that the child will blow the air conditioner correctly.

Fifth response: Parents must learn to find the alternative to the air conditioner

If the child has strong dependence on the air conditioner and weak adaptability, it is not advisable to blow the air conditioner for a long time, and other alternatives should be used, such as electric fans, hand -shaking fans, etc.

Summer is the season when children like sweating, which means that children are prone to symptoms such as dehydration and heat stroke, so they must drink plenty of water so that they can replenish water in time.

If parents have time, they can often cook mung bean porridge and sorghum rice for their children. These are good staple foods for summer summer heat.

In the summer, the child is turned on to the child. Parents cannot blindly set the temperature and time according to their likes. The child's physique is different from the adult.

Therefore, parents should learn this "three taboos and five responses" to help children open the correct way to blow the air conditioner!

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