The most difficult college entrance examination in history is the score: the child who has been smashed is to report the gratitude

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The most difficult college entrance examination in history is the score: the child who has been smashed is to report the gratitude

2022-06-24 00:11:19 6 ℃

The college entrance examination is a practice, and the score is not the end. Please tell your child:

"What makes me proud is never the number of numbers, but the one who goes all out. Whenever you, you will always have your parents who love you and support you."

——Lu Mom

Author | Ye Yaya

Source | Daughter School Original

In the past two days, the results of the college entrance examinations of each province have been released one after another.

How many points have the child who took the test and became the hottest topic in the past two days.

Some candidates are ecstatic at the moment of revealing the score.

But not all children can have such a surprise, more about the loss and collapse of unsatisfactory scores.

Several joy and a few sorrows.

Suddenly remembering a sentence on the Internet:

"No matter whether the child is doing well, please remember to hug him."


The child who was smashed in fact actually needed a hug of the parents.

The road to college entrance examination is never easy

Every child is not easy

Every child's college entrance examination is not simple, but this year candidates are particularly difficult.

First, it is difficult to be out of the epidemic.

Because of the epidemic, the detection, temperature measurement, and bright code of the school's nucleic acid became almost their norm.

Because of the epidemic, they can only complete their studies through online classes, and even sitting in the classroom to receive knowledge have become a luxury.

Because of the epidemic, school students who can often go home in the past can only stay on campus for a long time, and even go home to eat a meal made by a mother, which is difficult to achieve.

What is even more difficult is the topic of the college entrance examination.

It was thought that after the "double reduction", the difficulty of the college entrance examination examination papers would also decline, but I never thought that a math test directly made countless children cry and run out of the examination room.

We always feel that now children are already happier than us. They don't have to worry about anything except learning.

But in fact, Guangguang is a matter of reading, and they need to do their best.

Coupled with the learning atmosphere you chased me, it is even more difficult to stand out from more than 10 million candidates.

The book piled up; the dull and difficult formulas, one by one; one after one, there is a paper that seems to have no end ...

Each point of the college entrance examination is the hard work of their sweat.

Remember on the Internet, there is an answer about "to what extent can you work hard to what is the high school":

"289 consecutive days of memorizing words and ancient poems at 5:00 in the morning; 7 minutes breakfast per day, 10 minutes of lunch, and 9 minutes dinner; I wrote 6 sets of different disciplines within a day; 3 times; in order to maintain energy, drink 6 packs of coffee a day; write the paper to write the hand -made skin, and continue to brush the question after using the wound sticker ... "

You see, the twelve years of cold and summer, each child has been accompanied by the morning morning glow and the late night starlight to strive to catch up with the footsteps of others.

Regardless of the score, each child is not easy.

The child who was smashed also worked hard and worked hard.

Therefore, no matter the results are good or bad, we should stand firmly by them.

Seeing the child's efforts, letting the child have the power to not be afraid of losing, which is far more important than a high score.

The child who was smashed

I have already blamed myself in my heart 100,000 times

A few days ago, I watched a video:

After the girl's college entrance examination, she found that she had smashed the exam, and couldn't help crying at her mother: "I smashed ..."

She felt sorry for her hard work, and she was particularly sorry for her parents, and she was full of guilt.

You see, compared to our trivial loss, they are the one who is carrying stress and difficulty.

Children who have been smashed for many years have worked hard for the east, and they will be wronged, blame, unwilling, and they will be full of sores.

I think of the confession of a candidate that I have seen on the Internet:

"I am a child from the small county, and my parents are ordinary employees. In order to read books, they have exhausted their efforts.

In the second year of high school, my dad was seriously ill and spent his savings at home. It was my mother taking care of my dad while playing two or three workers to earn tuition for me.

‘I do n’t need to manage it at home, just read it with peace of mind’. This is what my mother often hangs on her mouth.

However, at the time of the college entrance examination, I was not favored by the goddess of luck.

On the day of checking the score, looking at the college entrance examination score on the computer, my tears were not controlled, and drops dropped on the keyboard silently.

At that moment, I seemed like a blank brain, and I thought of a lot for a moment:

I think of the days when I am in the dormitory bed, secretly fighting the flashlight; I think of my mother's more and more old face; I think of the tuition and living expenses of my parents' tuition and living expenses every time ...

I blame and guilt flood me like the deep sea. I cried so much that I felt that I was a useless sinner. "

In the words, I can be deeply affected, and the child's fragility, helplessness and despair struggle.

Suddenly, I understood from him:

In fact, compared to the child who was surrounded by applause, the child who was smashed needed to embrace our hug.

