Nearly 80%of parents don't know: "egg custard" cannot be used as a supplementary food for the baby!Easy to make a baby allergic

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Nearly 80%of parents don't know: "egg custard" cannot be used as a supplementary food for the baby!Easy to make a baby allergic

2022-06-24 00:11:50 8 ℃

At the age of the baby to introduce supplementary food, most mothers will choose the best nutrition. They think that the most difficult food materials, of which the eggs are the first, and they are rich in nutrition. raw material.

In the process of introducing supplementary food to the children, many Baoma let children have indigestion or even allergies. So how to eat eggs so as not to affect children's health?

"Egg custard" that takes the baby to the hospital

The baby's baby is almost 6 months old, and Shu Shu is gradually adding supplementary food to his children. Like most mothers, Shu Shu used eggs as the preferred raw material for complementary foods.

On this day, Shu Shu cooked a bowl of "egg custard" with eggs, and the baby was very cooperative. But soon after the baby was eaten, the baby began to cry. At this time, Shu Shu found that the child's body was slowly red. In some places, there were even small red bumps. Shu Shu quickly sent the baby to the hospital's emergency room.

At the hospital, the doctor diagnosed the baby's "protein" allergy. After asking what the child had eaten, the doctor said that it was the egg white in the bowl of "egg custard" to offend.

Why can't "egg custard" be supplemented?

Most parents watch the egg custard soft and glutinous, very good digestion, so they are always the first choice for children's supplementary food, but in fact, the nutrients are rich in eggs, and the baby's digestive system has not developed completely, which can easily lead to being unable to absorb. Essence

The protein molecules in egg whites are very large. The baby's stomach cannot be compared with adults. It cannot be completely digested well, and there will be some allergic reactions.

Obtaining the main energy in carbohydrates can be said to be the main source of energy for children in their childhood, but in fact, the carbohydrates contained in eggs can almost be attributed to nothing. The digestive system burden.

Therefore, mothers please pay attention. When you want to introduce the supplementary food for your child, it is recommended to add the egg yolk in the egg first, because the egg yolk can be better absorbed by the child than the egg whites. Moms can choose to add egg white to the children.

Although eggs are nutritious foods, the first choice of "supplementary food" as a baby is not suitable

The editor reminds parents that the nutritional value content of eggs can be said to be the highest among a series of complementary foods, but in the process of infant development, babies are not suitable to introduce eggs from the beginning.

After the baby's age is introduced, the mother's breast milk and the nutritional ingredients in the formula milk powder can no longer support the growth and development of the child. Therefore, the role of supplementary food is to supplement the child's insufficient nutritional needs, such as iron elements.

However, the nutrients in eggs are not very balanced. In addition, the child's gastrointestinal digestive function is still very weak, and it cannot be compared with adults. Therefore, during the time when the child just introduced supplementary food, give the child "egg custard" Not a good choice.

When can children eat eggs?

Because the development speed of each child is different, there is no specific time for when to eat eggs. The degree of reception to the food also needs to look at the degree of individual development. You can slowly introduce high -protein substances such as eggs.

But mothers need to pay attention to one degree. Although the eggs are good, they should not be greedy. Mom always wants to make up for the child, but it is not true. When you first add eggs to your baby as a complementary food, you should test whether the child is used for a small amount. It will be allergic to it, and then gradually add.

In addition to the daily nutritional supplements that are more than one year old, mothers can also choose to add an egg to supplement nutrition.

Children who always make egg custard will also eat greasy taste. There are many ways to do eggs. Parents if they do n’t know they can refer to this “What to Eat every week” to improve the taste.

There are not only the nutritional matching of the baby in his childhood, but also the children's various health guidance, which truly guides each mothers in one hand.

If the novice Baoma does not know how to give the child the best nutrition match, and fear that you can cause the child's health problems, then you can buy this book to get a layer of protection.