The child has made a mistake, can you fight?Don't let the error education ruin your child

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The child has made a mistake, can you fight?Don't let the error education ruin your child

2022-06-24 00:11:36 5 ℃

In life, parents often complain that their children are not obedient and ignorant. Sometimes they ca n’t help but scold them, and punish their children. Many parents will regret it after playing their children, and the children do n’t have “remembering”.

First of all, it is definitely not desirable to hit a child. Parents are incompetent in education guidance. There is no way to suppress violence, declare "sovereignty", and let the children accept it passively. In a short period of time, it is very effective for the short time, because the pain is real, but in the long run, parents will form a habit. I feel that as long as the child is disobedient, it can be solved. But as everyone knows, this will cause huge harm to the child's physical and mental.

The child is young, and is still in development. The bone parts are still fragile. Excessive force will cause dislocation or fracture, or even serious, which will cause physiological disability and even life trauma. At this time, everything is too late, and parents can only regret it. No.

Playing children will make their children subconsciously believe that violence can solve all problems. This is also a irritable and impulsive personality in school in school. They conflict with other children and beat their classmates with fists.

Children who are often scolded because they lack their parents' affirmation, are easy to inferiority, drill their horns, and do not like to communicate with others. It can cause damage and psychological problems. Behavior will also become rebellious. Long -term scolding, especially in public, will hurt the children's self -esteem, and will also destroy the intimate relationship between parents and children, making children disrespect parents and elders.

So, if the child really makes mistakes, can he fight?

It is not worth advocating to fight children. This is not the correct way to solve things. The reason for being a parent must be divided, what kind of error is the child committed, and the opportunity to explain to the child. Follow the temptation, guide children to recognize their mistakes and actively correct them. Let the children accept and realize the fact that they do something wrong with guidance instead of preaching, and achieve the purpose of true education.

Many people have been parents for the first time. I do n’t know how to get along with their children. Parents can take out time to read books in childcare. In fact, children’s education, character, and parents' influence are greater than teachers. Starting, this is the influence of long -term life. You are a humble and polite parent, and your child will be like this.