Because of the place where we can't see, he has blamed 1,000 times and 100,000 times, far more vulnerable and injured than we think.

As a parent, all we can do is protect the children who are more sad than us and bring them love and strength.

Tell them with the most firm support:

"The college entrance examination is not the end, the score is not the end. As long as you keep moving forward, there are still many possibilities for the rest of your life." You must believe that your "scum" child

Actually here to report gratitude

Remember the drama "The World" before the fire?

The three brothers and sisters of the Zhou family, the eldest son Zhou Bingyi, is a leader in his peers, whether he is studying or serving as a soldier.

The second daughter Zhou Rong has also been a school hegemony with excellent grades since she was a child.

Only the younger son Zhou Bingkun, who couldn't read, and had a personality, even his family felt that he was "stupid."

We always think that the more excellent children can become the dependence of parents, but what is reality?

When the mother was sick, the eldest son Zhou Bingyi and the second daughter Zhou Rong had long gone to other hometown for their ideals and pursuit.

The younger son Zhou Bingkun, who looked stupid, stayed with his parents.

At a critical moment when his father supported the construction, his brother and sister were far away from his hometown. He was his mother who was paralyzed in bed.

He worked at the factory during the day, massaging and scrubbing his mother at night ... He supported the stormy home with his shoulders.

The child who was "the least" in this family lived into the pillar of the family.

Even the mother sighed more than once:

"Mom always thinks that you are stronger than your brother and your sister. After your brother and your sister left home in six or nine years, Mom really thinks they are gone. You are at home, Mom will be down -to -earth."

I still remember that after the college entrance examination scores came out last year, a child took a high score of 630, surpassing more than 100 points in the first batch of the local science department.

His mother sent such a circle of friends:

"I can't sleep and go over and over. My son should be happy for him, but when he thinks he is going to go to such a far place to study, it will be inexplicably lost ..."


That excellent child is also destined to leave his parents and spread his wings.

While the child is getting higher and higher, it also means a little away from his parents.

He will stay in large cities, buy a house, get married, have children, and have his own small family;

He will get more and more busy, more and more rare to return to his hometown;

From then on, the time he left to his parents will only be less and less, fewer and fewer ...

Suddenly remembered that the online statement on the "filial piety pyramid":

Work in his hometown -first -class filial piety; work in the province -second -class filial piety; work around the province -third -class filial piety; work in distant foreign land -not filial piety; work abroad -family pride Not filial sons!

Although it is just a netizen ridicule, why did it reveal another truth?

The better the child also means that the farther away from the parents; the farther away from the parents, the more difficult it is to be filial.

Like someone said:

"Perhaps in the future, when we no longer entangle whether the child is studying slag or the bully, we are most eager to go home every week.

So you see, the child who has been smashed is actually to reward.

He will stay next to his parents, become a filial piety to share with us, sharing joy and sorrow with us, sharing with us.

Isn't this another one?

After the college entrance examination, please remember to tell the child:

I love you, have nothing to do with grades

Two days ago, I was moved by a video of a college entrance examination:

Open NetEase News to see more video girl Huang Luyao's college entrance examination day, the whole family greeted her at the school gate.

The family members of the family to draw a banner to celebrate her "can fall in love" again, and also knocked the gongs and drums to bless her:

"It's okay to get a good test, because we are a family that love each other." "All the beautiful life is about to start."

The lively and cheerful atmosphere, the family who filled with a smiley face, let Huang Luyao, who had just walked out of the examination room, couldn't help laughing and applauding together.

In the comment area, netizens are full of movement and envy:


We love children, just because he is our child, and has never been related to grades and scores.

I still remember that the moment when the child brought the world, looking at the soft and waxy villain in our arms, the first devout expectations we made in our hearts never "hope the child is out of the ground", but "wishing He is happy and healthy "!

I think of a paragraph that I have seen before:

"After many years, when you remember the college entrance examination, you will definitely understand:

In fact, there is no good exam.

It is important that a group of young people who are full of energy gathered together and made a roughly the same test question at the same time.

Then, I decided to go to which city, what kind of work, what kind of person to meet, who traveled with, and who held it with him for a lifetime.

Regardless of the story, the ending is beautiful. "

So, the college entrance examination is over, the score is out, please remember to hug your child and tell him:

"Mom and Dad love you, have nothing to do with your scores, just because you are our children." "Even if you hit the test, it doesn't matter. Behind you, you will always have mom and dad."

May every parent can become the most powerful confidence and retreat of the child;

I hope that every child has been able to survive the college entrance examination, and still feels warm and meets her unique self.

*This article is the original daughter. My family has a daughter and a woman. Parenting platform for millions of parents. *Part of the pictures in this article comes from the idea of ​​the insects.