What should I do if my child is frustrated?

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What should I do if my child is frustrated?

2022-06-24 06:15:21 6 ℃

(The case comes from the trainee, the child is in the early school age)

A: Don't play anymore, so annoying ...

B: What's wrong?

A: Mom, I have been fighting for a long time, but now it's all down, so annoying ... don't want to play anymore!

B: Really, it's a collapse ... it's okay, let's fight again.

A: I don't want it, don't want to fight anymore, it's boring, it's annoying!

B: Baby, sometimes this happens, and the effort is made, and the result is not good. You have to learn to accept. Come ... Mom helped you clean up, you play again.

A: Mom ~ I said, I don’t want to fight anymore ...

(Great temper is very large)

B: Good, do n’t you fight if you do n’t fight, what do you do such a big temper? So to eat ice cream?

A: Don't eat it!

(Turn your head into your own room)

Hai Yan talks- ——

In fact, my mother has tried to comfort the children with my heart, and I want to support the child ... but the result is not so good. What is the hell?

The child is frustrated, and clearly expresses his own uncomfortable

At this time, what mother needs to do is understanding and rejoicing. It ’s just a saying that although it’ s the comfort in my mother ’s heart, what I gave for my child was that my feelings were denied. Naturally, I would feel that I did n’t understand, and I could n’t talk about it.

At the beginning, my mother adopted to recognize the child's feelings, expressing, really, it would be uncomfortable and annoying to change to me. It took so long time to fight ... The next communication can basically be smooth.

It feels good to do well!